Android 11 Beta 2.5 fixes the Pixel 4's screen flickering

Android 11 Setup
Android 11 Setup (Image credit: Jerry Hildenbrand / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google has released Android 11 Beta 2.5 to testers.
  • The update addresses a few minor bugs including screen flickering issues reported by Pixel 4 users.
  • Android 11 is set to officially be released on September 8.

Google has released Android 11 Beta 2.5, a small update to tighten up the earlier stabilizing release. Most prominently, this release will see improvements for Pixel 4 users who have been suffering from a screen flickering issue. There are also other minor issues like audio recording and random reboots being tackled here.

Here's what's new both system wide and for Google's built-in apps:

  • Fixed issues that prevented a user from hearing or recording audio in apps after they made a VoIP call.
  • The notification drawer no longer fails to appear sometimes when a user swipes down from the top of the screen. (Issue #159768228)
  • The screen no longer flickers on some devices when the screen is set to a low brightness level. (Issue #156051413)
  • Fixed various issues that could cause devices to reboot intermittently. (Issue #159888167)
  • The navigation bar no longer appears in cases when it wouldn't normally display, such as during a device restart. (Issue #159592365)
  • Some Pixel 4/XL devices that have taken more than one Android 11 update are no longer blocked from receiving an OTA back to Android 10. (Issue #158765677)
  • Video recording is no longer interrupted sometimes when using the Camera app. (Issue #159185509)
  • The Dialer app no longer uses the speakerphone sometimes as the default audio device. (Issue #159203518)
  • In the Messages app, the RCS chat features no longer get stuck sometimes in the Connecting state. (Issue #159786769)

It's a small 15MB update for users already on Android 11 Beta 2, and it should be available from the regular update screen. Google is still seemingly set to release Android 11 on September 8, so we can expect one or two more updates prior.

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