Pixel 6 Wi-Fi connectivity issues seem to be plaguing the February update

Google Pixel 6 Pro Wi Fi Toggle
Google Pixel 6 Pro Wi Fi Toggle (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The Pixel 6 February update has been causing some users Wi-Fi connectivity to randomly drop.
  • This issue hasn't been acknowledged by Google just yet and didn't occur in previous software releases.
  • This connectivity bug comes after a similar bug in the December update, which made some Pixel 6 phones unable to connect to cellular networks.

Google Pixel 6 owners may have just begun to receive the February update for their phones, but it turns out that update might cause more problems for some users than others. Android Police noted that several folks on Twitter and Reddit have posted that their Wi-Fi connection seems to randomly drop. This sometimes occurs when Bluetooth is enabled, but that doesn't seem to be consistent across all users.

While the Pixel 6 February update was designed to fix a number of connectivity updates — which included both cellular connectivity issues caused by the December update and Bluetooth bugs that have been around since launch — it seems that this nasty Wi-Fi bug has now appeared on both Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones.

Users have been instructed by Google Support to factory reset their devices but, so far, that doesn't seem to resolve the issue. Many users who have factory reset their phones report the problem recurring several hours after the reset. So far, Android Central staff hasn't encountered these issues on their Pixel 6 phones.

We've reached out to Google to see if they would be able to acknowledge the issue.

Previously, Pixel 6 owners faced connectivity issues after the December update went out, normally related to connectivity to cellular networks. The December update was pulled and the January update didn't seem to cause as many problems, although a few nagging ones were reported by users.

The Pixel 6 has remained at the top of our best Android phones list for some time, but the number of buggy updates since launch has caused some to question whether or not it should remain there.

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  • I did notice Wi-Fi drops after the upgrade. On my Pixel 6 Pro the Wi-Fi icon would change from Wi-Fi to 5G and back and forth.
  • No issues here.... At least so far.
  • No issues here either - everything's been solid since Jan update (still prefer rear fingerprint reader).
  • What a mess.
  • Cross my fingers but my Pixel 6 has been rock solid since the day I got it in Oct.
  • Same here. I think most who are happy with their devices are not taking the time to report that.
  • I've been mostly enjoying my p6p, especially the cameras. But it is not a perfect phone by far. Lots of little bugs and glitches, though they're minor and more annoyances. Still google needs to get on these issues.
  • I don't even know who owns Android anymore. Is it Google or Samsung? What gives Google?!
  • hate to dog-pile, but it seems Google's proficiency in the smart phone arena hasn't changed since the days of Nexus. but, hey!, it's Pure Android!!
  • Another person in the everything is working fine with wifi pool
  • All good on my 6 Pro so far. 🤞🤞
  • Another pixel release and another crappy device. Who buys this junk 😂
  • I never had issues with wifi or bluetooth on my Pixel 6 UNTIL the February 2022 update. Now both keep flicking on and off by themselves. I've given up on this phone and will be suggesting all others avoid Pixels from now on. Its been such a disappointment.
  • Avoid the regular releases. The "a" series are flawless. I have them all. No problems whatsoever.