Google Voice makes calls between European countries cheaper

Google Voice
Google Voice (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google announced a new change to Voice calls made to mobile and landline numbers in Europe.
  • Calls from Google Voice to many European numbers are now included in your licenses.
  • Domestic and international rates were previously applied to these calls.

Google has a sweet offer for Voice customers who frequently call landline and mobile phone numbers in Europe. Connecting to someone in European countries via Google Voice numbers is now less expensive.

The search giant announced that your Voice licenses now cover calls between many European numbers. The latest change took effect on February 8, which means domestic and international rates no longer apply to these calls.

"This change will reduce the cost of staying connected with your colleagues, partners, and customers distributed in Europe," the company said in a blog post.

This feature is available for all users with European phone numbers, except for domains with disabled paid calls.

Previously, calls in Europe via landline and mobile devices, including the best Android phones, are charged per minute. For example, a landline call in the United Kingdom costs $0.01 per minute.

The latest change means you can make these calls without paying extra on top of your Voice plan (starter, standard or premier). The cheapest plan starts at $10 per month, though the number of users and locations is limited only to 10, with no international calls. You'll have to pay $30 per month for the premier plan, which includes unlimited number of users and locations.

Google Voice is one of the best Skype alternatives that offers cheaper rates to make and receive international calls. What makes it an even better value is that it lets you make phone calls in the United States and Canada without a charge.

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