Save big on Eufy's video baby monitor today. Not only can you save $30 on the monitor itself by clipping the $30 off coupon before you add it to your cart, but you can also include this add-on camera with your order and use the code BBMBOGO9 to get it absolutely free. You should see two discounts during checkout that add up to a savings of $129.99. That brings your final total down to just $139.99 compared to the $270 it would normally cost for both items. Honestly, with savings that good you should get this even if you don't have a baby yet. Just monitor your water heater or something instead.

Please go to sleep

Eufy Security 720p video baby monitor with free add-on camera

Clip the $30 off on-page coupon on the monitor. Then add both the monitor and the add-on camera to your cart. Use the coupon code to take off the price of the camera during checkout for ultimate savings. Even comes with different lenses.

$139.99 $270.00 $130 off

With coupon: BBMBOGO9

Eufy's baby monitor has a 5-inch screen that displays video in 720p resolution. That's a super sharp picture that will let you see every detail of your baby's rebellion against sleep.

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Need a wider lens for when sleeping baby becomes scurrying toddler? Switch over to the included lens that expands the field of view to 110 degrees. You'll still be able to keep an eye on him while he creates chaos.

The camera can pan up to 330 degrees and tilt 110 degrees so you can find the perfect view. Baby can't crawl into a blind spot when there are no blind spots!

The monitor also sends you instant alerts and lets you know when the baby is crying. It will wake you up even when you're sleeping the sleep of a person who just fell asleep for the first time in six months.

The wireless connection uses FHSS instead of Wi-Fi, which is more secure and will keep your connection going if you lose internet access. Plus, the 460-feet coverage area means you can monitor baby from anywhere in the house. Use the extra camera to cover more rooms. Watch your child while he sleeps or plays!

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