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Google has taken the veil off the Pixel 5, and if you've picked one up, now is the time to find some accessories to go along with it. In addition to a protective case for the Pixel 5, you'll also want one of the best Google Pixel 5 screen protectors. You don't want to have waited this long for Google's 2020 flagship smartphone only to be frustrated by an accidental drop cracking your display, after all. These screen protectors will help keep that gorgeous 90Hz screen looking pristine for as long as you have it.

Almost everything you need: OMOTON Tempered Glass (4-pack)

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The OMOTON Tempered Glass kit includes almost everything you need, with four total screen protectors and an alignment kit for easy installation. These screen protectors only measure 0.3mm, so you won't feel like there's a whole other screen on top of the Pixel 5. The only things missing are protectors for the rear camera module.

$9 at Amazon

Ignore the glass: J&D PET Film Screen Protector (6-pack)

Some folks don't enjoy having a tempered glass screen protector, and prefer the PET film option. J&D has those folks covered with this six-pack of ultra-clear film screen protectors. These screen protectors won't hinder your viewing experience, making it so you can enjoy every bit of that awesome 90Hz display on the Pixel 5.

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All the glass: QITAYO Tempered Glass Screen and Camera Protector (3+2 pack)

The QITAYO Tempered Glass Kit comes with everything you'll need to keep your Pixel 5 looking pristine. In the box, you'll find three glass screen protectors for the main display, along with two additional glass screen protectors for the rear camera module. Plus, QITAYO offers a lifetime warranty on its products, so if something happens during installation or while in use, you're covered.

$11 at Amazon

Rainbow-free: Mr. Shield Tempered Glass Screen Protector

With some tempered glass screen protectors, you'll have to worry about the "rainbow effect," which can make it frustrating to use your Pixel 5. That's not a concern with the Mr. Shield Tempered Glass Screen Protector thanks to its high-grade components, which improve viewing clarity. With the installation kit, you won't have to worry about dust getting under the protector either.

$7 at Amazon

Case-friendly: Luibor Tempered Glass Screen and Camera Protector (3+3 pack)

When it comes to accessorizing your new Pixel 5, you'll likely want both a screen protector and case. Unfortunately, not all screen protectors are made the same and may not be compatible with your case. That won't be of concern with the Luibor Screen Protector set. These were designed specifically to work with the majority of cases, regardless of whether you go ultra-slim or more rugged.

$11 at Amazon

Scratch and shatterproof: LK Tempered Glass Screen and Camera Protector (3+3 pack)

Installing a new screen protector on your smartphone can be a frustrating proposition, and LK aims to help alleviate those frustrations. Along with including three screen protectors for the front display and three for the rear camera module, LK includes an alignment kit that will ensure that the adhesive attaches perfectly to your Pixel 5.

$9 at Amazon

Grab one of the best Pixel 5 screen protectors

After investing in a new Google Pixel 5, you'll want to make sure your device can keep going for as long as possible. And that means picking up the best Google Pixel 5 screen protectors. With the OMOTON Tempered Glass Screen Protector kit, you'll not only get four protectors, but OMOTON also includes an alignment kit for easy installation. With the company's SmoothArmor TCD technology, fingerprints are significantly reduced, leaving your screen looking crystal-clear all of the time.

Tempered glass is cool and all, and can save your display from getting shattered, but some folks enjoy using PET film protectors. These don't add as much bulk while keeping scratches from getting through, and that's where the J&D HD Film Shield protectors come into play. J&D includes six total screen protectors in the box, which should last for quite some time, while also offering protection from scratches and dirt during use.

Whatever your preference in terms of type and material for a screen protector, the important thing is that you get one on your shiny, new Pixel 5 pronto so that it will be your premium phone in perfect condition for years to come.

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