Pixel 2 XL screen burn-in is real, Google working on software fixes to mitigate (update)

Consternation surrounding the display in the Google Pixel 2 XL is well known at this point, and to be honest most of it has been pretty overblown. But we have something new to talk about now: screen burn-in. It's something people with OLED screens worry about (to varying degrees) and something people who prefer LCDs like to poke fun about. But one of our Pixel 2 XL review units, in use for about a week, is already seeing some pretty crazy levels of burn-in.

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Viewing a grey image on the screen, you get a clear look at where the navigation bar has started to settle in on the display. You also interestingly see the portions of pixels where the back, home, and recents buttons go — those don't seem to be burned in themselves (displaying white instead of black), but the outlines clearly show where they are compared to the black portion that's burned in. Or that may be some optical trickery and the buttons are burned in. We're just not sure what we're seeing here.

So as a quick refresher, what is burn-in?

Screen burn-in happens when a portion of the display has the same imagery long enough to cause a ghost image of it to hang around after you change the screen to display something else. It's usually most noticeable in the notification shade or status bar (the clock is notorious for "burning in") but it can also happen with navigation buttons or even home screen icons. It's usually an issue with OLED panels and usually takes a good few months before it starts to show up.

When you change what's on your screen, leftover images can stay behind. But they shouldn't.

There's also a phenomenon called image retention. Image retention, or ghosting, is a part of the screen staying barely visible even after you've moved away and have something new on the display. Like burn-in, this usually happens with buttons or icons, but anything on your display can leave a ghost image if it's static and on long enough. Image retention is usually associated with LCD panels, and plenty of people with an LG G6 or LG V20 have noticed it. Thankfully, image retention is temporary and will go away on its own after a short time.

At first glance, what we see looks more like screen burn-in than image retention. While burn-in is more often associated with OLED and image retention is associated with LCD, there is crossover and you could see either issue on any type of display. As more reports come in and more people have examples to share the problem can hopefully be pinpointed.

How to check your screen

It can be difficult to see screen burn because we usually have so much information on our screens. Here's a quick test you can do to check your phone.

  • Open this article in a web browser on your phone.
  • Click and open each of these thumbnails and view the images full screen

  • Check the bottom of your screen where the navigation buttons normally appear and check the notifications areas (especially around the clock) for a faint "ghost" image of any screen elements that were left behind.

Screen burn, of either type, can be barely noticeable or it can be distinct and in your face. Using a black or red background is the best way to see it, but you still may need to look very closely.

What should you do?

This particular Pixel 2 XL, as we said, has only been in use for about a week — each day seeing about 3 hours of time with the screen on. We don't want to jump to the conclusion that this is indicative of how all Pixel 2 XL's will age, and we sure hope it that isn't the case. After tweeting out the image earlier today we started to get a few replies indicating that others were seeing the same type of burn-in after similar periods, though.

After reaching out to Google with our concerns, a spokesperson replied with the following statement, saying that the company is aware of the concerns surrounding this issue and is investigating it:

The Pixel 2 XL screen has been designed with an advanced POLED technology, including QHD+ resolution, wide color gamut, and high contrast ratio for natural and beautiful colors and renderings. We put all of our products through extensive quality testing before launch and in the manufacturing of every unit. We are actively investigating this report."

If you're seeing screen burn-in on a Pixel 2 XL (or any phone) after a week, or even just a month, of a regular use, you're going to be entitled to a warranty replacement from the manufacturer. As we saw with the 2016 Pixels, of which some experienced burn-in and screen issues early on, people were being granted posthaste warranty replacements.

What you shouldn't do is try any workarounds or apps from Google Play that promise to "fix" screen burn. Right now nobody even knows exactly what we're seeing, only that it's there. Hang tight and wait for more information before you make anything worse.

What Google wants to do to fix it

After a few days of investigating the problem, Google has come out with a response about the Pixel 2 XL's display. It's distinctly broken up into two pieces: one to address questions about the screen's colors, and another to talk about burn-in.

Google claims there's no major issue here — but it still has some fixes in the work.

On the first point, Google explains how it tuned the Pixel 2 XL's display to be more color accurate, following a DCI-P3 color gamut that focuses on being realistic with just a little extra pop. This compares to some other phones unfavorably, looking dull or washed out. To address this, Google plans to release a software update with a "saturated" screen mode that ups the colors — to what extent, we don't yet know. The Pixel 2 and 2 XL currently have a "vivid mode" for the screen, but the toggle doesn't seem to change much to our eyes.

Now, on the burn-in point — which is the problem that has really taken off. From the top, Google is at pains to explain that all OLED displays have some level of burn-in risk — and this is certainly backed up by history — so the only question is how fast the burn-in occurs, and how noticeable it is. Google claims that in its testing the Pixel 2 XL's burn-in and image retention issues are within the range of industry expectations,

Despite these claims, Google does plan to issue a set of software changes to mitigate or reduce screen burn-in over time on the Pixel 2 XL. The changes currently in the works include (but aren't limited to) a drop in the peak brightness by 50 nits, a navigation bar that fades out after a period of inactivity, and an option for more apps to use a white navigation bar.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • My year old pixel xl shows a burn-in.
  • That could be normal for OLED, unfortunately. My S8+ already has a tiny bit. Can see a key icon (VPN) and clock
  • Wow, I was told that Burn-in is not a thing with newer AMOLED panels :)
    Andrew claims that it's only for super excessive users like Uber drivers and such.
    in reality, 3-4 SOT is average nowadays and 5-6 is will soon become standard.
    AMOLED panels after a year of moderate use all burn in. And those who want to keep their phones for 2+ yrs are always better off with LCDs. My XPE still looks like new , while Z Play after about a year already has issues. Burn in also affects color representation. Speaking of which,
    @Jerry, XPE has the most accurate sRGB on the market, not Note 7 :)
  • Except the 2 XL doesn't use AMOLED. It is using a new POLED display.
  • In a breakdown of POLED vs AMOLED, it's just LG vs Samsung and it's essentially the same technology with different terminology. AM stands for Active-Matrix which they both have and P stands for plastic substrate what you need to bend the screen.. that they both have.
  • Yep. LG might be using thinner layers, but even then they are 90%+ the same. The tricky part is the assembly and driving the leds.
  • And the fabrication process. Just like with CPU, GPU and memory chips...some are going to yield better than others!
  • Hey Jerry, I think it's image retention. I have Pixel 2 XL as well and suspected burn in using this test as well. Then I decided to hold my finger on the screen and drag the black square down over the nav bar and keep holding my finger down with the black box dragged over where the nav bar is for like 20 seconds and then sliding it back up and you can't see the burn in anymore. Try it and let me know what you think.
  • hi. how or what were you using to perform this test with a black square?
  • ^^^ This. I got a Pixel 2 xl and had to return it because it wouldnt charge correctly. I have now had my new Pixel 2 for a less than a day and i can see my nav bar in the grey when i look at these pictures. Not super noticeable but it is there. Did this little trick you suggested and i could no longer see the buttons, however, i could still see a bit of the top of the nav bar as a whole. I dont think it is possible for my display to get burn in after less than a day of use. It's got to be something else.
  • Except POLED is basically identical to AMOLED. With the Galaxy S8 and Note8 series, Samsung is also using plastic substrates in their screens and the POLED screen in the 2 XL has active matrix technology ;)
  • 5-6 hours of phone SOT being standard makes me think of the humans in the movie Wall-E.
  • Well, that is the dream. Unfortunately, until they invent cupcake-in-a-cup and hover recliners, we'll just have to settle for milkshakes and office chairs.
  • Get back to me when I can turn what I'm wearing from blue to red with one touch because an ad on a big screen tells me it's the in thing to do.
  • Had all Notes and now S8+ with zero burn-in issues, ever.
  • ...That you've noticed.
  • This. I was put off by all this screen burn-in talk, having never experience it on any phone of mine. Then I downloaded a screen test app and found that my beloved Pixel XL had noticeable screen burn. Ignorance truly was bliss.
  • All OLED has burn in. Here is a Note 8 after 11 days with similar burn in. https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-8/help/navigation-bar-burn-...
    Navigation Bar Burn In. Anyone else? | Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - XDA ... But you will never see it unless looking for it. This not a LG versus Samsung issue but a OLED issue.
  • Jacksmith.........look what the user stated in that article......"Received my Note 8 11 days ago and I was now looking at a gray picture in my gallery when I noticed the navbar was already burnt into the screen (and the buttons, too). " The note doesn't have buttons they used too...but got rid of the physical home button.
  • Thats as lie
  • You're told that by people who don't see it and don;t want to admit that their $1000 phone has a defect.
  • My s7 edge has zero burn in after 1 1/2 years....so no they don't ALL get it.......store demo models, tea it's possible. The screen changes too often under normal use for burn in to occur
  • +1
  • I saw a friend with an S7, she plays Pokemon Go a lot and has the Pokmemon icons clearly burned in.
  • Been using my Galaxy S8+ for 3 months and no screen burn in for me using the test images. I was surprised because I think Samsung calibrates it to be too bright on Autobrightness so I assumed if have burn-in
  • My almost 2yo S7, on the other hand, has no burn in at all.
  • I love my S7 and honestly just thinking of keeping it for another 6 months or so. It's been a great phone.
  • Although, we shouldn't be calling it "normal". That's a pretty substantial flaw for a technology that has been around for so many years, so maybe we shouldn't treat it so trivially. Manufacturers get away with it, because millions of people happily throw hundreds of dollars their way every year.
  • It has to do with how colors and LEDs work it takes more energy to light a blue pixel than a red or green one so they wear out quicker. Samsung has tried to mitigate this using different led layout patterns but it's still always there and will continue to be until we figure out something better than oled.
  • Interesting because I have an S8+ since April 19th and I have no burn-in whatsoever. I average 5-6h of SOT per day, and am definitely a heavy user. I do however multitask and frequently use immersive mode as well as hide the navigation bar.
  • What do you think? Deal breaker?
    Would you cancel your order?
  • Jerry, you finally switched to a curved screen? I did the same with my new Note 8. Adapting and love it.
  • That's rare. I've been using my S7 edge extensively for over a year now with no burn in whatsoever. I've never seen it in the wild myself except for a display model S6 at a Best Buy. The Pixel issue is extreme (and is hopefully just a bad batch). To the person who said Amoled and Poled are basically the same tech, this glosses over the engineering and screen management software that differentiates an LG from a Samsung display. It's like saying all gas engines use internal combustion so they're basically the same tech regardless of who manufactures them. In the real world, the details beyond the raw basics of the tech are tremendously important--if not THE most important factor.
  • Can AC post pictures of screen burn in in five different colors please? I feel this is an invisible issue that you wouldn't notice in daily circumstances.
  • That is kind of normal. 7 days is not lol 
  • My year old pixel XL has mad button screen burn. It bothers me now, but never noticed until I just did that test.
  • You will never notice unless you look. It is the same with Samsung phones. Here is similar burn in on a Note 8 after 11 days. https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-8/help/navigation-bar-burn-...
    Navigation Bar Burn In. Anyone else? | Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - XDA ...
  • Again, this is rare. If you scour the Internet looking for it, of course you're going to find examples. But this is not a widespread issue affecting the vast majority of (at least Samsung) OLED displays.
  • The very first thing I do when getting a new oled device is enable developer options, usb debugging, then send the adb command to auto hide the Navbar. Then I set up Tasker with an invisible button in Navbar to the right of recents, so I can tap it and keep the Navbar active in the event that I need it. (some apps behave weird when hiding Navbar for some reason). I also set up automations in tasker to automatically enable the Navbar when the screen is turned off, and hide it when the screen gets turned on. Why? Because just leaving the Navbar hidden all the time causes my pixel XL to take up to 10 seconds after I unlock with fingerprint or press the power button before the screen will turn on. I was able to trace those issues back to hiding the Navbar when the screen is off. These easy steps allow me to only use the Navbar when needed by swiping up from the bottom, keeping it there if I want it, but most of all, keeping my screen from getting burn in. Before I did this, my pixel XL had burn in after a month or so. Thankfully, it had other issues also and Google sent me a replacement. The first thing I will do from now on is auto hide those buttons to avoid this. Hope this helps you in the future. The adb commands should be easy to find on XDA.
  • I'm exhausted after reading this. My Note8 can already hide the navbar. Seems like you should get a Samsung if you're that fussed to go to all that effort. Why? Because it's easier.
  • Lol, no joke. 😂
  • Your Note 8 will have the same burn in. Here it is after just 11 days. https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-8/help/navigation-bar-burn-...
    Navigation Bar Burn In. Anyone else? | Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - XDA ...
  • You can keep posting the same thing.... But we have a S6 edge, S7 edge, and a Note 8 - none have burn in. I just checked them with the grey background. So while I don't doubt it can happen, for most users, it'll be fine.
  • Your Note 8 will have the same burn in. Here it is after just 11 days. https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-8/help/navigation-bar-burn-...
    Navigation Bar Burn In. Anyone else? | Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - XDA ...
  • Give it up troll
  • In that case, why not OP5 which gives you the option to use capacitive buttons :)
  • I was waiting for the obligatory OP5 comment to get dropped in. Thank you.
  • Once again, Samsung """bloat""" saves the day. The nav bar can be autohidden and you can enable a 4th button to enable/disable autohide. Good ol' pure Android, being clunky as hell as usual.
  • +1
  • +1
  • That sucks, my 1+ year old Pixel XL shows no signs of burn-in
  • Me too. Every OLED I've ever had has.
  • My pixel XL nor my OLED tv show burn in... thank God as far as the tv goes lol. I do take precautions with both however. Once a week on my phone I'll run a pixel fixed app that rotates through multiple colors very fast. I let it run for about 15 min and my launch day pixel XL is still just fine. OLED anti burn in technology has improved even over the last year so it's odd to see any screen issue on a pixel 2. As a side note I run the same type of thing on my TV for 30 min once a month and I run the built in screen "noise" cleaner utilities that come with LG OLED TV's as of the 2016 and beyond models. I'll take OLED any day of the week but at least for now owners need to make sure they do things to protect the integrity of the OLED panel. Luckily it takes 15 min a week, just flip the phone upside down and let it run at Max brightness. Also using 50% or lower brightness on a phone panel will reduce potential burn in significantly
  • You don't prevent the burn in. You just prevent the nav keys appear more burnt then the rest of the pixels. Essentially they all burn in, but nav and notification ones burn at the higher rate because they reproduce white (most demanding power output). So these tests show you only what burned in more than the rest on the screen. All these LEDs burn and that causes the dimming and color shifting over time and there is nothing you can do about it.
    Notification bar can be kept in all black in Nova Launcher, so that will save the pixels there. I wish we could do the same with Nav keys
  • My Nexus 6P has burn in on the bottom app tray. I only noticed this in the last week or so. :-(
  • As does my OG Pixel. Haven't noticed it until today.
  • Oh wow my ~8 month old Pixel xl has it too. Dang I never would have noticed haha
  • Mine too, but mine is noticeable from startup, videos, etc. It's pretty bad
  • AS does mine. Though I never noticed it until I did the test above. Nonetheless, with multiple screen issues being looked at, I cancelled my order. I will wait until they work this out.
  • Exactly. Your YEAR old Pixel. These devices are DAYS old and almost every single one of the ones provided to reviewers are showing them. That was not the case last year with the OG Pixel nor has it been the case with most major Samsung devices over the last few years. Personally, I've never had the issue myself, and I don't think it's a common thing to happen. On a store floor model that is on literally 24/7, sure, that's bound to happen and pretty much the only place where I see such issues. Now, before anyone counters with "It was probably there, you just didn't notice it," I use Google Chrome on every Android phone, and when you swipe away all tabs the background is gray, so I would've definitely noticed it. I had a Pixel for about six months that didn't show any burn-in and most recently an Pixel XL that I had for about four months with no issue. Either way, it should NOT be a common issue especially on newer screen tech, nor should it be an issue this quickly. /twocents
  • I get what you are saying but I feel this is a non issue because no one looks at a grey screen all day, they look at it with colors, and with colors,it is hardly noticeable. Hell, with grey it is subtle. When watching videos on the 2 XL, the sides are black, I cannot replicate the burn in on a black or colorful background. What I am saying is I don't think people will notice this in day to day functions over the course of a year. Maybe in two years. It feels like sensationalism to me. Prime example, I have subtle burn in on my year old pixel, when I view anything other than the grey image, I don't see the burn in. Additional, the navigation buttons are going to be there 99% of the time anyway, so you wont even notice them. If it gets bad, replace it under warranty.
  • This really isn't good and is a shame to see. Could it even get as serious as a product recall if enough people are complaining and returning devices? With this and the issue with the Google Home Mini it's looking like their quality control and testing is off massively. Disappointing is an understatement.
  • The Pixel C had plenty of manufacturing issues too. I'm on my third unit now
  • Product recall? Nahhh. The only folks complaining are tech nerds. That's a vocal minority strong enough to just make sure Google fixes the problem. I think sometimes around March, Google will silently push a second revision of the Pixel, correcting most display issues. In addition it won't surprise me if the also push a software update for the navbar. That way if people start seeing it 5-6 months down the rode they swap it out for the new revisions, which will most likely be refurbished from any device sent back within the first few weeks. That's what I would do if I was Osterloh...
  • The only folks buying this phone are tech nerds so...
  • That was true of the Nexus line, definitely. I know quite a few normals who bought a Pixel, though. Advertising and carrier sales are a hell of a drug.
  • I know no one that is even heard of it. Perhaps their marketing is stronger in your market.
  • Very strong in Seattle. Verizon is pushing it hard and I see them downtown regularly.
  • I saw 0 pixels out in the wild (which is strange since I saw a ton of nexus 5's back in the day). Only selling it in one carrier store is and always will limit the sales since even with advertising, if people walk into a carrier store (which most still do these days) and do not see the device, they will not buy it and will go with something else. 
  • Yes, because it's made by LG and it's a massive problem on their V10 and V20....never trust LG screens since those garbage p-OLEDS on the Flex phones.
    Thank God Google can use HTC now on and leave LG behind, as HTC has far better screens and hardware...despite the bezels..
  • HTC does not have a display division - they don't manufacture their own displays. They outsource from other manufacturers, the two largest being Samsung and LG.
  • vansmack - That is correct, HTC has suppliers they use for their panels. Until 2010, HTC used Samsung AMOLED displays, but ran into problems with Samsung not being able to keep up with demand. Some suspected Samsung of artificially restricting supply to HTC, but whatever the reason was, it was then that HTC switched to Super LCD. The Display on the M8 was nice, and the one on the U11 excellent. But, Daydream specs require OLED, so...
  • I don't think HTC actually make displays though, the screen you're praising is most likely a Samsung. You may be being a tad harsh on LG, they're caught in a bit of a vicious cycle... Less panels sold than Samsung means less money for R&D than Samsung means worse panels than Samsung means less panels sold than Samsung... I find Samsung's dominance in almost every field a bit troubling to be honest. Ah well, today's empires, tomorrow's ashes.
  • Also, Google just put almost a billion dollars into LG Display recently, probably to help speed them through some of these growing pains.
  • I guess you never used v10 or v20. They both have LCD panels and age well, unlike Samsung's AMOLEDs (mostly those sold to other OEMs)
  • Right, I was just going to say this. All LG phones before the V30 and Pixel 2 XL (and the crappy G2 Flex) have LCD screens. I would expect those don't have burn in since they use LCD.
  • I have two LG G5s both a year old, and both have screen burn in and blotchy bright spots on the screen. The burn in is not of persistently shown items but of somewhat recently used apps.
  • My mistake, whatever screens they use are garbage and reddit and XDA are full of people with burn-in problems.
  • That's image retention and not burn in. LCDs don't get permanent burn in like CRT and OLED panels do.
  • Yup. Happened to me during setup on my G6. I had a momentary freak out when I couldn't minimize or turn off the screen during the data migration. After about 30 minutes from when it restarted and had normal use, it disappeared. Been fine since.
  • The Pixel 2 from HTC uses a Samsung screen and until they have an in house screen division, they're going to be outsourced.
  • Only problem with your theory is those phones are LCD.
  • No same thing on Samsung. Here is the same burn in on a Note 8 after just 11 days. https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-8/help/navigation-bar-burn-...
    Navigation Bar Burn In. Anyone else? | Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - XDA ...
  • It's a post from someone who says there's burn in, but provides no picture to demonstrate it. I'll believe it if I see it. The only image he provided was a test gray image for others to try.
  • V10 is lcd..
  • Saw it on the in-store demo at Rogers a bit too. I just thought maybe it was because it was a demo device. Roughed up, always running etc.
  • not seeing it on my 2XL, thankfully.
  • How long have you had your phone? I've had mine for a day so it's fine so far.
  • I've had mine for 2 days and can see it... I also had it on my Moto Z as well.
  • You've got burn in after 2 days?
  • So, you’ve had your phone for 3 weeks like the review unit he’s talking about? If not, your comment is moronic and pointless. Most people have had their retail units for a few days. OF COURSE you won’t see anything yet.
  • LOL, the dude above you literally stated he's had his XL for 2 days and he already sees it. And here you are calling other people moronic. Zero to 100, internet a-hole.
  • Honestly I don't see how someone can get screen burn in that fast...
  • It happens if you use high screen brightness.
  • There is no way. Even at high brightness unless the screen is pure crap. But seeing as it is LG... Entirely possible lol.
  • Literally the worst part about every LG phone is the display. LG displays have been total trash for years now. This doesn't surprise me at all.
  • Yep, can confirm, you're just a dick.
  • I've also had mine since Thursday and don't have this issue. I had the OG Pixel before this and I'm happier with the screen on this new one (as well as other things). Now, I'm not one to have my screen on for hours on end, but I do have it on for extended periods of time during my commute (air travel) reading articles and writing emails. I also haven't spent my time since Thursday looking for reasons to return the phone or putting everything under a microscope.
  • May I ask, which OG Pixel (Pixel or Pixel XL) and which Pixel 2 (regular or XL?). Thanks!
  • OG Pixel XL and now Pixel 2 XL. I'm really pleased with the performance and the screen is great, although I'll admit that even with big hands the longer screen on the PXL2 is harder to manage. I find myself using the fingerprint reader more now to get to my notifications.
  • My LG V30 has some low brightness issues but other than that it's a great, perfectly usable screen. It seems like the XL 2 has more screen issues, which might just be the media blowing it up, but maybe it's something else.
  • I'm inclined to agree with you. I think the media is driving this thing into a frenzy. I went to the Verizon store to see the screen myself. The display unit looked amazing...the colors were great and no burn-in at all even though those things stay on all the time. I didn't notice any of the issues that the media and others are claiming (muted colors etc). However, I don't have the ability to have a new S8, Note 8, and Pixel 2 XL to compare side by side. I have a 2 XL coming any day now and honestly, can't wait. Totally looking forward to it.
  • Nothing so far on the S8 :)
  • Samsung improved that on the panels they use on Samsung phones, but don't care much for the ones sold to other OEMs.
  • Source?
  • Believe him or don't. Always with the source.
  • When you make a claim you usually back them up with something. It could be personal research or someone else's work.
  • personal experience since I went through a lot of phones and played with enough of those around me to make that conclusion. Samsung's panels installed on their phones are holding up much better. You can make a poll here among S6 and S7 users vs Nexus 6p and Pixel XL.
    it's not just the nav bar or notification bar that get a burn in, but the overall screen becomes dimmer than in its first days. Again, it's not as bad as in 2013, 14 but it's still there.
  • Have you consider the fact that not moving the navigation bar and other static UI elements intermittently caused those screens to have burn in? As others have stated here Samsung and LG had the foresight to implement autohide and minute Navbar and AOD movement to prevent this.
  • Of course that is the main issue, because they are constantly on and emitting white , which requires all LEDs to light up at the high scale. To create white in AMOLED screens, Most of the hit take the blue sub pixels and that diminishes color reproduction very fast and burn in kicks in faster. That's why Samsung gave up on in line RGB sub pixels and went with pentile with extra space in between (preserve power) and added extra green sub pixel (1R,1B,2G) So, each pixel is not as tolling on the blue.
    Now, that's only one part of the hardware issue,the rest is software tweaks to calibrate and preserve power as well reduce the burn in. Samsung did well with capacitive buttons and always on display was designed to shift the pixels so they get some rest :)
    Now, I also think that Samsung makes the high end for their devices for 2 reasons - one for bragging rights and more importantly to advertise as the best and latest. Second, they can afford it , since it's in house product. Other would lose a lot of money by paying for the best available. It kinda feels that for instance Moto gets the previous gen panel (overstock :) and not as tuned to the finest. Maybe it's also inability to produce such quantities as well.
    Now, I have no clue what LG does w their panels. Maybe they have in line RGB like my OG Moto X, so they burn super fast at high brightness.
    One thing is for sure, there is a big reason why Apple took over the control of production. My friends complained how their screens are not as bright as Samsung's, but that will reduce the burn as well as Apple's sub pixel shifting for more natural colors when needed (in photography).
    The only reason we have them as popular is that they are more power efficient and make colors "pop" out for ppl. Longevity is inferior and the cost of production way higher.
  • Everytime I go into a best buy store, just about every Samsung Galaxy Model phone on display has burn in. I've owned plenty of Samsung models which that never happened to. My Pixel XL is 1+ year old and doesn't show any issues
  • To be fair, that's because they are in demo mode. Full screen brightness and never shutting the screen off will cause a ton of burn-in a very short amount of time. Galaxy phones (the S models and Note, not J or others) hands-down have the best displays you can buy. Never trust a floor demo when deciding how the display looks.
  • yep.
    btw, they literally burn them with the high temp. constantly charging and at 100% brightness , I wonder how they don't start melting :)
  • Same burn in on Samsung. Here is the Note 8 after just 11 days. https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-8/help/navigation-bar-burn-...
    Navigation Bar Burn In. Anyone else? - Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - XDA ...
  • Alright man, we got it the first 4 times
  • Woo boy LG is bad at poled so far. Yikes.
  • This just keeps getting worse and worse. Google put out a terrible quality phone this year.
  • Lol.
  • A little hyperbole don't you think?
  • Absolutely not. This should NEVER be an issue on a $950 device this early after release. Totally inexcusable.
  • Ok that's fair. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I simply just don't agree that it's "all" bad
  • Consider the source though.
  • Hyperbole's the greatest thing in the whole wide world! ;-)
  • To be fair the quality of the screen is bad, by all accounts the rest of the phone is head and shoulders above anything else.
    And before you say "well that doesn't matter cause the screen" just know I already knew you were going to say that
  • Make excuses much? The screen is what everyone looks at on a phone. A bad screen ruins the whole experience, no matter how good they say the software is on the phone. Totally inexcusable.
  • So have you seen the screen for yourself? I'm not jumping to any conclusions until my device is in my hands.
  • I've used 3 different XL's, at three different locations. After seeing all 3 with screen issues, I canceled my Oct 4th order of the XL.
  • Did you get a white one? Hopefully that bumps me up the shipping time list. Lol
  • Ha, I wish. I was about 10mins to late on the preorder page. No matter how many times I refreshed that page, I was never able to click buy now. If I did I would have taken delivery and sold it on Swappa. The panda is gonna be a hot commodity for the next couple months.
  • I only look at my screen when there is software making pretty pictures on it, so the software is the other 50%.
  • But you do look a the screen 100% of the time you interact with the phone. The camera as great it is will be of little comfort when you view the photos taken on said camera and they look washed out with navbar burn in obstructing it.
  • And 100% of the time I interact with the phone there is software running on it. I got a small pixel because I can't stand that long tall display. My hands are just too big. So I have the best of both. but I would choose a phone with a subpar display before I would a phone with old subpar software every single time.
  • So would I. But, I wouldn't spend 1K$ on said phone. I would buy a lightly used Nexus 5X or a OG Pixel at a big discount.
  • First, let me say that I've actually been pretty happy with the display on the 2 XL so far. I mean, I notice most of the things about the display that everyone's turning into a big deal, but the only one that actually has caused me any kind of bother is the shadow quality in low brightness settings thing. That's bad, but I only have the brightness down that far when I'm laying in bed and the lights are out. So, big picture, that's not too big a deal for me. The other problems don't really bother me, and indeed the [so-called] "washed out" colors are actually more accurate than the sheer crack cocaine the Samsung display bombards you with, so I regard the colors thing as a plus, not a minus. On balance, I think it's a gorgeous display. At a bare minimum, I definitely like the picture better than the iPhone 6 Plus I replaced to get it. But to your point about choosing a crappy screen with amazing software over an amazing screen with clunky software, Jerry.....amen and amen! I'm with you 100%! All day, every day! So, that the Samsung phones have better displays than this one, while not actually in dispute, does essentially nothing to pursuade me that I made the wrong choice. Although, I do fear burn-in so much that rumors of budding rampant burn-in problems does make me feel a little sick to my stomach - even with my being pretty careful with OLED settings. Let's just say I'm WAAAAAAAAY more afraid of these kind of "ghost stories" than I am of the other kind. Hopefully they turn out to be overblown, like pretty much everything else that's been said of these screens! Cheers!
  • No more TouchWiz jokes: Samsung's software has caught up to its hardware https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2017/4/18/1533...
  • I'm a bit of a display obsessive so it's difficult for me to understand how anyone could see past a sub par display for this money. But I guess if someone was similarly obsessed with software instead your position makes sense. I would disagree that Samsung software is as bad as you seem to suggest. I have found it relatively refined and highly customisable. A discussion for another day though.
  • Troll much? The screen is not bad. Great phone. Get over it.
  • The screen is what allows me to view the content that I want to view. Yes the screen is important, but I still get to see what I need to. This still goes back to some people needing the best looking screen, and others needing the best working phone. The quality of the screen is a bit disappointing for sure. But I am in the latter group, so as long as the rest of the phone is great, which it does work for me, then I'm happy.
  • seriously. stop making excuses for $1000 phones that aren't giving you a $1000 quality display.
    wow... anything to validate a purchase eh? no matter what. people .... smdh ....
  • It's called the placebo effect. The higher the price, the better it is. That's how the majority of the population has been raised. Remember the saying, "you get what you pay for" well that doesn't mean much anymore in this day and age.
  • True. I always think Mercedes when it comes to that :)
  • Come on the burn in is the same on all OLED. Here is a Note 8 after just 11 days https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-8/help/navigation-bar-burn-...
    Navigation Bar Burn In. Anyone else? | Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - XDA ...
  • I disagree. I have now spent about 2 hours using 3 different Pixel 2 XLs. The only thing I've noticed is the blue tint when viewing at an angle. It didn't really bother me at all. Plus, I've read it's a side effect of the polarizers used to make outdoor and sunglass viewing better. I don't know it that's true. No screen uniformity issues on any of the 3 phones I used. No burn in after 4-5 days of being on max brightness for probably 10+ hours a day which is probably more extreme than any reviews have actually done at this point. The colors certainly are less vibrant than a Samsung phone right out of the box but very similar to Samsung phone with the color mode closest to sRGB. This isn't an issue with the display. It's a decision by Google. A decision I'm personally just fine with. A side by side comparison with my Nexus 5X showed similar results. The colors were actually a little more saturated on the Pixel 2 XL.
  • I'm with you, Jim! The blue thing doesn't really bother me at all, and the colors vs the crack cocaine of the Samsung phone displays is something I actually view as a positive and not a negative. And besides, not only is the trade-off a screen that looks amazing in bright sunlight, but I'm coming from an iPhone 6 Plus, and this screen is definitely more vibrant and saturated than that one. The only problem that's been reported about this screen that I actually view as a legitimate gripe is shadow quality does go to pot when the brightness is turned way down. That part does suck. But I'm only in that mode when I'm laying in bed and the lights are out. So not a biggie big picture. With decent brightness levels engaged, I have no complaints. Now, as far as your habit of 10+ hrs a day at max brightness, I can't say I follow that example, even though my total screen time may come close to that. I usually keep my screen at 50-75% brightness, keep ambient lighting on, so even when I do have the slider all the way up, it's still not truly full blast unless I'm outside. I also try to turn my screen off every chance I get, even if it's only off for a minute or two, and try not to leave it on one image for too long. I also spend a little time each day with "invert colors" turned on to offset anything bad that's happening. In fact, it's turned on as I type this. Basically I try to strike a balance between "enjoying my phone" and "protecting my phone" so that I can continue enjoying it. And at least for now, especially now that rumors of real problems with burn-in are flying about, I'm gonna err on the "protect" side. And though my VERY preliminary opinions of this phone are that I'm going to enjoy it quite a bit more than that iPhone 6 Plus, I do already miss not having to worry about burn-in on it even after only having this Pixel for only two days. OLEDs may offer better picture, but man, they're a lot of work and a lot of stress to not ruin. LCDs are way more "akuna matata"! Cheers!
  • nevermind
  • Those good old LG displays... 
  • Same issue on Samsung. This is a Note 8 after just 11 days. https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-8/help/navigation-bar-burn-...
    Navigation Bar Burn In. Anyone else? | Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - XDA ...
  • So I assume V30 has the same problem?
  • That was what one would think...except there are ZERO reports of that on the V30. And reviewers have had the V30 for far longer. Which means the burn in might actually not be a problem with the panel itself but with "oh so great" stock Android which has no mechanism built-in to shift the screen pixels and avoid the burn in.
  • I'm finding plenty of reports of the exact same issue on the V30. My guess? QC issues when the panels are being made.
  • I can easily see it as QC issues on that first batch. Just like Apple had QC issues with screens coming apart.
  • Jerry, I've had a V30 since launch day and frequent the forums here and elsewhere and I've yet to see anyone with pictures of a V30 with burn-in. Not saying there isn't but I'd love to see where this is being reported with pictures? Again, I'm not saying it isn't an issue, just not one I've seen reported and with the all the stuff being about the LG V30's screen (color shifting, graininess etc) I'd think this would be top of the list. As for my V30 no burn-in whatsoever.
  • You are so dumb it's not even funny. You are now blaming stock android for the burn in problem. Moron.
  • They may be referencing that Samsung phones shift the navbar buttons slightly to avoid burn in. If stock doesn't do that then it really should.
  • I would like a mute feature for users like him.
  • No.
  • Maybe they mounted the panel upside down? Or inside out? :/
  • ;-)
  • I'm about to cancel my order. I'll give it a day or two to see what shakes..
  • Yup this is bull*hit.... I can't believe they put this crappy of a screen in this phone this year it boggles my mind. It literally would have been my dream phone if the display was even up to par with last year's. Not only are the color super muted and it's basically stuck in srgb mode, the blacks are not even close to as black as last year's XL it's like it's an IPS panel there's light bleeding through super weird. Ike's signed up for the trade-in to send back last year's pixel XL and I can't even bring myself to do it because I'm not sure I'm going to keep this piece of crap. Don't get me wrong I actually love the phone I love the speakers I love how it looks how it feels I love the camera I love that classic Google fluidness The Buttery cream. But I'm also a display guy and this is driving me crazy. I'm going to wait for 8.1 and see if they've put a fix for this if not I'll RMA one or two and see if I get a better display after that it's return time Google. Been buying Nexus since the Nexus 4 and I bought every phone since. Can't believe they put this display in this phone how hard would it have been to get a Samsung display for your flagship. Anyway just add me to the boat of other pissed off people
  • Actually, It could be harder than you think to get that lovely Samsung display. Samsung only has so much manufacturing capacity. Between making samoled screens for their own phones, plus for the upcoming Iphone x and who knows what else, Sammy may not have the means to make screens for Google. Maybe they had no choice but to go with LG this time around.
  • Well they got it done last year....
  • not if you consider the extreme supply shortages.
  • Exact same issue on Samsung panels. This is after 11 days on a Note 8. https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-8/help/navigation-bar-burn-...
    Navigation Bar Burn In. Anyone else? | Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - XDA ...
  • On some Samsung panels. My 6 months old S8+ shows no burn in. Neither does my 4 year old Note3.
  • I have seen other people mentioning a weird light bleed effect occurring. Quite an achievement considering that's impossible on OLED displays
    Perhaps the glass is refracting it strangely or something?
  • seanjenkins - Yeah, that is weird. There's no backlight. Perhaps refraction like you mention, and lighting up the glass edges.
  • I'm having no issues with the blacks on my 2 XL screen whatsoever. I actually have to strain to see where the screen ends and the side bezel begins. That's plenty good for me. If people were hoping the black levels on the screen would be so deep that they made the bezels look like they were backlit, then I'm sorry for their disappointment.
  • why would you not return it while you still can?? Wait to see if a software update fixes a crappo screen? and if that doesn't fix it??? now you are stuck with a phone that has no value and a crappy screen .....
    .... I will never understand why you people refuse to speak with your wallet...
    every single person that keeps this phone is telling the phone industry (and google) that you will give them $1000 for their phone no matter How bad it is...
    people are so dumb....
  • Why are you on some mission to get people to return their phones?
  • telling people to stop accepting garbage for $1000 is now a "mission" grow the F up.
    keep that piece of garbage with a terrible screen....
    I gave you the reason IN my post: "every single person that keeps this phone is telling the phone industry (and google) that you will give them $1000 for their phone no matter How bad it is..." How friggen hard is it to understand that? keep It. I didn't buy that trash. Enjoy your Burnt screen.
  • The last part of your post is pretty harsh, but you do have a point. It’s clear to me that google is overcharging for the pixel line in order to give it the appearance of a “premium” phone. Which is fine as long as you get the same quality as the other “premium” phones. If you are paying a premium but getting less quality or the same quality as phones that are half to a third of the price of your device then you have a problem. Apple started this with the “apple tax”. Samsung has followed with a similar tactic. Now I think that other oems that want to have their phone appear like it is high quality feel pressure to charge the same high prices for their products as apple and samsung.
  • Because I believe Google will send out a fix and if they don't I'll RMA or get money back or sell it or keep it ;-)...I bet Google is eating mad returns without bitc*ing either. And in the end because my wallet is obviously fatter than yours!!!!
  • [edit: mean comment, but I scrubbed it. Game on!]
  • I use the s8+, no problems thus far. The display is amazing. I don't think I've used any better with other flagship's. I still think any problems with the pixel XL are overblown, still a great offering!
  • Trust me the problems are not overblown when you put a pixel 2 XL next to pretty much any other Flagship the screen looks like crap. It is what it is there's no other way about it.
  • They are overblown. Is it a problem..yeah. Is it something that a normal phone user will even notice?... probably not. But hey if folks want to cancel their phones. Great it means I will get mine sooner.
  • Normal phone users don't buy these though. Pixel buyers are very likely to be tech enthusiasts to even look at anything outside an iPhone or S8
  • Normal people by marketed phones from carriers. As long as it is marketed well someone will buy it.
  • Marketing! This is why Samsung and Apple do so well. With the actual product aside, Apple spent somewhere near 1.8 billion dollars in advertising. That's how you slam product down someone's throat. Google needs to step up their ad game..
  • Well, your next Pixel will be upwards of $900, with the Pixel XL being over a grand. Advertising is a huge part of the reason why iPhones, among others, cost so damned much money; companies inflate prices on their product due to the revenue loss from producing ads. Google is in a position where they can't charge more for their Pixel, which means they can't really advertise as much as others because they're already spending more than Apple and Samsung do to manufacture the phone units. Google's problem, in totality, is that their hardware is only good enough to run their software, and certain things have been sacrificed for that; for example, durability. The aluminum frame of the phone has to be thin in order for edge sense (pressure sensors along the sides of the phone) to be able to sense pressure being applied to the phone-which is why the smaller Pixel 2's aluminum frame splits when bent (JerryRigEverything's durability test)...oh, and the stupid antenna band placement. And like the HTC U11, the Pixel 2 XL would likely snap in half with pressure applied in the right way.
  • I cancelled mine! Hope you get it sooner. I am going to wait until google fix its baby,
  • I have compared my Nexus 5X to the Pixel 2 XL. The Nexus 5X might not be considered a flagship phone but I think the screen looks great. The Pixel 2 XL looks pretty good next to it.
  • Bought my Galaxy S3 in 2012. Still no burn-in, and for about a year, I used it as a clock radio with "stay awake while charging" 24 hours a day. I had it at about 1/4 brightness, which probably helped. Also, keeping it on the charger killed the batteries much more quickly than normal use. Almost 3 years with my Note 8 and no burn in. The motherboard died, though.
  • I sold my sister in laws galaxy s3 and note 4 over the summer and they both had a lot of burn in. Actually the note 4 had more than the s3 which was funny, I do definitely think it depends on each phone
  • You've had a Note 8 for 3 years? I'm sure you mean Note 4 or 5. Bought my Note 4 second hand (used) in 2015, the screens still looking good.
  • Note 4*
  • My note4 went for 3 years with heavy navigation use. No burn in but quite significant colour degradation. It's still good at full brightness but not so much at lower levels.
  • It's a really good phone. I really want to get rid of it but can't justify doing it.
  • The Galaxy S3 was my first phone that had a burn in. In less than a year.
  • Yeah, my s8+ has no signs of any burn-in. I really have to run it above 50% brightness though. Only in direct sunlight.
  • i'm starting to wonder if I should cancel my pré order?
  • You should.
  • Yes...everyone please cancel so I get mine quicker
  • Best comment
  • haaa, just for that I will not...
  • You will just have to stand in the returns line longer after you receive it and realize you wasted money.
  • I think some people should be returned
  • I just did! hope yours coming soon :)
  • I have a pixel XL 2 and i have had the note 7 and pixel XL1 the screen on the XL2 is not that bad i was freaking out till i got it and am happy enough. yeah samsung screen was better but the screen is fine.
  • And get what? Same screen burn on a Note 8. With the Pixel no bloat and fluid. https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-8/help/navigation-bar-burn-...
    Navigation Bar Burn In. Anyone else? | Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - XDA ...
  • I will say this... I am getting used to the colors and the display the more I use it, if I didn't know what else was out there it would be fine. Problem is I'm coming off of last year's pixel in the **** looks way better. But it is a great phone it's going to be the smoothest best experience you can get hands down speakers are awesome cameras the bomb. Basically don't look at anybody elses display and you'll be fine. ;-)
  • Yeah but for $850.00 you shouldn't have to compromise on the display, which is the most important aspect of the phone.
  • There is no compromise if you realize that the Pixel display is more accurate
  • Meh, thats debatable with all the color shifting and other goofy crap that is easily visible on the display. Accuracy is really good on the iPhone though.
  • Most the other flagships give you the option of using SRGB, or warmer or cooler tones and more accurate displays if you want. Samsung certainly does. So I don't think this is a reasonable excuse on Google's part. They could also allow users to choose whether color accuracy or vibrance is what they prefer.
  • You do understand that all phones running Oreo can use any color management and pallete that the application sets, right? this nonsense about srgb vs DCI is just noise. The real issue here is why the hell isn't google defining color pallets in their own apps and forcing other developers to do the same if they want to have their app hosted on the play store? So what if it looks like crap on phones running older versions of Android. That's not Google's problem. If they want to become a phone manufacturer, they need to stop giving a damn about Samsung or LG or anyone else and just do their thing. But they won't. So they will always be playing at the hobby level with the Pixel phone brand because 2 million apps and 2 billion phones in the wild is more important to them.
  • No, I did not know that about Oreo. Thanks for clarifying.
  • And that is also a Google problem. When Apple let apps define color on iOS, it was a major announcement and they trotted out developers to show off how great it was for them. This encouraged other developers so they went into it thinking it was great instead of thinking it sucks that they have to update an app for free. To Google, it's just a footnote. I have no idea how they can sort this out and get every company to update and support their phones. I'm not even sure they can at this point. It seems like everything they try gets nothing more than a shrug from the companies making all the phones.
  • "If they want to become a phone manufacturer, they need to stop giving a damn about Samsung or LG or anyone else and just do their thing. But they won't. So they will always be playing at the hobby level with the Pixel phone brand because 2 million apps and 2 billion phones in the wild is more important to them." Boom. And this is why they were probably better off with the Nexus program. You aren't Apple, and you also can't charge a thousand dollars for sub-par-in-any-way hardware.
  • Exactly this. People complain about Samsung and their software... But they give you choices in how to customize how you experience the phone to your liking.
  • Everything I've read suggests it certainly isn't accurate though.
  • Always a compromise with samsung it runs like **** soon after i have 4 series of notes including the note 7 i have a PIxel XL1 and now i have the Pixel XL 2 honestly the screen while not as good as samsung is fine and hasnt stopped me enjoying the phone. Im also starting to like the more accurate colors.
  • I also was intrigued with Samsung's punchy colors, but after a while i got pretty tired of it. The punchy colors to me became a childish novelty that wore off quickly. Went to the G6 and was pretty happy. Sold it for the pixel XL, stupid me... I gotta get the G6 back, since I cancelled the XL.
  • Could have saved yourself a lot of money by changing the colour profile.
  • I changed the color profile, I also changed the launcher, rooted and installed custom ROM. But there ways nothing I could do to get rid of those curved edges (S7 edge)
  • Anybody with a new pixel 2 XL should go into about phone and send feedback about this bullshit issue... Make them do something about it. Okay I'm done ranting...
    Just sayin
  • No, that's not ranting! That's good advice! And while you're at it, demand immersive mode options and lock screen settings that don't make black wallpapers look like trash.
  • Hate to tell you but reality is that it is way over blown. The Pixel 2 is just an excellent phone. Same screen burnin happens on Samsung phone but you lose the lack of bloat and a fluid experience. https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-8/help/navigation-bar-burn-...
    Navigation Bar Burn In. Anyone else? | Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - XDA ...
  • You just HAVE to stop posting that link. You're annoying the $&!* out of everyone. GC
  • copy & paste all day long
  • This is beyond disappointing... The decision to go with LG as a second manufacturer this time around isn't proving to be a wise decision. Google has had enough experience with their manufacturing partners to know better. Perhaps the recent addition of the HTC engineers will help guide their decision making better in the future.
  • This has nothing to do with LG.
    It's not LG's fault that Google fails at software and didn't put screen-shifting code in stock Android...something any other OEM who does OLED screens does with their "OEM skins" people normally like to complain about.
  • That makes no sense at all. The software is the same for both phones... So what's different..? The panel is clearly the issue.
  • Every thing he says doesn't make any sense. He is literally the dumbest person here on AC. The problem is clearly the display. LG's oled is generations behind Samsung's oled. Both the V30 and pixel 2 xl display are bad. This is going to be a very big problem for google. Now I wish they would use a better LCD than this crap oled.
  • Please curtail your rudeness towards other members.
  • Agreed. We don't all have to agree if a display is bad enough that we wouldn;t use a phone. But we do have to agree not to be a dick. That;s just not cool.
  • Thank you, Jerry! I actually did make a mean comment to someone else further up the comments thread, but after reading this, I went back and edited it to something innocuous. Thank you for being more level headed and cool than most of us on here - myself included. We need people like you on here! :-)
  • He is the biggest troll here. If it's not samsung everything is bad to him. He posted negative comments in every other company's articles. I'm not going to change my attitude towards the troll. They deserve it. If you don't like my comment then delete my comment or delete my account. I don't care. I'll keep bashing stupid troll.
  • Honestly having Samsung as the single source for displays is a problem. As it means supply constraints. While this is an issue. It is good it is being called out, as it forces LG to get better. People think Google could of just got Samsung to make them displays. Maybe...but do you actually want the phone to be in stock?
  • I don't disagree that there need to be more suppliers, but there's zero excuse for 7 day burn in. A year.. Two years .. not unheard of. 7 days ?!?! Nah!
  • It could also be a bad batch. Mind you reviewer units are usually the first off the production run. Could easily be something needs to be tweaked. You are always going to find some weird issue with the first run of devices. It is why some folks wait a couple of months before ordering to make sure the little things are ironed out.
  • When Apple said "Hey we want 30 million OLED displays at this size" Samsung said to hell with everyone else. And they should have — they make displays to make lots of money. So you're absolutely right saying LG needs to get better so there is at least a second company making them.
  • Another reason they should be using off screen dots like One Plus does.
  • crept it looks like the oneplus5t (or 6) is loosing the capacitive buttons, caving into the thin bezel, on screen buttons and rear fingerprint :(
  • I'm now happy that Essential phone went with an LCD panel for the PH-1. I know Apple is happy they went with Samsung panels for their upcoming iPhone X too.
  • I'm extremely happy with my highly responsive continually updated 18 month old bright Super LCD 5...HTC 10...that captures fantastic photos and videos with excellent sound. Hope HTC resists going to Amoled and stays with Super LCD on their flagships. Couldn't get color choices for the fantastic HTC U11 for a Sprint version.
  • I prefer OLED to LCD, but agree that the HTC 10 is a great device
  • Oh boy... For the record, I've never had screen burn in so far with a Samsung Galaxy Note, Note 3 and S7 Edge. In between that, I had a Motorola Moto X Play with a surprisingly good lcd screen.
  • I had screen burn in on my note 2-3-4 and 7 and S7 edge and Nexus 6p and pixel XL 1
  • I had TERRIBLE burn-in on my Note 3. But I was also being reckless with it. Full brightness most of the time, leaving g the screen on too much, using the dark keyboard so I had uneven burn/wear. It looked pretty terrible by the time I was done. Although, this time around, I'm being a lot more careful: not having it on full blast all that often or for every long, ambient display turned on, so even when I have the slider cranked, it's still not truly full blast unless I'm outside, running invert colors for a little while each day, using the light keyboard even though I think the dark one looks much better, and trying to shut the screen off as much as I can, even if just for a couple minutes. Also, trying not to leave the screen on the same image for extended periods of time. I hate that I have to be so mindful, and particular, and careful. I didn't have to with my iPhone. Then again, I hate burn-in even more....so I do what I have to to avoid it.
  • No burn in on my S7 after a year. I don't do anything to be 'careful'. I just use it
  • Who cares when you can get Note 8 for 680 in BB....fck Pixel 2
  • Fck a Note 8 and every other Lagsung
  • check out the latest Samsung phones, lag problem resolved.
  • Denials a ***** I've been hearing that for the last 3 years!! 😂
  • Yeah I dont think there is any lag, there are **** lots of bugs in Pixels though
  • $680? how so? I saw it's $150 off - so that is 930-150=$780
  • Best Buy has $250 off
  • $250 off S8,S8+, or Note 8 in BB for Verizon or $200 off for ATT.
  • Because on the Samsung lag and bloat and you still get the burning on a Note 8 https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-8/help/navigation-bar-burn-...
    Navigation Bar Burn In. Anyone else? | Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - XDA ...
  • Thanks for making me feel confident in my $923 purchase, Google. God damn it. Well, at least Google support is top-notch and will be getting a replacement if this ever happens. However, EVERY OLED device I have ever owned has suffered from screen burn-in. My Galaxy S II, Galaxy Nexus, Note 2, Moto X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, and Pixel XL, and hell, even my Huawei Watch all show burn-in, ranging from barely noticeable to glaringly obvious. You think they would implement some sort of fix for the nav bar to keep those pixels from always being statically lit up, maybe move them around ever so slightly, kind of like how I heard the S8 does with their nav keys.
  • Samsung has done this as their nav bars tend to move around and shift to prevent burn in. They are also not black. Many Android purest hate this, but it could help to prevent screen burn in.
  • Yep ive had at least 6 OLED screens burn in all flag ship phones other than moving buttons off screen there is no fix.
  • Is this Google's way of selling the 5" Pixel 2 when they realized they're embarrassed of it?
  • You buy phones with stock Android, this is what you get.
    Who wants to bet Google has NOTHING on stock Android regarding screen-shifting to avoid the burn-in?
    Also...you want white backgrounds everywhere don't you? Well, this is what you get. Think about this the next time you praise crappy stock Android and bash OEMs for picking it up and making something good out of it ;)
    (This is the time I have to explain to the slowest that OEM skins don't need to come bundled with bloatware apps)
  • Hey, we get it. Stock Android isn't for you. But stock Android and screen burn-in have nothing to do with each other. It's an OLED issue, one that your beloved Samsung isn't immune to. As a matter of fact, most of the screens that I've experienced burn-in with are either Samsung devices or displays produced by Samsung. Sure, Samsung moves their nav bar keys around slightly to help prevent this issue, but only have been doing so for ONE generation. There's nothing that is stopping Google from implementing something similar for the Pixels and I bet they will within the next few months if these reports keep coming in. But the version of Android on the Pixel is NOT stock Android. If you want to see stock Android, go load up an AOSP ROM and you'll notice that it's missing a hell of a lot of features. Anyways, I'm not in the habit of getting into dick-sizing contests with random dudes on the internet about how this phone is better than that phone. It's a waste of time. If you want to keep buying Samsung phones, then go right ahead. But you'll never talk me out of getting a Pixel. It's the right phone for my use-case scenario. That's why the Android ecosystem is so great, there's something for everyone.
  • Of course Samsung has only been moving navbars around for one generation. Galaxy phones have ONLY HAD on-screen navbars for ONE GENERATION! lol The s7 generation and earlier have all had capacitive off-screen navbars.
  • My one-year old Moto Z would like to talk
  • So much hostility here...thank God you people don't serve me my food
  • LOL
  • I think it is a mix of people who are truly concerned and pure Pixel Haters looking for anything to call the phone a fail. Twitter is even worse with BGR being the lead instigator of Pixel FUD
  • Clearly it’s not FUD. There’s actual evidence of the screen problems on the Pixel 2 XL. Just so much people in denial about it here.
  • It's FUD. The level of hype on the issues are way overblown.
  • How is it overblown. Your on an Android form, with Android fans, with users that purchase and use many different phones. If a majority of the users here are dissatisfied with the display, it's in no way, shape, or form overblown.
  • Your majority of users is based on what stat? And a vocal minority of tech nerds is never the majority. No matter how loud they scream.
  • My "majority of users" are based on the number of users here, on this forum, that are complaining about this display. I don't take into consideration what the general public says because there not on this forum. I consider us, you and me, on this forum to be so called "experts". I'm not going to argue with a doctor when he or she says your cholesterol is out of control and you got to change your eating habits. I'm not going to tell him to stop overblowing my HDL and LDL.
  • Also to add to your belief that of "a vocal minority of tech nerds is never the majority. No matter of how loud they scream." Is way off. Their are many people, (normal) phone users that come to me for phone advice, cause they know I have a phone fetish ;-) I'm gladly going to point out to them the pros and cons of phones. I'm definitely going to inform them of the display issues of the XL, and allow them to make their own decision. So in Google's best interest would be to not put out another phone with that display again, unless they don't care about their bottom line.
  • So screen display issues and burn-in issues are FUD, despite the mounting evidence? Do you even know what FUD means?
  • Some of it is. Screen burn-in at the one week mark has no excuse. To be fair, Google hasn't tried making any yet. We'll see what they have to say tomorrow when they're at their desks after a coffee and donut. The color banding is also a bad deal. Those displays should have been rejected during whatever testing was done. If your 2XL has bands of blue or green or red, get it replaced, The "blue shift" though. I have a Pixel 2, a Galaxy S8+, a 2016 Pixel, a 2016 Pixel XL, an HTC U11 and a Nexus 6P on my desk. The only phone that doesn't show blue, green, or red against a white background when tilted is the U11. The U11 is also the only phone on my desk that's not using an OLED screen. You will always have a color shift when looking at white or light grey or yellow or any light color once you tilt a phone with an OLED screen. It's impossible not to have it because of the way LED displays show the color white, and the angle the individual LED heads are ground. Look at an LED spot or flood lamp. The surface is curved so the LEDs at the edges can still shine forwards and provide a wide beam of light. This is just how LEDs work. The more factory adjustment done to a panel on an individual basis, the more the color and intensity will vary from unit to unit. There are no white LEDs in an OLED display. To show the color white you have to mix red, green, and blue then ramp the brightness of some of the LEDs. Since the LED's are designed to only emit light at a certain angle (15 degrees, 22.25 degrees, whatever) light viewed outside of this angle is dimmer and distorted. If you visit a Best Buy store, you'll see a $9,999 77 inch OLED Television. If you look at it from the side while you're in the menu (it's grey) you'll see blue or pink. Some phones might show too much color shift, but the phenomenon is normal, expected, and present in every RGB OLED panel. Some of the videos I've seen show a blue shift that's completely normal, and a lot less prominent than what I see here on other phones. Some are very harsh and need some sort of adjustment. But every one of them gets a lot of hits and the comments look just like these do. It's your money. If you want a Pixel 2 XL, buy one. If you don't like it after you've seen it, send it back. Spending all day trying to convince someone else how to spend their money is a waste of time — yours as well as the people you're trying to convince.
  • THIS! Thank you again, Jerry! If my phone burns in way too early, or starts banding, yeah, that's not okay. The color shift at angle? I see it, but am just fine with it. The color quality I'm actually happy with. The shadow quality at low brightness is kinda sucky, granted. But I don't have the brightness that far down often enough for me to feel like it's a crisis. Textures while scrolling? I've seen a little, but I'm not bent out of shape over it. It's a flawed, but on balance quite satisfying screen, on an otherwise AMAZING phone, and so long as it doesn't go into insta-burn-in, or banding....or you know, goes up in a Note 7 blaze of glory.....then I'm gonna be happy with this phone. And as far as the rest you said about wasting people's time telling us how stupid we are in buying the Pixel, amen on that too. There are an awful lot of "crusaders" on this comments thread, aren't there?
  • Big thx from me too, Jerry! :) Another problem in color reproduction of Samsung's OLED panels is sub-pixel structure. Diamond shaped and pentile , there are too many greens. So, hardware itself demands a lot of tweaking in OS to make things right. It's much easier with LCD to achieve accuracy and also because the light emitting (you mentioned) as well.
    I still claim and measurements prove it, Moto XPE is the closest to sRGB representation and plenty bright. But the eyes don't like the colors "washed" when compared to saturated OLEDs.:) The major advantage is that even 2 yrs later it looks the same , while the cheap OLED (not on Sammy's) in the same period has burned-in and definitely become dimmer and whites not as white.
  • I am Google/Android fan....somehwat a sheep, but I think Pixel 2 is a FAIL
  • My beard is itchy today. If I was making your food, hostility would be the last thing to worry about :)
  • That's pretty gross dude
  • Farva: Give me a double bacon cheeseburger.
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    Farva: What the hell's that all about? You gonna spit in it now?
    Dimpus Burger Guy: No, I just told him that so he makes it good. [into microphone] Don't spit in that cop's burger.
    Farva:' Yeah, thanks.
    Second Dimpus Guy: Roger, holding the spit. :-)
  • for what I understand, burn in drive only for people who make a very long use of the same image for a long time...(if on a page where the home button is alway on and leave the screen on for several hour) for a "normal" use, burn out should not be happening...
  • I think it happens a lot using navigation. The screen is super bright because of the light in a car, and the display and navi keys are just sitting on while you do turn by turn.
  • Yep. That's how I burned mine :)
  • Screen burn in is a thing, that plagues OLED displays. Most phones I have owned had the issue. Samsung to the lesser degree. It explains why Samsung's nav bar is not black and the color shifts all over the place. It prevents burn in.
    Is this enough for me to cancel my Pixel 2 XL? Hell no. If it was that bad I will simply return it for a new phone.
  • Ditto! If it happens on mine, I'll just have them replace it.
  • Guess I'll go for the smaller Pixel 2.
  • I was so sad when my 6p suffered BLOD last March (eventually fixed the issue with the 4 core patch) because I had to go out and buy a replacement phone when I was hoping to use my 6p until the Pixel 2xl came out, to now so happy that I did purchase an LG G6 in place of it because I will never have to worry about any burn-in issues and also the main reason why I chose the G6 then over the S8, no regrets. I even installed the Pixel 2 launcher as well as the Pixel 2 wallpapers all without root. No it's not 100% stock Android but it's damn close and to this day not a single hiccup or issue. The G6 is the best cell phone bang for the buck and you can preload most stock Android apps. Even the build quality is so much better then the Pixel 2 and it even has a head phone jack.
  • The G6 is a great device. But with the S8 and later, Samsung moves the nav buttons periodically to avoid burn in. So it's unlikely you would have experienced it. Still the G6 has a great wide angle camera and is very nice to hold, with a fingerprint scanner in the right place. It's a good choice either way.
  • LGs are incredible value, partly due to the excessive depreciation they endure. If I didn't value the s pen so highly I would certainly have got a G6 over an S8
  • I agree.
  • Never had issues w/screen burn-in that I'm aware of but this is becoming concerning. Premium prices for sub-par displays, don't think so! Can't imagine this will bar well for resale value either. Think it's time to move down a rung or two in terms of device levels (low-end/mid-range/top-tier), because then one expects quality to be somewhat lacking.
  • Though it usually isn't at all. Which is sad considering the context at hand. Want a perfect screen? Just buy a Moto for $200. That's not how it should work.
  • I hate OLED.....Why are we all obsessed with it???.....The ips display is just fine..... But people like up like crackheads when someone says the word OLED
  • Because of the contrast and refresh rates. Especially for VR and AR. I prefer a good sharp LCD, too, but I don't make phones so I'm not sure if one with an LCD can even be marketed well enough to sell in 2017
  • Someone should just change the name of LCD to something else and remarket it. For years that logic has been working for Apple. ;-)
  • My dilemma: should I cancel my order? Pixel 2 XL ships in 2 days. I've been waiting for this generation of Google's phone a long time while toting a Nexus 6. I definitely rate software-smarts above screen-beauty, but I don't want to get stuck with a lemon.
  • Nawww. Order it and check it out for yourself. Google returns have been fairly easy the past few years.
  • Yes, see it first. Also, for everyone kvetching about the screen, there is probably one person who -really- likes it, and four or five who are just fine with it. Though it's not without flaw for sure, on balance, I'm really pretty happy with the screen, and VERY happy with the rest of the phone. And if you get pre-mature burn-in, have them send you another one! :-) I think you'll like it! We both hope I'm right! :-D Cheers!
  • I first thought that my getting the Moto G+ with a LCD screen was going to be a step down from my Droid Turbo's OLED. Maybe it's a good thing in disguise. I did check my 2 y/o Droid Turbo and it don't have any burn in so maybe I've just been lucky or don't use it enough to damage it.
  • OLED's are organic, and being so, they decrease output in the process of dying out. The lifespan is usually many years, but the decreases in output or color balance can happen in a shorter span depending on the panel and the brightness. I personally have never had burn in an any OLED of my own, and rarely see it on other devices in person. Each display pixel is made up of red, green, and blue subpixels, and the blue subpixels are normally larger because they degrade first, so larger ones reduce the intensity required to match the other color outputs. The larger blue subpixels is probably why the blue becomes more dominant when viewed from an angle. This whole thing is not a big deal for me, and I'm usually not the one waving the "Burn-in" flag, but I do like a sharp LCD panel if it is very good. And that being said, there are few things I hate more than a bad LCD panel!
  • Exactly. Color shifts over time are also noticable.
  • So I'm assuming everyone will return their phones and cancel their pre orders? That way I can get my preferred panda color before the return period on my current black Pixel 2 XL expires. Everyone please cancel your pre orders 😂
  • I bought the all black one and am going to give it a panda makeover using dbrand skins. The leather textured ones to be precise. You should check it out on their site, it looks pretty legit. I usually don't mess around with skins but once I saw how easily the soft-touch plastic finish on the back of the phone scratches (watch the JerryRigsEverything video and you'll see) I decided to go for it. And the mock-up tool on the dbrand site shows you how it will look, it's pretty dope. Cancel your order and skin it, dude! Or not, whatever, it's up to you haha
  • Yeah, if the Panda comes available before my 14 day trade-in window expires, I think I can justify the $35 restocking fee to trade this "just black" version for it. The Panda looks great! Although, I like this black one plenty well enough that if I miss out on the Panda, I'm not gonna cry about it! :-)
  • Umm, a NOTICEABLE blue color shift off axis isn't and SHOULDN'T be "overblown" when shelling out over $1,000 for a phone. Google isn't Apple. They just started grossly overcharging for phones. They have yet to earn Apple's rep to just shrug that off. And anyone who acts like a schill for Google and tries to say this is nothing should seriously stfu about calling Apple users sheep, cause you're no different just because you worship Android. I speak as someone who still uses her Nexus 6P as her one and only phone, who was all pumped for the Pixel 2 XL, until I ventured into a Verizon store and saw with my own eyes that joke of a screen. It's totally unacceptable, and big G better hope that subsequent batches of these phones don't have said issue. Shame on them, and anyone else, reviewer or otherwise, who tries to make this issue about sRGB mode and color saturation, as opposed to stating the fact that the screens on the Pixel 2 XL are trash. Just add burn-in as further proof of that fact.
  • So you have made your choice. That's fine. Some of us don't feel the same. I personally will always put software experience and camera performance over the display. All the the time. Because you know, that Samsung display might be nice to look at, but when my phone starts to jank after 6 months, and I'm wondering when I will get the next version of Android...well..that display becomes meaningless.
  • That's all well and good, and I agree with you about valuing software and hating Samsung jank. My point is, I find it strange and rather hypocritical that more people aren't appalled by that screen, especially when willingly dropping $1,000+ on it. Some people don't have money falling off of trees, where they change phones like they change their underwear. Am I saying that I won't buy the phone a few months down the road? No, but the quality control needs shoring up, and that price needs to drop sharply.
  • Agreed! I'm definitely software before hardware, but no one should have to tolerate burn-in after 7 days.. even on the cheapest of phones, much less one for $1,000. The "blue hue", IMO, wasn't perfect but more tolerable than this. Regardless, of personal preference. This is an issue of QC.
  • Okay - I don't have the phone yet - do you? Mine is supposed to be here this week. I'll look at it and see what happens. I agree - without ever seeing it - that any form of burn in is not desirable. Yes, drop the price. If the burn in is an issue - I would say a recall with a worthy update is in order. And in general - I love how people can say security updates are not and never should be a priority. Wow. Just wow.
  • You find it hypocritical that people aren't appalled? You might be mad or disappointed that people don't feel as strong as you do but that is not hypocritical. People place varying degrees of value over other items. Simple as that.
  • It IS hypocritical when juvenile Android fans make fun of anything that Apple fans have come to deal with, where they troll iPhone videos saying how iPhones suck. Google's obviously trying to be the Apple of Android. So as Android users, we shouldn't be ok with inferiority in ANY aspect, hardware or software. Call a spade a spade, and quit making excuses because of blind allegiance, or if you're a reviewer, because you're being paid to give glowing reviews no matter what.
  • +1
  • Sure that is hypocritical, but that means you are basically saying everyone here who is not "appalled" like you are those "juvenile" Android fans that troll Apple. I don't think that is the case. The only person truly bringing up Apple is yourself. People here either think it's a deal breaker or are apathetic to the issue.
  • I don't think the commenters are "OK" with Google putting out a subpar display. I just think that they'll accept it for now to have the particular Google Android experience, the speakers, and the camera. I don't think that they are accepting a subpar display. They are just willing to put up with it for the other features. I have a Nexus 6p, and am considering a Pixel 2XL. I will be following the issue closely. So far this thread has not changed my mind. Am I happy about the negative comments on the display? Absolutely not. But for me, the performance is the major concern. And I am not willing to give that up just for a better display. I am betting that the display is good enough for me. Should it be better? Absolutely. But the camera, speakers, and general phone performance should be better on other phones as well. Are Samsung users going to give up their great display for superior phone performance? No. They treasure the display, and that's their choice. I will put up with (for now) a lower quality display to get the performance that I want out of a phone. Should I have to? Again, no. But it's MY choice. You have no right to tell me that i should. I do not like the Samsung skin, and will never use it again. But I would not tell you that you're crazy to shell out big bucks for what I consider a performance-robbing skin. Is the camera better on the Pixel? Comments lean that way. So why would you shell out big bucks for a camera that is not as good as a Pixel. I already know the answer....the camera is good enough....and that is absolutely true. Just like the Pixel display will be good enough for me. GC
  • LOL... like bashing Samsung deflects from this issue. It doesn’t.
  • No one said it does. There are just things I am willing to accept over others.
  • How is that bashing Samsung? Samsung makes a great phone. I didn't, at any point, say they didn't. You need to brush up on your comprehension skills. GC
  • The software update issue doesn't really make sense. You know when it will come in February. Right on time. Right on time for a Samsung flagship. And security updates are still coming monthly to my 3 year old note 4.
  • LOL Samsung 7 Edge.
    August 1st patch and almost into November... It took me 170+ days to get Nougat. So I literally have to laugh when I hear all Samsung devices get prompt updates... Especially older ones... That's the main reason why I bought the Pixel 2 XL. To each their own.
  • On A Nexus 6 with Oreo. Google stopped supporting the Nexus 6 a long time ago. Google supports certain phones for a couple years then moves on. Its the Developer community that keeps the older phones up to date.
  • This.
  • I'm glad no one gave you a set of drums or cymbals...
  • lmao.......;-)
  • Kunty! 😉
  • Rude
  • @bhatech Lol! Unfortunately, I don't think most of the trolls in all of the articles for the Pixel actually bought the phone... Most everyone else, the actual customers, seem to be in the "i'll decide once it arrives" kind of mind.
  • I have had several RMA's on the Refurb Pixel XL that I was sent to replace my N6P and now I pre order the pixel 2 XL for my girlfriend and it has all these issues... I am thinking I shoulda gone GS8 or HTC U11.
  • My LG G5 had screen burn-in after about 3+ months.. it has an LCD screen. I can always see the navigation buttons, time, and battery icon as a smudge when it's in a dark room and I'm switching between vertical and horizontal. I thought it was a software issue at first. But I quickly noticed that it was time dependant on how prominent the "smudge" was. The LG made Nexus 5 was such a nice phone.. LG is ******* things up. I have a 60" LG Plasma TV and I love it, but this is making me double think if I want a LG 4K OLED TV to replace my Plasma. Only really looking for a 4K TV replacement and QLED/IPS or whatever doesn't really match OLED or even Plasma when you have them in a dark room with no external light contamination.
  • LG OLED tvs have measures in place to counter burn in. Hadn't really been an issue for about 3 years now. The 2017 7 series is great value but if you go LCD avoid IPS like the plague. Search for a great FALD set using a VA panel. The Sony ZD9 is fantastic.
  • Neatoman - can't say I've seen burn in on a phone LCD before, so I guess I'm just fortunate. The hardest used phone I've had was the HTC M8 for over three years, but no issues even with on-screen buttons.
  • Hell, I dont even have burn in on My Nexus 6
  • "The LG made Nexus 5 was such a nice phone" for the people who aren't on their third replacement because of bootloop issues. :)
  • It’s kind of sad reading the excuses people are making for the terrible display. Burn in should NEVER occur on a device with 3 hours SOT/day only after a week. People deserve better for $950.
  • Indeed! No matter what else is involved (supplier, etc), that's a spanking brand-new phone. NO screen should be doing that. after 7 days. Unacceptable!
  • This phone could blow up and burn my car down and I still wouldn't care that's how awesome it is. They should release a pixel fan edition.
  • heh. You win.
  • Haha
  • @cozzy123, That's really very good. 🤣
  • Have to laugh at those saying the display isn't their main concern when a problem such as this comes about. Suppose they have the same attitude w/their NEW vehicles "Naw, that miss in the engine is the least of my worries, long as my tires are round and the rims are shiny we're happy" - yeah right.
  • Well, if the premature burn-in happens on my phone even after I'm careful with the OLED, or if I get color banding, and Google does nothing about it, then yeah, that's not okay. But if it happens, and they get me taken care of, then I can deal! I'm of the opinion that 9 times out of 10, the solution to the problem - or lack thereof is way more important and impactful than the original problem itself. I don't have burn-in - at least not yet, and unless or until it happens, I think I will remain happy with my 2XL purchase. The other issues with the screen aren't big deals to me. In fact, on balance, I'll even go so far as to even say I'm quite pleased with the screen. But in the meanwhile, I'd rather have a Pixel with a flawed, but generally satisfying screen than a Samsung with an amazing screen all day every day. So, while agreeing with you that saying "eh, burn-in, shmurn-in" isn't the right response here, and hopefully that's not what you hear me saying, at the same time, when you peel away all the layers of my reply here, what am I ultimately left saying? That "the display isn't my main concern." What's the problem with that? I think the majority of us supporting the Pixel here are like me, rather than like the caricature you've just painted of us. Be careful not to get it twisted, man!
  • You've got it backwards. The engine in the Pixel 2 purrs like a kitten. It's lacking the shiny rims. Pick your poison. GC
  • Your right. Google should be embarrassed for putting this screen in their product. Even tho this products main goal is to collect user data, and find better ways to gear adds ;-). Neither here nor there, but they def should have used a better screen. The G6 has a better screen, they should have stuck with LCD.
  • I don't see how this is a topic for just the Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL. Other phones do the same thing but it has never been brought up. I have the older pixel XL and it does the same thing. A bunch of TVs out there do the same thing. This is nothing new with this type of screens.
  • It's not really just a topic for the Pixel or Pixel XL, but we are on an Android forum discussing the pixel and pixel XL. The nexus 5 kinda had the same issue and we talked about it back then, I'd go out on a limb and also say the 5X had some blue hueing, but the nexus 5x also let us toggle sRGB.
  • They do the same thing, but not after only a week with ~20 hours total on-screen time.
  • Note8 wins hands down best screen in the business 😂😂😂😂
  • No one argues about that lol
  • Not particularly pertinent. But yes.
  • Note 8 suffers from burn in. Here is just after 11 days. But you also get the Samsung lag and bloat. https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-8/help/navigation-bar-burn-...
    Navigation Bar Burn In. Anyone else? | Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - XDA ...
  • I think making the same post 12 times qualifies as spam
  • it would be a easy choice if the did not come with bixby...
  • Been saying it since the Nexus 6P: static images and OLED are enemies. I knew those big nav buttons and black nav bar were going to rear their ugly heads. That's why I went back to Samsung; it was obvious they were taking steps to mitigate this problem, where Google does nothing. Oh well.... They'll figure it out, but in the meantime, Google needs to price these things more realistically: $400/$550.
  • One cool thing about checking with the thumbnails above: for the first time, I got to see the invisible bar that hides/shows the nav bar on the S8 and Note 8 (no, not burn in; you just never see it pop up in normal use).
  • I just don’t get the hype and amoled love by the tech community and manufacturers.
  • I'm not sure either, but my personal experience has always been that AMOLED is easier on my eyes in low or no light.
  • Im def gonna keep my 2016 pixel xl for another year..ive already been on the fence about dishing out another grand for the phone..
  • One particular unit has shown screen burn in and "ZOMG this is disgusting!" "RECALL RECALL RECALL!!" *Fanboys throwing ***** How about we all calm down, has a cup of tea, and drop the absurd hyperbole? The whole display discussion the past few days has been a storm in a teacup as it is. Is there a larger problem here, or has this particular one just been the one that falls unfortunately within the acceptable failure rate bracket? I don't know, and - and this is important - neither does anyone else yet. I get the distinct impression that many people here would burn down their house for mild distaste of the living room wallpaper ....
  • "Fanboys" that's so 2000.
  • So you're saying you'd be perfectly okay with getting a $950 device with an already drab, cool screen with burn-in after a week? If you have $950 to throw away, send it to the people of Texas, Florida, or Puerto Rico.
  • +1x 100
  • @Dan did you not read? AC didn't write the article until they posted about the screen burn on Twitter and other users came forward with the same issue. Others on this thread have even posted articles from other sites showing that it's a more widespread problem.
  • Lineage OS gives you an expanded desktop feature that automatically hides the Navbar and Status bar, if you want. Don't know why stock Android won't do that, knowing all the burn in problems with OLED screens. Plus, it gives you more screen real estate for viewing.
  • Part of OEM skins that are laughed at for being gimmicks. Until they are rolled into stock 2 years later that is.
  • +1 But I see so many people ridiculing these oems for these so-called gimmicks. But in reality we should embrace them so that other oem's such as Google or Apple can improve them, and make them better.
  • True. Google should have known better
  • This is why all phones with on screen navigation should have an auto hide feature.
  • I don't know why they don't...same with the status bar...why does it need to be there persistently? I've always felt this way...I know they are there if I need them....just like the task bar on a laptop.
  • Yep.
  • Not worried about it on my XL 2, yet. I don't use my phone as much as some of the people at AC do, so I am ok.
  • For as much as I don't like some of the extra schmeg Samsung puts in their phones (yes, my Bixby button is still disabled), I have to say they make same damn good hardware. No burn on my S8, and still love that screen every time I use it outdoors and can actually see stuff on it. Some trade-offs coming from pure-ish Android on my 6P, but I am very impressed with the hardware.
  • This is why Samsung gives you the option to hide the navigation keys now, they side down to hide while your viewing contents.
  • The V30 has that option too
  • Not that the pixel was on my short list in the first place. But I must say these issues with the screen makes me really really appreciate my note 8 even more. Like someone mentioned earlier the note an s8 is up to $250 off at Best buy this week transaction....pixel WHO ??
  • This is LG fault, since the G5 their phones are having burn screen issues, the worst part is the LG G5 have an LCD instead of a OLED display.
  • Have you guys seen this on the V30?
  • I've had my V30 about a week and just checked it using their test. Luckily didn't see anything. Also something to remember is that LG is including a 2 year warranty on the V30.
  • Where is Russell? Why doesn't he tell Andrew and Jerry to relax about the non-issues? I had burn-in on pixel XL in 6 months. Never missed it since switching to GS8+.
  • And Alex, who called out screen problems from the beginning with the XL 2 in his excellent video review.
  • Mine did. I should have got the Note 8 from the beginning. Now I'm going to be out $1000.00. Stupid Pixel 2XL
  • Or 🤔...... You could send it back?
  • Lol, man these fake articles need to stopt! Trying to lure more readers because fear and problems sell. They can't verify it's Burn-in because it's not and if they said so they would be sued lol.
  • Except people are confirming it right here in this comments section so...
  • It's not a fake article just because you don't agree with it. The picture clearly shows a Pixel 2 XL with screen burn-in issues.
  • This "fake" article includes a photo. Unless you have vision problems, feel free to see the evidence for yourself. We spent hours scouring the internet, chatting with other people and yelling at each other to make sure we got this exactly right. Some Pixel 2 XL phones already have burn-in of some sort, after just a week. Some do not. The same issue happened with the LG V30 when it was sent to reviewers and early buyers. I can say that the Pixel 2 XL will fry your brain and give you cancer, then link to bogus studies by crazy pentecostal think tanks if I like, and not get sued. You need to understand how that works. Just stop. Jeez.
  • Lol 😂, That's very, very good. 👏🏻
  • The people defending all these issues with quality control on the Pixels remind me of the Apple fans who say that the unibrow is no big deal... Whatever justifies your dollar spent I guess...
  • Or the Samsung superfans, but you are correct, once you include all THREE (3) groups. Of course, your omission is no surprise, because you fall into the 3rd category that you conveniently omitted.
  • Note 8 owner didn't create this issue for the pixel .... Google did . Should have had Samsung make your panels .....hell Samsung should have made the whole damn phone... problem solved
  • Thanks for your input, tired superfan. Too bad it doesn't address my OP, at all. Oh well, doesn't matter, everyone regularly here knows that you're nothing more than a troll with zero constructive conversational input. That reduces your comments to being passed over/ignored by most regulars with nothing more than a shrug and an "Oh look, it's the Sammy Troll".
  • Not just my opinion of the pixel . Actual owners of the phone's are not happy . Emphasis on actual owners hint hint.you shouldn't let your obvious bias cloud your better judgement. The note 8 is the better choice here lol
  • That's a good Troll. I know that reading is hard, but you should try it sometime. Oh yeah, the extent of my “obvious bias” is owning Google, Apple, and Samsung devices. You’re just an embarrassment that everyone knows to ignore.
  • Yes I agree - maybe Samsung should have made the panels, problem solved. We'll see how Google handles this. Apparently not all Pixel 2 XL's have this - so it may be a quality control issue.
  • THIS!
  • And the problem is pretty widespread: https://9to5google.com/2017/10/22/google-pixel-2-xl-burn-in/
  • All OLED screens have image retention issues to varying degrees which taper off as they are broken in. Burn problems are less typical, and primarily result from poor usage habits. That being said, it's good to have an understanding of screen technology and how to responsibly use it. I still have a 60" Plasma because it rocks and I know how to care for it. Now OLED in no way suffers from those extremes, and doesn't really even need to be broken in. I haven't noticed any initial retention issues on my P2XL, and doubt burn-in will be an issue with my usage. This really seems like the same irresponsible "sky is falling" journalism that brought us orange hitl... Well, you get the point. If you're that concerned about phone longevity, get a protection plan and educate yourself. If you're looking for an excuse to get a Samsung or iPhone, keep reading biased articles playing on your fears.
  • Please read my response above. This is not normal. Hundreds and hundreds of phones, tablets and other consumer electronics with OLED displays have been through our hands. I personally verified this issue also is happening to other people before posting this article. Many of the Pixel 2 XL screen issues are overblown bullshit from people who like to make trouble. This one is not.
  • Highly likely there is a degree of image retention, which is not the same as burn-in, and which resolves after the screen has been broken in... Come back to me and talk about burn-in in a few weeks. For what it's worth, my P2XL is only a few days old, so any such issues would likely be retention-related, and guess what? Nada. Maybe I won the POLED lottery, or maybe this is just a bunch of horseshit...
  • OK. All the people we talked to could be wrong. Having seen image retention literally hundreds of times and seeing differences here could be wrong, too. And never mind that out of all the Pixel 2 XL phones we have here, only one has the issue and that means the POLED lottery isn't very profitable for its organizers with a 7:1 (counting yours!) winner ratio. You be you and thanks for being polite (sincerely).
  • You sir are 100% correct...
  • Well, that blew up rather quickly. Lol. Sent from my Pixel 2. 😉
  • Uh oh... This is Not good, Google.
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/GooglePixel/comments/782ja6/first_wave_pixel_2x...
  • And yes my xl2 has screen burn I. Already ... Hasn't even been a week.......... WTF
  • Only one way to fix that issue...replace it with a note 8 . I kid I kid ....not .lol. one things for sure apple won't muck up like Google did they swallow their pride an went with the best screen makers in the business .... An to think apple contemplated using LG on their nexts panels that's not gonna happen now
  • Apple only wanted the assembly. And even that was made to their exact specs and not the way Samsung normally makes them. Apple is driving the displays their own way, managing the color their own way and even the refresh rate is customized. The iPhone X will have display issues on some devices, just like every other phone does. but they will be all Apple's to fix even though some bitter people will try to shift the blame.
  • I'm pretty sure those are gonna be Samsung panels through an through. Built in a Samsung plant , true apple will have imput but most of all the expertise is all Samsung. Don't think that apple didn't look at other frist LG comes to mind . Apple wanted volume but they wanted consistency first .
  • Then they will not turn on because they operate at a completely different refresh rate and use a different voltage. Might happen.
  • Jerry, I heard you say, how apple took control over the sub-pixels and that will be extremely interesting for sRGB color reproduction. Apple is the best when it comes to improving other people's hardware :)
  • Same boat here. Super frustrated.
  • Oh sorry
  • So..the google store site wouldn't take my order for XL Panda on intro day, by the time it finally responded, it said out of stock. So I got order in via Verizon and am set for 11/1 ship date. Anyone had experience with Verizon RMA process? Pondering whether it might be worth cancelling, putting in order for just black from Google store so if there's RMA required the process is easier. Thoughts?
  • I've never owned a phone with an OLED screen, and I have no issues with my current Super LCD 5. Burn-in sounds super annoying.
  • You'll own one eventually since that's the way the market in flagships are going . Let's just hope the one you get has better QC
  • So... Andrew, is this still the best Android phone you can buy?
  • Been using my LG G4 for nearly three years and still no issues with the screen. I have it running at max brightness at all times as well. My wife's note three is even older and the screen has no issues.
  • I've seen it with burn-in at Best Buy, and the Moto Z2 Force (it was REALLY bad). Shame because I wanted one of those...looks like it's the U11.
  • This happens on any OLED display with a black navigation bar. Samsung came out with an update to turn the navigation bar white to resolve the issue on the S8. Samsung also has an option to hide the navigation bar which avoids the issue all together. This is precisely why Samsung, having used OLED screens exclusively for years and years now, has avoided on screen buttons until the bezel war of 2017. I could see Google taking an extreme response to this, and swapping out the AMOLED entirely for LCD, or doing as Samsung did, and updating the navigation bar to white. I use fullscreen mode on my S8, and with the bixby button remapped to recent apps, and the hidden haptic feed back home button, it's not too bad.
  • The S8/S8+ and Note8 nav buttons are also NOT solid, and they move around to reduce the potential for burn-in. I still miss my capacitive buttons.
  • I don't think that's why Samsung avoided on-screen buttons. They wanted a physical home button to to appeal to iPhone users. Once they hooked enough iPhone users and improved the bendable screen technology, they got rid of the button and bezels.
  • Well, two things will happen. Either this will be a huge issue and people will RMA, which I hear is pretty good with Google, or the issue will not be that prevalent and Google will try to prevent the burn in with a software update and maybe give pixel users some free stuff in the process. I'm hoping for the second option. 😁 One thing is for sure. Screen burn in can be prevented. It may be cumbersome to do that for many, but it doesn't worry me too much. I'm coming from a Nexus 6. It's gonna take a lot to stop me from getting this phone.
  • RMA for both my original Pixel 128 and my Pixel 2 XL tonight. Bummer but needed to be done. Original Pixel had it very visible after being off for 4 days. Tech support rep and manager saw the burn in on the 2 XL. Customer support is awesome though. Google is great here in my opinion.
  • Burn-in is a super-duper-scary prospect for me. I had it real bad back in the day on my Galaxy Note 3, and it drove me nuts! It was of supreme comfort to me that the screen on my next phone - the iPhone 6 Plus was LCD, as burn-in doesn't really happen on those, and after more than 2yrs with the phone I never had a problem with it. Well, two nights ago, I decided to take the plunge on the Pixel 2 XL, and while I definitely feel the screen is a marked improvement over the iPhone in general, the fact that it was an OLED definitely was a source of a little anxiety for me on burn-in grounds. However, I'm a bit smarter this time than I was with the Note. First of all, on the Note, I kept the brightness at full-blast virtually all the time. Secondly, it was not at all uncommon of me to leave the screen on a lot, and not rotate the screen content enough. I also used the darker mode on the Google keyboard - a look I vastly preferred to the faint grey standard mode - and still vastly prefer, to be honest, though it created a marked burn line on the screen. Everything below the line was crisper, and higher contrast and less worn than everything above the line. But today, I don't use the darker keyboard even though I prefer the look because I want to keep screen wear as consistent as possible to prevent obvious burn-in. I also keep the screen turned off as much as I can, avoid leaving a static image up any longer than I have to, have ambient lighting turned on and still only rarely turn the brightness fader all the way up (which, of course, is still not truly full brightness when ambient lighting is turned on unless I'm outside.) Lastly, while I don't use any kind of third party anti-burn-in tools that lurk in the play store, I do occasionally activate the "invert colors" option, which is actually turned on as I type this. I know this doesn't reverse burn-in, but it can equalize burn-in to prevent, or at least minimize ghosting. I think with perfectly equalized burn-in, it'd have to become pretty radical before one with anything but the absolute best eyes will notice its impact on picture quality. Hopefully through these measures, I can keep the ghosts at bay for as long as possible during the next two years I will be with this phone, and keep what ghosting is inevitable as minimal as possible, and as peripheral as possible. But if nearly-immediate burn-in ends up becoming rampant with this phone, I may be fighting a losing battle anyway. Hopefully this ends up not being rampant. I'll be keeping an eye on this in terms of the universal situation. However, as far as running the tests mentioned here to try and determine whether burn-in is actually occurring on my personal phone, I don't think I will. I think I'd rather just remain blissfully ignorant to its presence for as long as I'm able to. Best wishes, all my fellow Pixel 2 XL (and by extension, LG V30) owners! May this just be a rare fluke and may the heavy majority of us be able to avoid it - at least til well later into these phones' lives, by which time it becomes more "socially acceptable" to have ghosts. Still, it is alarming to hear, as this was one of my very biggest fears of all going into this phone. Cheers!
  • My ways of reducing screen burn is really just limiting the brightness and swiping the notifications every now and then.
  • Thanks! Yeah, I think by going invert for a little while each day, hopefully I should be able to even the wear out a bit to hopefully prevent ghosting. If the wear is relatively consistent, it'd probably have to get really bad before I'd even notice. It's the ghosting I hate and am afraid of, not so much the general wear if it's not immediately noticable. I do suppose it's worth asking how much of this is real burn-in, as in permanent, and how much is just image retention, as in temporary. Maybe it really is all burn-in. But as far as I know, the only way to tell burn-in from retention is by whether or not it goes away after x amount of time. I wonder how long they waited before calling it burn-in.
  • Image retention should go away after a couple of minutes or hours. You can accelerate the process by showing constantly moving elements or a white background on the affected area for some time.
  • TL;DR
  • I've had my Pixel 2 XL since Wednesday, and it has the screen burn in as well. WTH Google? I paid over $900 for this? Thinking about a return, this is ridiculous already.
  • Not good man. I'm gonna wait a few weeks and see what gets done about it. Can't be spending nearly a grand on a phone and having regrets...!!
  • uff i remember having abad xperiance with Lg screen with my lovely G4 .. so i have that thinking lg got abad quality control
  • Maybe Google should go to outlined buttons for their navigation bar.
  • Looks like the comments section really lit up over this. Here are my 2 cents. I can deal with the muted colors due to how it seems to be using the sRGB mode found on the first Pixel or the color-shift (unless it's really bad), but burn-in after just a week is not something I can tolerate. Yes, OLEDs burn-in. It's a side-effect of using organic compounds. Not all of them burn at the same rate, but generally, it should burn-in no less than after a year of use, and we're talking heavy use. If what we're seeing is a thing on more 2 XLs, this is an issue and I am hoping this is fixed. I know everyone likes to point at LG for this, but they should have experience with their OLED TVs. If you want my advice on how you can mitigate this, use manual brightness and go to the lowest you can and adjust it manually based on lighting conditions and also rotate your device and pull down the notification shade regularly so that the navbar and status bar aren't always on. I've done at least some of that with my Moto Z and Note8. While I can't comment on the Note8 other than it's fine as it's just over a month old, the Moto hasn't got any obvious burn-in.
  • I don't think LG really solved the image retention/burn in on their TVs that well either. The image rentention on the OLED sets is pretty severe, as noted in rtings.com reviews. It takes considerable time for the image to recover.
  • That's shocking. Image-retention was a thing with their mobile LCDs.
  • I don't find it that shocking. LG OLED manufacturing technology is quite weak. Their OLED TVs are famous because in the TV world they are the only true OLED player and also because for movie watching OLED, when executed properly, is in many ways superior to LED TVs. Panel uniformity issues, banding, black crush, etc., all appear on the LG TVs as well, albeit less frequently. It is hard to compare anything else though between the TV world and mobile because the use cases are so different. There are very few times that one would have a static image on screen for hours on a TV. This is not uncommon in mobile. Therefore, burn-in and even image retention are ultimately not that important on TVs but would be critical on mobile devices.
  • Yes, they're organic, but are they vegan and gluten-free?
  • Worst case, it is an issue, Google and LG fix it and send out replacement phones.
  • We shall see... The Google rep told me tonight my new 2 XL replacement won't have the burn in problem. Here's to hoping that is true.
  • Hopefully. If it still happens, then something is very wrong.
  • Agreed. I'll go back to the original Pixel at that point but will forgo the Pixel Buds and Home Max... Not to mention no more free Mini.
  • That sucks. I know people will disagree with me, but a top-tier flagship in 2017 shouldn't have a problem like this so soon after unboxing.
  • No disagreement from me here, but after one story after another, this being the nail in the coffin, I'm all but about to cancel my pre-order. Only good thing about my shipping date being Nov 29th is now I have plenty of time to see how it plays out and make up my mind. Never thought i'd be happy about that shipping date but here we are.....wtf google?
  • I do suppose it is worth asking how much of this is real burn-in, as in permanent, and how much is just image retention, as in temporary. Maybe it really is all burn-in. I don't know. But as far as I know, the only way to tell burn-in from retention is by whether or not it goes away after x amount of time. I wonder how long they waited before calling it burn-in. If they immediately cried "burn-in" as soon as they saw something, then we could maybe have some false positives here. Just askin'. Jerry?
  • I have an almost 2 year old Galaxy Note 5 and there is zero sign of burn in. I'm surprised, the screen has been great. My old Galaxy S5 had burn in quickly, but the Note not at all.
  • Does the normal-sized Pixel 2 have this issue too?
  • UPDATE: I had previously said that I didn't want to check to see if my 2XL had burn-in because I decided I'd rather live in blissful ignorance for as long as I could. Well, I caved. I went ahead and checked to see if I exhibited any sort of signs of either burn-in (permanent), or image retention (temporary), and I am pleased to announce that my screen exhibits absolutely zero sign of either. For the moment, at least, I am totally in the clear! But speaking of burn-in vs retention, the Engadget article about this same issue seems to take more seriously the idea of retention than the AC article does. Now, if Jerry or any other of the AC people are reading this comment, please don't think I'm accusing anyone of sloppy journalism. They know more than I do, and the reason I've been following AC and the rest of Mobile Nations since just before the launch of Lollipop is because it's good people doing good journalism. However, the more I think about this, the more the idea of retention makes WAY more sense than actual burn-in. Actual burn in this early just makes no sense - unless you're just doing something totally insane with it. Moreover, it seems that everything I'm reading outside of AC, ranging from anecdotal reports on Reddit to an LG tech bulletin concerning their OLED TVs suggest that retention is a common problem when you're first "breaking in" an OLED panel, and that it gets better over time. Conversely, outside of major abuse, the implication is repeatedly made that actual burn-in is so improbable as to be nearly impossible this early on. Now, I'm sure that even if this is just retention that this screen is still proving itself to be way more prone to it than most other screens, and thus, still plays into the hands of those painting the screen as cheapo garbage. Additionally, it makes things even worse for Google who was trying to really push these phones as premium, premier phones. But where early onset burn-in is inexcusable, retention is not a deal-breaker for me, since it's only temporary - especially if It becomes more and more retention resilient as it goes. Furthermore, one thing I didn't mention in earlier comments is that when I went from Galaxy Note 3 to iPhone 6 Plus in 2015, I didn't actually go straight to iPhone, but initially got myself set up with a Nexus 6. I traded it in during the Verizon 14 day exchange period for the iPhone....believe it or not, because I wanted to have BOTH an iPhone and an Android that I could swap back and forth between (planning to buy the Nexus at tax time), and felt the difference between the Nexus 6 and 6p would be much more significant than the difference between the 6 Plus and the 6s Plus. While I was right about that, the whole "buying the 6p" thing never happened for reasons unimportant to our conversation here, and that's how I ended up on Apple last round. Anyway, the point is that I had had the Nexus 6 for less than 2 weeks, and even in that short time, I experienced what I thought - to my great horror and sadness - was burn-in ----- just like what the reports are making hay about now with the 2XL ........................... only it wasn't actually burn-in at all, but instead, you guessed it! Retention! The [quote unquote] "burn-in" faded out over time, leaving me with a perfect screen at the time I traded it in. Anyway, unless or until we hear from Google saying otherwise, and/or unless or until I get something on my screen that doesn't go away for several days, and/or unless or until I get a detailed, technical explanation with credible sources cited proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is actually burn-in after all, then the far more logical explanation, and the one I'll be leaning towards is retention. Now before you accuse me of being a Pixel fanboy, or just succumbing to "willing blindness" to make myself feel better about my $950 purchase, consider this: While I think the the Pixel 2 XL is by far the cooler, more intriguing, more enthralling, and ultimately more promising phone than the iPhone 8 Plus, and while I'm a little bored with / burned out on iOS right now, and would MUCH rather spend this round on Android right now, the one thing the iPhone 8 Plus -ABSOLUTELY- is is "the safe bet". And so, I'm two days into my fourteen day return window. If I'm left with any kind of credible uncertainty or doubt about the solidness of this phone whatsoever, then even though all things being equal, I'd much rather be on the Pixel than the iPhone, it's just not worth the stress, and anxiety, and the looming spectre of doom - especially if it ends up all coming true later. I'll be once again trading in a Google phone on the 13th day to get an Apple phone. I'll not be happy about it, but at least it'll be "reasonably" worry-free, and I won't have to worry about all this madness. But wait! I'm going overboard? What about Samsung, or HTC, or Moto....or even the iPhone X? All OLEDs. If I'm not gonna stay with the Pixel on grounds of burn-in fears, I think I'll just go back to LCD for as long as that's an option until we know the tech has been better worked out. And besides, I neither want to deal with Samsung's idea of Android and updates, nor would be at liberty to wait out the X anyway. So yeah, either the excitement and coolness of the Pixel for me, or the safety and comfort of the 8 plus. No other option. Not even the smaller Pixel? Nope. Not even the smaller Pixel. Verizon doesn't offer it in 128, and I don't want to mess with returning a phone on Verizon monthlies, only to get a 128GB one from Google on monthlies to them instead. Besides, my personal self-imposed minimum screen size is 5.5", so the smaller Pixel is too small anyway. Nope. Either I keep this 2XL, or I go back to the 8 plus. That's that.
  • By the way, [if it'll let me post it] here's the link to the Engadget article I referred to: https://www.engadget.com/2017/10/23/google-investigates-pixel-2-xl-scree...
  • Playing with the Pixel xl2. nice but didn't Stand up to my Note 8 that im super happy with since Launch. I used to love the virtues of stock Android but I don't feel it necessary anymore. If Google ever decides to get better screens and an S pen G pen I would gladly pay the money for it but the hardware is just not there yet. I don't spend my days flicking my screen up and down between homepages so that imperceptible speed difference between phones (pointless benchmark crusaders care I guess)is completely lost on me.
    I can't wait to see the pixel 3 I think that might be amazing depending on who does the hardware.
  • waaaayyyyyy TL;DR
  • Not good for Google when I see this on the morning news. Hopefully they get to the root of the problem and fix it fast.
  • I love OLED displays but I won't trust anyone else but Samsung in that department. They've been improving them like crazy throughout the years. I think all of this could of been avoided if Google had partner up with Samsung, I mean they have the best hardware. Just imagine a Galaxy S8 plus or the Note 8 running stock Android 😫
  • I have had the pixel 2 xl for less than a week. Unfortunately my unit is showing signs of burnin. May have to return this and get the Pixel 2 instead.
  • I used the s7edge for 16mos no burn-in whatsoever. Now I use the s8+, again no burn-in. Now, if I purchased the pixel XL 128gb model for 950.00 & had this problem I would be very upset. That's not chump change!
  • I guess it's Mate 10 for me then! I've never owned a phone using OLED screens and this burning-in is not acceptable! At least Mate 10 uses LCD, and it's cheaper too (although I'll miss out on a lot of features from Pixel, oh well)
  • What features? Stock Android no wireless charging no headphone jack the only feature it has that others (aside from one another manufacturer is squeeze to launch an application).
  • Virtual buttons are the problem.
  • Well not really because the new S8 models use virtual buttons and don't have a burn-in problem, especially not a week after purchase.
  • Everyone crying about this so called "burn in" after less than a week, you do know that screens go through a break in period right? Image retention and ghosting are more common during this break in period. OLEDS are less likely to get "burn in" then LCDs or any other display by their very nature and the way they work. Most "burn in" cases can be resolved by showing other content on the screen for a while or turning it on and off again. I have the Pixel 2 XL and I'm not happy with the display but this is not an issue. The issue is the general poor quality. The screen looks like it has fingerprints all over it, you get that RGB glare like you do from the oils of your finger (fingerprints). The screen also makes everything textured looking (like you can see all the pixels). Coming from Nexus 6, this screen is no better other than blacks.
  • My year old LG G5 shows burn in. My wife got her pixel XL 2 a week ago and hers has none yet. She uses it daily and constantly already. I think after a while, burn in will happen. Especially with the stationary buttons and status bars that Android has.
  • Umm... The G5 has an LCD screen and thus can’t suffer from burn in. That’s specifically an AMOLED issue, though both screens can suffer from image retention.
  • A rubbish screen for a rubbish phone. No surprise..
  • Should we get replacement units? Im 99% percent sure the replacement unit will exhibit the same flaw. For now, I don't see how the burn in is much of a problem. It's not something I notice while watching Youtube or using facebook
  • All OLED suffer burn in. Here is a Note 8 after 11 days with burn in. Not a LG versus Samsung thing but a OLED thing. Think Plasma TVs. https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-8/help/navigation-bar-burn-...
    Navigation Bar Burn In. Anyone else? | Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - XDA ...
  • Yeah, he says he has burn in, but provides no pictures of it. I'll believe it if I see it.
  • My Pixel 2 XL from Project Fi now says Cancelled? I didn't do it. Was not supposed to ship until 10/30. Hmmmm...
  • I will be honest, I'm surprised to see this much negativity. I'm a longtime Moto user and have bought their flagship phone every year. This is my first Pixel. I have the Pixel 2 XL. I have pretty bad screen burn-in and have had it like 3 days, my phone will not charge past 90% (I have two google adapters purchased from them), I lose calls all the time because this phone has way less reception than my Moto phones and the dbm noise numbers are really high. I just spent 30 min talking to Google. They acknowledged the issue and said their replacement units would not have the issue. I kept asking how they could know for sure, and they never told me, but promised they wouldn't. They would not offer an Advanced Exchange like Moto does and only offered for me to mail it back and they'd send me one once they received mine. The lady said she'd have her supervisor contact me to see if there is anything else that can be done, but for $1,100 or whatever I paid, I'm not too happy about it. I do miss wireless charging, and although Moto was mostly vanilla android, it had a few sensor technology tricks I miss. Overall, this seems to be a great phone. Not sure it's worth what they charged and to be honest, their support isn't even close to Moto (much smaller company I understand), but we'll wait and see what the supervisor says. I'll update once I receive his/her email.
  • It is normal for oled display but only after 7 days is absolute absurd. It is even worse than the lence flare issue on Pixel gen 1.
  • "Hello, this is LG." "Hi, this is Google. What kind of deal can we make to get you to switch to Samsung displays for the Pixel 2 XL? ..... Hello? Hello? Must be a dropped call."
  • FYI editors, looks like you forgot to delete a word here: "we sure hope it that isn't the case."
  • I am seeing a global recall of the units :D
  • Sounds like a bottom bezel with capacitive buttons isnt such a bad idea.
  • Exactly. Please bring that back. Even the Note8 still has room for capacitive buttons at the bottom.
  • Could You tell me if Pixel 2 has Android 8.0.1 like on FCC leaks or 8.0.0?
  • 8.0.0
  • Rubbish, there's no burn in on Note8, as the navbar icons moveca few pixels ın each direction, it's barely noticeable but it moves very often to prevent burn in. Same on S8 and strangely enough this is also on the LG V30 screen. Surprised it's not on the Pixel. The xda comment is rubbish,he's a loner, people know he's bullshiting. https://www.google.com.tr/amp/s/www.androidauthority.com/galaxy-s8-home-...
  • That's also why the Samsung and LG software buttons are not solid, like on the Pixels. Lines are easier to move around and not occupy the same pixels over and over again.
  • Sticking my my Mate 9's LCD...
  • Still the Best Android Phone you can buy, Andrew?
  • Lol. And THIS is the phone that was called "Android Phone of the Year 2017" not 04 days ago by Android Central. Just shameful! Just accept it guys; 2017 is the Year of Sumsung. They have released the most consistent phones this year (both in aesthetics and quality). And for all those stock Android boobs, the pixel actually doesn't use stock Android. There is ONLY 01 phone that TRULY uses stock, and that's Essential. You want stock Android, go buy that phone then 😊.
  • It does make google look pretty bad right now but here is something to think about. There is a reason that Samsung just took up to $250 off of the price of the s8, s8 plus, and the note 8. The iPhone x is coming out. It’s called competition. You should want competition so that it pushes manufacturers to produce better quality devices and keep the prices more reasonable for consumers. Hopefully google will learn their lesson from this and not only secure a better quality display in future devices but maybe not price their devices so high in the first place unless they are truly giving customers their full money’s worth and not just to keep up with Samsung and Apple by overcharging to give an image of a premium device.
  • This is how Google burns cash
  • I've had my Pixel since Friday 10/20/2017 and I can just barely see then navigation bar using the technique shown in the article. I have to wonder if this isn't something else that fast as hell for burn in
  • Horrible. Google should just stock to the software, that is great. No Google phone for me ever. You all who have them should do the same. Get a Note 8.
  • Every one of my OLED panels has burn in. It's the one big trade off that you have to make with these types of panels. Also note that some panels are more susceptible than others as you can see from these comments. The only panel that I didn't notice any burn in was on my OnePlus3, but even with that I was using the capacitive keys. People of the internet, the more you obsessively go looking for issues the more likely you are to find them. Lets just all chill out about these damn panels and have a beer.
  • Looks as if Google will be replacing a lot of phones.
  • What in the story was updated today? It looks like the same text as yesterday.
  • Hmm, makes me happy I stuck with getting a Sony Xperia XZ1 (and its reliably good LCD panel) for the time being, until the line's rumored mentoplasty next year.
  • At checkout, a Pixel XL with protection plan showed as $1,178.61 USD for me. I read the article from AC about how the XL 2 doesn't offer the best screen, but it does have the best software. Fine, I could deal with that, but it needs to be a pretty good screen that is going to look decent for the length of ownership. IMO...these top tier flagships should be lasting 3 years minimum. Is there any scientific data that I used to base that expectation? No, but for increased cost, is it too much to expect increased reliability, efficiency, build quality, durability, etc. than the previous years. It is beyond me how screen burn is an issue with this device. Wasn't Google testing the limits of the display early on? Anyways, I feel for you guys that have this issue. And if you don't have this issue, there's nothing that ruins the joy of owning a nice piece of tech like the expectation of premature failure. Thanks to Jerry and the AC crew for keeping us informed.
  • V20 has a bit of ghosting every once in a while but it's very much temporary and not an issue for me.
  • Every time something goes wrong with a high-profile phone, especially a flagship, I think of Ivan Vanko in Iron Man 3. "There will be blood in the water and the sharks will come."
  • The real question is how does Samsung solve for burn-in since it's inherently an issue in OLED and can Google push out a fix in a reasonable amount of time?
  • Samsung works hard on getting the plastic substrate just right, and probably optimizes the amount of current needed to turn on a pixel. The type of plastic substrate and the way it's used determines how quickly the LEDs light up. LG and Samsung use the same plastic, but LG's design seems to make it take longer for LEDs to light up, so you get lag when scrolling something with black bars in it. Also, Samsung uses an RG-BG layout, which maximizes green, which Samsung says is the easiest for our eyes to see. LG uses RB-GB, which maximizes blue. Unfortunately blue LEDs deteriorate more quickly, which may be tied to the burn in on the LG POLED display. I'm guessing it's also responsible for the blue tint you see at an angle.
  • And This is the device Mr. Martonik was praising so profusely in his recent review. You are waaaay too beholden to Google hardware. I guess your reviewers don't want to anger the Giant Google so they automatically get favored. You will lose our trust if no objectivity is demonstrated.
  • How the hell do you figure that? His statements were BEFORE these issues came to light. You do realize how what you're saying only makes sense if Andrew was somehow a time warrior that knew of this before he praised the phone right? FFS, people just looking to add more fuel to more FUD machines at any opportunity.
  • There is no goddamn FUD with this issue. There's pictures all over the freaking place showing burn-in on the Pixel 2 XL. Your posts are nothing but fake news.
  • Reading is key... I am not at all saying the screen issue is FUD, it's like you lack rudimentary reading comprehension. As I clearly stated, I said that this idiotic idea that Andrew and AC are part of the giant google machine because they praised the phone is FUD. If you read either of the posts you'd realize they aren't about the display issue at all. David is claiming that AC and Andrew specifically are in Google's pocket, and that is why the praised the phone that has this issue. He fails to understand that unless Andrew is a time traveler he praised the phone BEFORE this issue of burn in came to light. Your posts are nothing but proof that some people have the attention span of an insect, and the reading level of one too.
  • And my Pixel 2 XL just shipped today. Awesome.
  • Can I just say - my release day Nexus 6P has no burn in whatsoever... So, if you have last years Pixel and it has burn in - that's as terrible as the Pixel 2 after a week. These are really expensive phones... There is no excuse.
  • My droid turbo has none of this.
  • How do you view those 2 images full screen? Opening in browser like they said doesn't go full screen. The soft buttons at bottom still show normally without the red or black in that area.
  • Full screen this Youtube Video... https://youtu.be/DVvpPhY-a5Y
  • This is just the reality of OLED screens. It's been happening since the beginning, and it will continue. Samsung has taken steps to prevent this with the S8/+, but use an OLED screen long enough, and it's going to show signs of burn-in. I'm not so concerned about it, as you will almost never see it unless you really look for it.
  • It's made by LG. Their history with screens, no matter the technology isn't the greatest. I've read the V30 has major color and quality issues.
  • God I'm so glad I canceled my order! Whether Google knew that the LG display has issues is unknown but they damn well knew it wasn't in the same league as a Samsung display. If your going to charge $850 plus for a phone Google equip it with the best components. You don't see Apple putting an LG display in their $999 dollar phone. Someone at Google should be looking for a new job.
  • I held out didn't pro order the PIXEL 2XL, i wanted to wait and see, I had a feeling.. I'm glad I did, take a look at jerryriggeverything,
  • Take his videos with a grain of salt, he's an entertainer first and foremost, not an actual source for any measure of a product remotely empirical. How he does things is very clearly designed to generate clicks and views, which is fine, he's an entertainer, just don't confuse him for any kind of scientific QA person.
  • His first video shows that the coating will chip off and that the smaller one, not sure about the xl, has a antenna line in a bad spot. That's not great, but preventable issues with a case and not sitting on your phone. The tear down video actually shows how easily reparable it is and is the first phone he's seen with dielectric grease around usb c port. Overall, I think that shows the phone was designed pretty well.
  • Did you notice in that video he never mentioned the side squeeze feature? The side of the phone are meant to be bent, very slightly, inwards.
    Combine that with the fact that you want the antenna to be as long as possibly for ideal signal (so now it should be lengthwise), and the physical buttons are on the other side.. that side of the phone, next to one of the intentionally bendable side, is the ONLY logical place to put the antenna.
    Don't be that person who puts large phones in your skinny jeans and you are good!
  • I've had both LCD and AMOLED screened phones. It's my experience that at some point, you are either going to deal with burn in (AMOLED), or screen bleed (LCD). It's just the reality.
  • I activated my phone on Friday and I can see the burn in already after just 3 days. :-(
  • A Google support tech assured me today that the comment above was not issue by Google. I don't believe him, but that's what he said.
  • I'm wondering if all of this, and Google's reported "actively looking into the problem" are the reason that my Pixel 2 XL preorder has not only not already shipped today, but still offers me an option to change the shipping address or cancel the order all together...
  • That's the reason why I always prefer an LCD.
  • How bad is this situation
  • Thanks LG!
  • I am still waiting for Lenovo / Motorola to investigate the problem of the Moto G4 screen, as well as when Microsoft investigated and solved the problem of some Lumia 535 screen.
  • wth does that have to do with This article?
    I am still waiting for my iPhone 4 antenna investigation. Do you think this is a good place to post that concern?
  • I'm really confused what to do. I pre-ordered the XL and Bell is supposed to deliver it mid November. Do I now cancel that pre-order since the screen has issues? The reviews had been great for the phone but now there is this issue. How serious is the issue - is this people being "picky" or should I get away as fast as I can and be happy I can cancel the pre-order? I was looking forward to getting this phone but now my excitement is ruined as the phone seems to be getting a really bad stigma.
  • The reviews are by Google funded web sites. Don't buy into them. But get the phone and see for yourself. You can always return it.
  • My pixel 2 XL has noticeable burn in and flickering\flashing issues. Returning it tomorrow. Maybe switching to the pixel 2 instead. Should i go with pixel 2 or s8 active?
  • Now there are hundreds of reports of the Pixel 2 making clicking and high pitched sounds. Still the best Android phone you can buy, Andrew?
  • Some people never learn lessons! You want the best screen in quality then look no where other than Samsung. Samsung provides the best quality screens be it the brightness, color accuracy, color modes and quality. That is applicable on phones, tablets and even Smart TVs. Samsung has been leading the screen market. I don't think there is any other alternative giving you the same quality, None.
    We are not talking here about "fine" "good" screens. no we are talking about the "BEST"
  • Is someone trying to hurt my feelings for the Pixel 2 XL??😢😱😢😢
  • I tested the image and found the burning of nav bars on my 1.5 year old 6P.
    But I can't notice it when playing games or viewing pictures, so it's not a big deal to me.
    Hope Google will do something on the nav bars in the next Android release to change the color or position of the nav bar and notification area to get rid of it.
  • Wow, glad i never fell for the Prixel. My Nexus 6P is worth even more money now. Are we talking "total recall"? Note 7 style? Hahahahahaha.
  • Aside from front speakers, the original Pixel XL is better in almost every aspect over the 6P. It's the Pixel 2 XL having issues. Having all three of them now, there is no way I'd go back to the 6P.
  • If you got poor battery life, you can use a battery pack. No headphone jack? Bluetooth will do. No IR blaster? I'll live. But the 2 things that can't be messed with, are software and screen. The bare minimum I'd expect from a top end phone.
  • Labeling the myriad screen issues as "pretty overblown" is completely unfair to the customers who have terrible displays. There is huge variance in the panel quality and some people got really screwed, especially considering the $850+ cost.
  • Android Central must be getting big bucks with this article. Their Twitter feed is posting this same article every 20 minutes it seems. Must be a slow news day.
  • I have a LG V10. i had similar issue in 9 months of use. LG's covered at first this problem, but till the spare parts reach service point, a new response came to my e-mail. That LG would no longer covered burn in issues, as a normal "wear" (if this is the correct term) of their screens.
    I am wondering what Google will do now, and if there is a possibility of changing something in the production of new units hereafter...
  • The V10 is LCD. It has burn-in, not image retention?
  • What ever it is called, it has the same result.
  • Just got my Pixel 2 XL yesterday and I'm beyond happy with my choice. Maybe I'm on my own here, and I don't see any burn in on my device, but I'm really not that concerned about it. If it is an issue, I'm confident that Google will make it right. I will say that in switching carriers yesterday it took 15 minutes on my Pixel 2 XL and over 3.5 hours for my wife's iPhone 8. The Pixel 2 XL also feels much more robust in terms of software and in terms of device operations to me (one reason I went with Android over my old iPhone a few years ago and haven't looked back). Personal opinion, yes, but I think the reviews berating the Pixel 2 XL are a little bit overblown and way too nitpicky for the average consumer in my opinion and miss many of the awesome features that the new device boasts. Google software is head and shoulders above the competition in my book and at the end of the day that is the most important aspect for me. Any hardware issues I will simply look to Google to RMA if need be (and I've RMA'd other products with them in the past and been satisfied).
  • Based on sales figures, the average consumer has no interest in stock Android and phones lacking key features.
  • If you are going to call on sales figures to make your point, please provide your reference(s). I also had my pixel 2 xl since the Thursday after launch and I enjoy it. I see the blue tint, but I don't use my phone sideways so not an issue for me. No burn in, no weird noises. I'm sure there are defective phones that were shipped, but that is probably a small number and every phone had defectives make it through. I encourage people to decide about the phone for themselves. Don't put all your decision making in a review. How many times have you disagreed with a review, be it a movie, book, music, game, etc. Why would a phone be different? No, I'm not paid by Google to say I'm enjoying my phone, but they are more than welcome to pay me for saying it. 8-)
  • Didn't they protect against such a thing, by moving the pixels a bit every now and then?
  • The buttons are solid. Moving them around wouldn't help. That's why Samsung made the buttons lines that are not closed shapes. LG's buttons are lines, too, but they're closed shapes, so there are still a few pixels that will be lit even if you move them around. LG's approach is still preferable to Google's.
  • I see. Makes sense.
    This is why I've made a new request for this:
    Please consider starring it.
  • IMHO, Google rushed the phone to the market to try and stick it to Samsung. As I've stated before, the last great phone that google made was the Nexus 6P. These days, it's all about the MONEY, not the consumer.
  • >the last great phone that google made was the Nexus 6P You mean the 2016 Pixel XL
  • Have both. Really good phones. Wanted the Pixel 2 XL and ordered/cancelled it twice. Going to sit on the sidelines for awhile. Hope they get it fixed. Will be a buyer.
  • All phones including the samsungs are rushed to market. I mean. how Bananas is it that we spend 1,000 once a year on basically the same thing. do we replace a stove fridge or anything after just a year !!
  • From a google fi support chat....
    (replaced support rep's name with <google fi support person> <google fi support person>
    Is there anything else I can help you with today?
    Joseph .
    so what's happening with all the issues surfacing about the screen burnin issues and clicking noises
    Joseph .
    <google fi support person>
    Joseph, there are no issue's with the Pixel 2 screen. It is the feature in launcher for display setting. which they misunderstood as screen burn issues.
    Joseph .
    so it can be changed?
    Joseph .
    is there an official google release?
    <google fi support person>
    Yes, it can be changed.
    <google fi support person>
    If you get the same issue. You just need to contact us, we will help you to get the issue resolved.
    Joseph .
    did google make a press release?
    <google fi support person>
    So, Joseph, please do not worry about it. As you will not face any issue about it.
  • I had a HTC EVO 4g years ago that got serious BURN-IN ...When I learned that AMOLED/OLED screens suffered from this , never again would I buy OLED ! Thank God HTC went IPS LCD, Sony keeps going IPS LCD , and MOTOROLA in 2015 with its MOTO X PURE EDITION went IPS LCD. NO goddamn BURN-IN ! Not only do the HTC U11 & the Sony Xperia XZ Premium both have IPS LCD, but they also retain the normal , classical 16:9 ratio.
    ... Can't decide which one to get...Which one would YOU buy?
  • The HTC EVO 4g was IPS LCD, not OLED. The Sprint Epic 4G, which was sold at the same time, was AMOLED and had serious burn in. But I haven't seen burn in since.
  • Yea I was gonna say.. HTC Evo 4g LTE was IPS . the original Evo 4G (Wimax) was TFT... That was a great phone. It put Android on the map.
  • Have an older Sony Xperia (6.44" screen) and have always liked it a lot. Use it as a small tablet/book reader/movie phone, etc.
  • Have had my P2XL for about a week now, and so far none of these supposed problems are arising with my phone. Phone is nothing short of amazing. I either won the POLED screen lottery, people are mistaking the semi-transparent shade for burn-in, or we have a bunch of Samsung and/or Apple fanbois claiming they're legit tech reviewers... I just love how these things get blown out of proportion too. Sway the impressionable over to your side with some embellished or outright fake news, after all it's all the rage at the moment.
  • I agree! Got mine yesterday, and I have zero complaints. So far, it just flat out rocks!
  • Ive had mine for i guess almost two weeks no issues at all awesome phone. And no burn in.
  • I see the "ghost" image of the Triangle, Circle and Square, but I had to look REALLY hard. Note: I only saw it using the above images. I too have only had it less then a week, but I still absolutely love this phone and very happy with my purchase. I really just hope this is some kind of image retention, but if this is the worst that it gets.., again, I had to struggle to even see it.
  • My GS7 has severe burn-in. and only had it for a few months. Truth be told, I didn't notice it until the Pixel 2 ******* started to complain. lol.
  • The Screen not just have burn-in problem, also have another big problem which they don't know what's wrong. I just get my Pixel 2 XL on this Monday, and 3 days later ( Friday ) morning, suddenly the screen color is changed. I open the photo , i saw the red rose leaf change to brown, just like potato chip. I called google tech support . they told me because the phones is set to "Nature" color. So until today I just know that, the nature rose color is brown not red.
    you may see the photo which I compare the pixel 2 xl and my desktop monitor https://photos.app.goo.gl/z55YhWtsZz6Nqhdi2 My Suggestion : Don't buy the phone yet !