Grab the Arlo Essential Spotlight security camera on sale for $79 at Home Depot

Arlo Single Cam
Arlo Single Cam

During the Home Depot "Cyber Savings" event, one way to save is on a brand new Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera, which is going for $79 right now. That's a huge discount seeing as this camera usually sells for around $130, and even when it has gone on sale at other retailers like Best Buy, it has only dropped as low as $100. The cam did drop to $79 at Amazon, but it is currently sold out there.

Part of Home Depot's Cyber Savings event, which ends tonight. Wireless camera. Records in 1080p video. Includes color night vision, two-way audio, a battery that lasts six months, and motion detection. Doesn't need a hub. Works with Alexa.

These new Arlo security cameras are designed with a modern smart home in mind. For one thing, unlike most security camera setups that depend on having multiple cameras around the house, these do not require a hub. They all directly connect to your Wi-Fi. And, subsequently, they can then connect directly to your smart home and Amazon Alexa voice assistant. That means you can use voice commands to look at your footage and live views.

Not only are these hub free, these cameras are also completely wire free. They come with a battery that will last for up to six months on a single charge. This gives you the freedom to put these cameras basically anywhere without having to worry about them for a long time.

You will be able to record video in 1080p day or night. Thanks to the color night vision, you'll get clear video any time of the day. The camera also has an integrated spotlight so you can light up whatever it is pointed at. That's a good way to see what's being recorded, scare off squirrels, or whatever.

You'll get smart alerts that matter. The camera will let you know when it detects a person, a vehicle, or packages. You can also set the built-in siren to be triggered manually or automatically. With weather resistance to heat, cold, rain, and sun, you can cover the outside of your home with some extra eyes.

While you don't need a hub, the cameras are compatible with Arlo SmartHubs and Base Stations so you can connect these to existing Arlo security setups you might already have.

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