Hands-on with the Samsung Level Link wireless adapter

Most folks have at least one gadget that doesn't come packed with Bluetooth, relying on a direct connection to get their audio from one end to the other. Where the Level Link shines is its ability to plug into any 3.5mm audio port and send or receive audio straight through to your favorite pair of wireless headphones or car stereo. Its intuitive design helps get the ball rolling from unboxing, too.

This handy 2-inch adapter comes with an attached alligator clip on one side that's useful for exercising or traveling. The opposite side sports Samsung's pebbled polyurethane material that looks great next to the brushed aluminum edges and Samsung logo. A pair of OEM headphones comes bundled with the adapter that reaches 28" in length and includes 2 extra sets of earbuds for a smaller/larger fit. For direct-connecting the Level Link to your audio device there's a short 3.5 to 3.5mm auxiliary cable that gets the job done.

Samsung Level Link Wireless Adapter

The functionality here is simple. There's a send/receive switch on the side of the Level Link that tells your device how to manage the audio. If you're at home and want to keep things quiet late at night, you can connect the Level Link to your TV's 3.5mm audio port (check your TV for this, as some older models do not have this connection) and switch it to "send". You can then pair up your mobile device with the Level Link and use your favorite wireless headphones or the wired OEM headset that comes with the wireless adapter. And since the Level Link packs Multipoint technology, you can pair up more than one wireless headset at a time when catching up on Game of Thrones or Silicon Valley with your friends.

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For using the Level Link with your car stereo, you can connect the adapter to the auxiliary port and switch the adapter to "receive". From there you can stream audio straight from your smartphone or tablet without fumbling for cables. There are also convenient buttons for skipping and pausing tracks on the Level Link adapter if you don't feel like grabbing your mobile device while driving. The aptX Bluetooth Audio provides great quality and is definitely acceptable next to a direct connection from our experience.

After a full charge, you can expect around 5-6 hours of playback time and 8 days of standby. Samsung's thrown in a 32" microUSB charging cable sans wall adapter for keeping the unit juiced up as well.

The verdict

Even though most current gadgets are packing some version of Bluetooth, chances are the Samsung Level Link can still serve a purpose for you. Since my 2010 Dodge RAM doesn't have a Bluetooth stereo, I find myself using this adapter the most during my commutes. The ability to pair up with more than one device is an advantage over many other Bluetooth adapters of its kind. You can scoop up the Level Link wireless adapter right now for $79.99.

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Brent Zaniewski