The Google Pixel 6 reportedly won't ship with a charging adapter

Google Pixel 6 Portfolio Shot
Google Pixel 6 Portfolio Shot (Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • The Google Pixel 6 will reportedly not ship with a charging adapter.
  • The recently launched Pixel 5a is said to be the last Pixel to chip with a charger.
  • The move follows similar strategies from Apple and Google.

Pixel fans may be happy to know that the recently launched Google Pixel 5a ships with a charging adapter, but the same may not be said for the upcoming Google Pixel 6.

According to The Verge, the upcoming Pixel flagship won't ship with a charging adapter in the box, making the Pixel 5a the last of its kind for Google's smartphone lineup.

We've reached out to Google for details, but the company reportedly told The Verge that it will omit the adapter from future smartphones because most people already have a charging brick. And even for those that don't, many of the best USB-C chargers are quite affordable.

The move isn't exactly a surprise, as more smartphone OEMs have taken to omitting the charging adapter after Apple stopped shipping it with the iPhone 12 series. Both Apple and Samsung cite environmental reasons for the change, which could lead to a reduction of e-waste, although cost is likely a factor as well.

Meanwhile, we have no information on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro battery capacity outside rumors of 4614mAh and 5000mAh, respectively. There's also no indication of what we can expect from the charging speed, but given that Google is apparently expecting consumers to use adapters they already have, the phones may not get much of a speed bump.

Meanwhile, come companies like OnePlus have continued to include the adapter with newer smartphones like the OnePlus 9 Pro, which feature much faster charging speeds than Samsung or Google's current offerings. However, it's possible that this may change in the future, but OnePlus hasn't given any indication that it will stop shipping adapters with phones any time soon.

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  • That's perfectly fine now, because it's Google! Watch, everyone will trip over themselves making excuses now.
  • I'm waiting patiently for just that.
  • It makes sense that OnePlus still ships a charging brick because their charging system is proprietary and gets better with each new phone. You can't achieve the full charging bliss that comes with owning a OnePlus with some random charger from an old phone you sold years ago. Even old OnePlus chargers won't give you the speed that their current chargers provide.
  • Oh no not Google as well, it's not ok and I don't even defend Google over them not shipping s charger with the Pixel 6, the same way I was critical of both Apple and Samsung for doing the same thing, oh well, at least the Pixel A series still has the charger in the box.
  • That's okay I wasn't going to buy it anyway.
  • Me no buy either!
  • I never understood your pixel hardware marketing strategy ... Why do you go against Apple ? Why don't you focus on your strengths like software, computational photography, best hardware for less price like Nexus days, now with pixel 6 your team is saying Google really want this device to sell more to keep making next gen pixels with your own chips, if that's your goal then try to get as many people as you can with everything you can offer for minimum to none profit margin , do it atleast for one year , get some enthusiasm build on non pixel users ... Pixel 6 was looking a huge deal for me around 1 week ago ... Now no color options for Pro versions like vanilla 6 , no 50 Watt of or beyond fast charging support and now no charger in the box .... You are making some disappointing decisions even for me who has bought og pixel , 2 , 3 and 4 ... I am really looking forward to my first BIG PHONE PURCHASE IN SIZE WITH 6 PRO ...
  • Expensive and poor value has always defined Pixel, I'm not surprised by this.
  • What on earth is a charging adapter? Why would I need an adapter? I'll just use the charger they put in the box as I have no need to adapt anything thank you. Unless they mean the CHARGER won't be supplied - but surely they would have said that?
  • You're joking, right? Nobody is THIS dumb...
  • make box 20% smaller = 20% more product can fit into a truck = company saves 20% in shipping fees. this is all about Google trying to make more money, not because of some unknown consumer benefit.
  • Never ceases to amaze me how utterly moronic these companies continue to be! Did Google not see how Samsmug screwed the pooch over the S21's bad sales? Why do they think this happened? Prices too high...NO charger in the box...removal of hardware features customers have been requesting for years now???
    I will bet dimes-to-dollars that these 6's bomb even worse than the S21's for these same reasons!