Best Google Pixel 5 screen protectors 2022

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Pixel 4a Alex Google Launcher Assistant (Image credit: Alex Dobie / Android Central)

It has been almost a year since the Google Pixel 5 launched to market. If you picked one up recently, or you're still using the one you bought way back when chances are you could do with some accessories for it. In addition to a protective case for the Pixel 5, which should be the essential first accessory buy with any new phone (it's never a bad idea to have a few so you can swap as well), did you also invest in one of the best Google Pixel 5 screen protectors? If not, it's time if you want to avoid the frustration of an accidental drop that cracks your display. These screen protectors will help keep that gorgeous 90Hz screen looking pristine for as long as you have it.

Grab one of the best Pixel 5 screen protectors

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After investing in the Google Pixel 5, you'll want to make sure your device can keep going for as long as possible. And that means picking up the best Google Pixel 5 screen protectors. With the OMOTON Tempered Glass Screen Protector kit, you'll not only get four protectors, but OMOTON also includes an alignment kit for easy installation. With the company's SmoothArmor TCD technology, fingerprints are significantly reduced, leaving your screen looking crystal-clear all the time.

When it comes to investing something to protect the precious screen of my smartphone, I tend to want to go as high quality as possible. Supershieldz has the brand reputation, yet it isn't even the higher-priced option on this list. It's ultra-thin, will resist scratches, and because it's tempered glass, it's pretty easy to put on as well.

Whatever your preference in terms of type and material for a screen protector, the important thing is that you get one on your Pixel 5 pronto so that it will be your premium phone in perfect condition for years to come. And if you plan to resell it and upgrade, you can add value to the device by protecting its screen for the new owner.

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