Is the Google Pixel 5 water-resistant?

Google Pixel 5 Lifestyle
Google Pixel 5 Lifestyle (Image credit: Google)

Best answer: Yes, Google Pixel 5 is water-resistant with its IP68 rating. This rating means the phone has protection against dust and a water submersion of up to three feet for up to 30 minutes.

Is the Google Pixel 5 water-resistant?

While some sort of protection from the elements should be a given on our expensive portable electronics, that isn't always the case, and you might wonder, is the Google Pixel 5 water resistant? Thankfully, Google sprung for the added parts and testing to get the device certified at IP68.

If you are unsure, IP68 indicates the level of water and dust protection for a device. The IP stands for ingress protection, and the 68 describes how protected the device is. The first number is for solid particle protection; in this case, the 6 means it's dust-tight. The second number, 8, tells us the level of protection from liquids. Eight means that the phone is rated to withstand water ingress pressure of 1 meter, generally tested for 30 minutes.

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All of this means that your Pixel 5 should be just fine if a drink spills on it, you accidentally drop it in the shallow end of the pool, or dreadfully drop it in the toilet. In any of these situations, you would want to give your phone a good cleaning with proper supplies. This not only helps to kill any germs that may be on it but also contaminants like chlorine or "toilet stuff."

Since Google decided to go with a unibody design and make it from metal, the Pixel 5 has a bit more durability than the glass devices from previous generations. The screen is still glass though, so it's still a good idea to pick up a case and screen protector.

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