Grab the Seagate Ultra Touch 500GB USB-C portable SSD on sale for $75 today

Ultra Touch Seagate Drive
Ultra Touch Seagate Drive

Amazon has the Seagate Ultra Touch 500GB USB-C portable solid state drive on sale for a new low price of $74.99 at Amazon. This SSD normally goes for around $85 and has been selling at that price since it was released way back in May of last year. Today's price is an all-new low that we haven't seen at Amazon before. The same SSD can be found going for closer to $100 at other retailers like Target. This is an upgrade over the Seagate One Touch, but today it's actually at the same price as the 500GB One Touch as you can see.

Designed to be Android Ready so you can easily manage your phone using the included Android app. Has universal compatibility thanks to the USB-C port so it works on Windows and Mac. Lightweight design with fabric cover. Includes 3-year warranty.

In a perfect world, portable solid state drives would be just as inexpensive as portable hard drives. After all, the main feature of SSDs is they have no moving parts, which really makes them perfect for carrying data on the move. Hard drives are much more prone to failure when getting knocked around in your backpack or trampled on the subway. Unfortunately, we're not there yet. Luckily this deal shaves some of that cost off the top and you get a really good product out of it.

The Ultra Touch is a mini SSD. It's super compact, very lightweight, and it can fit in the palm of your hand. It also has a nice fabric cover on the outside, making it easy to carry. It's also super high speed and connects via USB-C or USB 3.0 with transfer speeds up to 400 MB/s.

If you have an Android phone, you'll want to get this SSD. The drive is designed to work with its companion app on Android so you can easily manage your phone and your data.

You can use this drive seamlessly with Windows or Mac, and you don't need to reformat it. It's compatible with Windows 7 or higher and Mac OS X 10.12 or higher. If you do want to use it with Mac's Time Machine, you'll need to reformat. Otherwise, you can just transfer media and data easily between operating systems.

You'll also get a year subscription to Mylio Create and two months of Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan. Seagate covers this with a 3-year warranty and three years of Rescue Service for data recovery.

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