The Google Nexus S shows off the new Maps app

We saw Andy Rubin showing off the new Google Maps application on the mystery Motorola Honeycomb tablet on Monday, now we get to see Google showing it off on the upcoming Nexus S.  While it's a render, the 3D buildings and smooth scrolling look great, and it's something we're all looking forward to getting our hands on.  

And let's be honest, the way the video was embedded into a frame of Nexus S goodness, well that's just plain cool.  Be sure to hit the source link and see for yourself, and we have the video itself after the break. [Google]

YouTube link for mobile viewing

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • first this is tooo sick. i cant wait until it gets released :)
  • Vectors = WIN Less data usage + offline mode
  • Hmm.. Judging from that I'd say that the thing they're referring to when they say the N1 isn't compatible due to multitouch issues is the rotational/pivoting thing. We all know how badly the N1 handles two fingers rotating around each other. But apart from that, what else could it be that the N1 isn't capable of handling? Couldn't they just have said "The Nexus One is compatible with MOST features"?
  • I wonder if the new maps has that virtual reality stuff going on where it will use the compass to match your view when you rotate the phone? Because there was no indication of on screen controls for any of that movement or rotation.
  • Please let this come to the Evo
  • Evo will get it.
  • Dood that's so sick i need that for "my evo"!
  • Somehow, someway it will be available for the the n1..
  • Well I'm getting 3D buildings on the Nexus One now, and have been for some time. So at least to a certain degree this already works. But I suspect Gingerbread takes it up a notch, and perhaps the N1 can't match the processing power of the Nexus S.
  • I'm sure it will come to us evo users
  • Do we have to wait for gingerbread to get vector or will this be in an update to maps?
  • No, it should be here in the coming days and most if not all Android devices will get it including Evo.
  • I sure hope we get it for our EVO
  • I can't wait to get the Nexus S is so bad ass AHHH 16 16 16 16 Is the day of my b,day-
  • Lol, all of these evo users. Im hoping this thing comes to the Fascinate!!! Lol, once it gets to Gingerbread in a million years.:/
  • Anyone notice the 4 capacitive buttons got rearranged? I thought it was a photoshop error at first.
  • Must be a mistake, that will be available for the Nexus One. Nexus One has better hardware then that poor excuse of a device they are calling the Nexus S. Not very happy with the hardware at all. No SD card, no led flash, all plastic (cheap) and it's made by Samsung. II think the MyTouch 4G is a much better made and looking device then Nexus S. The only thing the new Nexus has going for it is the upgrade OS, which eventually the Nexus One and all other well made devices will get. I'm pissed off over the decision to go with Samsung and not sticking with HTC. The quality of hardware is night and day. Just my Opinion guys.