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Google I/O ticket listed on eBay reaches $3,000

This isn't the first time we've seen Google I/O tickets go up for sale on eBay -- previously they were being sold for what we thought at the time was an alarmingly high price. But, this one -- this one, takes the cake, and some most might say totally overcharges you for it. To their credit though, they are offering to send you any goodies they may get ahead of Google I/O, whatever that means. That makes up for it, kind of. OK, not really. Although the seller says they're unable to attend, this just seems like a total cash grab to us, and is just plain wrong. [Android Central Forums]

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  • at least they're giving free shipping
  • If I was selling the ticket, I wouldn't.
  • I totally would have bought this but they are only selling one. Am I supposed to leave my grandma at home alone all day? Lame on them.
  • does anyone buy anything for themselves anymore to enjoy it. Seems like everything new or exciting just ends up on ebay for a astronomical amount
  • Note to self: grab 4 tickets next year and sit on them for a couple of months.
  • Why is this wrong? This is capitalism baby... If Google wanted to prevent this from happening they could just tie your Google I/O ticket purchase to your person (i.e. the ticket would say "For John Smith"). If they don't do that I don't see what's wrong with this. It's the same thing as buying a PS3 to resell when the stores run out, or parking domain names for future sales. It's legal and it's a way to make money. It's also a gamble, there's never a guarantee tickets will go up in price (although it's a pretty safe bet for an event like this).
  • Just because something is legal doesn't mean it isn't wrong. These 'tickets' aren't physical items as you suggest, but they are tied to a Gmail account. Google generously allows its attendees to transfer their ticket in the case that they can't attend. For example, if a member of a development team has an emergency or quits before the conference, they can transfer the ticket to another team member. This is a great benefit, but I'm afraid Google will have to eliminate or restrict this feature for next year's conference. BTW, I was one of the lucky ones who got an I/O ticket, and I will be attending in May.
  • A bit steep, but you're sure to get a phone, tablet or both in return...
  • Cant be the sharpest knife in the drawer if you're willing to pay that much. But thats just me. :)
  • Why do you care if they sell and make a profit good for them!!