Grab the two-camera Arlo Pro 2 wireless security kit on sale for $200

Arlo Pro 2 Cams
Arlo Pro 2 Cams (Image credit: best buy)

The black Arlo Pro 2 2-camera wireless security camera system is down to $199.99 at Best Buy. This is a security kit that normally sells for around $300, and the drop to $200 matches a low we've seen very rarely.

This is a great price for a feature-rich system. Although this version is not quite as robust as the regular Arlo Pro 2 kit, it's also much less expensive. The big difference between these, besides $75, is the one on sale today is not compatible with Apple HomeKit and doesn't have a siren or local storage in the base. You've still got plenty to work with anyway.

The 2 cameras are completely wireless. They record in 1080p resolution and have rechargeable batteries. You can plug in if you want. Usable indoors or out with weather-resistant design. Has Alexa voice control, night vision, mobile alerts, and more.

Thjese cameras are essentially wire free. You can plug them in if you want, which you should probably do if the place you want to set them up is also conveniently located near a power outlet. However, even if you don't the battery will last a long time so you hardly have to worry about it. Plus, the battery recharges easily so you don't have a lot of maintenance with these beyond that.

Record all your footage in 1080p HD video for a ton of visual clarity. The cameras also have night vision for capturing clear images after dark. The 130-degree field of view gives you a wide viewing angle so you can capture as much as possible with the camera placed in the right position. They are also weather-resistant so you can place them indoors or outdoors for the best possible coverage. Use two-way audio to communicate with whomever you see on the screen.

Sign up for mobile alerts. This way the cameras can ping your phone anytime there is motion or sound detected where it doesn't belong. You can also set the automatic monitoring to a convenient schedule and activate geofencing that arms and disarms based on your location.

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