GSM Version of Motorola DROID Spotted

All eyes are on Verizon this morning and rightly so, but a few keen observers have found this video of the Motorola DROID with a SIM card! Which means there's going to be GSM versions of this most anticipated Android device lying around. Which isn't really a surprise since few carriers outside of the US use CDMA. But we're almost certain that these GSM DROIDs will never see the light of day as official devices in the US (Verizon has invested too much to let the Droid slip to AT&T or T-Mobile) but there's no stopping you from picking up unlocked phones to use on networks here.

We haven't heard of the DROID releasing on other worldwide carriers yet but we'll be sure to let you guys know when we do!

Hit the jump for the full video of the GSM Motorola DROID.

[via engadget]

Casey Chan
  • Great to see a video rather than stills. This GSM version lost the "gold" trim that showed up in the photos of the CDMA version. Hope it's gone for good. I think maybe, just maybe, the looks of this thing are growing on me.
  • still could be the Verizon version. Most of their smart phones have sim cards now because they are quadband to run cdma or gsm
  • if it really does have a SIMcard, i want this one sooo bad!! would be cool if all the phones have simcard lock! i want one, can anyone get one to holland?! :P
  • As a Verizon Employee who has been through the training and used the store's Demo of the DROID, I can tell you that it does not have a sim card slot. A different version will be made available overseas. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you can probably pick up the over seas version unlocked online at eBay for example. Full price though....
  • The "Droid" with the sim card is the Motorola Milestone which is the Euro-version of the Droid. It's exactly the same phone except it is GSM and not available on the US market. I somewhere read that Telus Canada might start selling the Milestone though.
  • My friend just bought a Verizon Droid yesterday. And it does in fact have a sim card slot.
    Verizon employee LOL. That's why I don't have Verizon hahaha.
    T-Mobile nexus one.
    I would want a Droid for a play phone though.
  • There is gonna be a nexus one for verizon soon in spring. Its probably gonna be the same GSM version, but with some software tweaks to make it work on Verizon's network. Also, its coming to Europe through Vodafone.
  • my dad has motorla droid for atat
    it has a sim slot
    he works for motorola so yes it is possible to have a unlocked moto droid
    you must from someone in motorola