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Google is giving out instant invites to Project Fi for the next 24 hours

For the next 24 hours, you won't need to wait for an invite to try out Google's Project Fi. Google is celebrating the fact that shipments of the Nexus 5X have begun, and is handing out instant invites for the next 24 hours. Previously, you had to register that you were interested, and wait for an invite, but now Google is giving you a chance to skip the waiting period.

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If you are still unsure what Project Fi is, or if it's for you, be sure to check out all the great information we have for you on that. When you are ready, hit the link below to sign up, but don't wait too long for this one.

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  • I thought that Fi invites have been pretty much instant since the Nexus announcement on Sept. 29th. Has anyone requested an invite since then and *not* received a same-day invite?
  • I had signed up several weeks before the 29th but got my invite on the 29th. My wife signed up on the 29th or 30th and has been waiting ever since.
  • Hmm... well today's announcement may make this moot, but she should probably contact Fi Support. I know of several people who have requested invites since the 29th, and all of them got their invites immediately (well... same day).
  • I signed up a week or so ago, got told to check back for updates. It updated and said to expect my invite in 2-3 weeks. It showed up in my inbox this morning. Unfortunately, the 128 GB Nexus 6P is still out of stock so I guess I have to keep waiting. :-/
  • Huh, it would have been nice to know the 5X was going to ship out weeks earlier than the 6P >_> I really want to love Project Fi and give it a shot, I just don't have any justification for it. I pay 42 a month (with tax) on tmobile for 3gb of data (plus unlimited music streaming is a nice touch) and rollover data with a 10gb data stash. With Fi I'd be paying 47 or so (after taxes) for 2gb :/ Right? Am I missing something?
  • Does the t-mobile plan give you unlimited talk & text though? i forget but i thought it was only like 100 minutes. but of course if you do voip it wouldn't matter as long as you have the data cap for it
  • It does give me unlimited talk and text. I used to have the $30 plan with 5gb of data but only 100 minutes. I loved it and used it for years, but eventually calls started becoming too important for work and google voice wasn't as reliable as I hoped, haha. I switched to this plan just a few months ago.
  • The difference is that you pay $42 whether you use 3GB or 0GB. With Fi, you pay only for what you use, at the rate of $0.01 per MB. Fi also gives you access to T-Mo *and* Sprint networks, plus it will find open Wi-Fi spots for you (and create a VPN tunnel, so your security isn't compromised). Data using these Wi-Fi spots isn't counted. I've been at restaurants and retail outlets and found that I was using their Wi-Fi (a little key icon is shown when that VPN tunnel is up -- showing you that you're using Wi-Fi, rather than Cellular). Also, data is charged at that same rate when roaming, even internationally. Pre-Fi, I averaged about 1.5GB/mo. I used 0.162GB last month, without changing my habits, mainly because those open Wi-Fi spots tend to be prevalent in my area. My bill, including taxes and fees, was $25.96.
  • I think it all comes down to how many of those wifi hotspots would I come into contact with during my day. I currently use about 2-2.5gb of data every month, and that's excluding all music that I stream. And since I have rollover data, the data at least isn't wasted when I don't use it. It's nice to know I have a stash to dip into for free on the occasional month I go over. It would be great to have access to 2 networks when traveling, and if the wifi hotspots are fast and plentiful then it could result in less data used, I just am skeptical that there are enough public wifi networks around to support that.
  • Fi makes more sense if you constantly go under the data plan you are on. For me it is $21-24 as I don't hit the 1GB limit often if at all and I constantly get refunds.
  • Well, obviously if you are on a grandfathered plan no carrier will ever be a better deal. Why even complain about it? There is no t-mobile plan that I can see that gives you what you say you get right now for $42 after taxes which would be like a $35 plan.
  • It's not grandfathered, I got it just like 3 months ago. It was through a tmobile authorized company that my work had a coupon for
  • What plan on tmobile are you talking about?
  • Unless you use Google Apps for Work. No love for those of us already paying Google. :P
  • I'm in that same boat *BUT* I already use Google voice for my gapps account. So because I don't want reduced functionality in google voice and want to use my gapps account and keep my gvoice account all intact and working as they are right this very minute, I created a BS account and ordered FI through that. FI is just the carrier. I'll continue using google voice through my gapps account and nobody will be the wiser.
  • Fi seems to have some Band 12 LTE issues so you might end up getting less Tmobile coverage. They still havent said anything about this. Wifi-calling also doesnt work in all 120+ countries as advertised by Project Fi
  • Band 12 hardware is built into the new phones, but T-Mobile hadn't approved them for use on band 12 yet. People have been reporting connection to band 12 over the last week so it looks like they finally approved it.
  • I would probably try it but I'm in an area where Sprint and T-Mobile have no coverage, gotta love Alabama lol Moto G 3rd Gen 2015 with only 1GB of RAM
    Nexus 7 2013
  • I'm in an area without any Sprint coverage, Mendocino County in rural Northwestern California, Sprint roams on U.S. Cellular for service here. T-Mobile has service here though.
  • I have great T-Mobile service in North Alabama. Sprint sucks though
  • Uhg.....was ready to pull the trigger, but all models of the Nexus 6P in 64GB or 128GB are out of stock. :-/
    I guess I wait longer now......
  • These are my biggest questions regarding Fi, I'd like to hear your input and feedback. I have two lines with AT&T and I get marginal signal where I live for T-mobile and worse for Sprint. Wife *has* to have signal on her phone. She uses it for business. As an anniversary gift, I obtained two Android Auto receivers for our cars and installed it. I absolutely love AA. Before AA, I averaged 300MB of data a month (you read that right). With AA, I am now at 2GB with 9 days remaining, wife is at 1.5GB. on a Shared data plan. Is anyone here using Android Auto? What are your data averages? I'm considering going to t-mobile for the all you can eat music, but I am seriously considering FI. if the costs are even lower overall. Secondly, what is your experience with Fi? Connectivity wise, for voice and Data? Thanks for your time.
  • Fi is still an "Early Access" (beta) product, so if you absolutely, positively, have to have a good signal, then it's probably not for you. Also, if you're a heavy music streamer or (in your case) AA user, it also probably isn't for you. It really shines for light (or sporadic) data users, especially if data use tends to be at home/work or areas with open wi-fi. Having said that, if you're a T-Mo or Sprint user, then your signal is only going to get better. If you're with AT&T or Verizon, well... that really depends on coverage in your area. I was with AT&T, which is absolutely abysmal in my area (My in-laws' house, two blocks from the AT&T tower? No signal. At all. So, yeah, "abysmal" fits). The one really, really good thing about Fi though? No contracts. If it doesn't work for you, no problem. Simply move to a carrier that does. No harm, no foul.
  • If you have to have service, for business reasons, and you live in an area where you know that you don't have good T-Mobile and Sprint coverage, that automatically should kill it for you. I'd also do a serious price comparison. Fi really isn't a great deal once you start looking at family plans or shared plans. Oftentimes Verizon and AT&T's shared plans can offer the same or a better deal, if you use lots of data between multiple devices.
  • I wonder why they are advertising the 5X more when clearly they are pushing people to the 6p?
  • Because it's the first to release (ship). I'd be willing to bet that in a week or two, we'll start seeing more 6P commercials.
  • That explains why I finally got mine this morning. Posted via the Android Central App
  • does Fi work with any phone?
  • Only nexus 6, 5x, and 6p Posted via the Android Central App
  • Are they still giving out the fi welcome packages that include the external battery charger pack and headphones? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Think that ship sailed after the initial round of invites.
  • I just need out of my ETF with Sprint and I would do this right now!
  • Well as much as good offer it is .. Am paying 14 euro monthly and i get 400min nacional and internation mobile calls plus 2gb internet..but yeah i could use that when i go outside Spain ..would be nice having net everywhere. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Which is better, for me to port my Google Voice number (from a Google Apps account, if possible) to my new Fi account, or to just do call forwarding from my voice account to Fi? The porting would give me more flexibility for which sms app I can use, but would require me to move all my contacts over to my vanilla Gmail account whose email I do not use.
  • You can't (or aren't supposed to be able to) forward calls from a Google Voice number to a Fi number, or Fi to Google Voice.
  • So, which do you think would give the better experience - using Fi with a not-my-normal-gmail account or using Google Voice w/my normal gapps account and having Fi be nothing but the "dumb pipe"? I have no problem at all changing phone numbers since I currently am not using my Voice too much. (I'm currently running a Nexus 5 as a "normal phone" on StraightTalk)
  • As per usual, Google gave Apps users the shaft. When I requested my invite, I was told I had to have a email address. Screw that. I brought my domain name to Google years ago when they were giving out free Apps accounts so I could specifically avoid having a Gmail address. I'd rather my email address not be tied to any provider. If Windows 10 Mobile can come up with a decent Google Hangouts competitor, I may play in their sandbox for awhile.
  • Think I'm gonna stick with T-Mo. I don't see an advantage to having sprint network since T-Mo basically has the same areas plus more covered now. If it was ATT and VZW networks also that would make it more interesting but I doubt that will ever happen. I don't like to count data and do everything possible to avoid it. I'd rather just know that I had to pay a $190 cell phone bill and not worry about how I use it. Not only that but Tmo gives so many freebies to people such as most streaming music doesn't count against data (for those who don't have unlimited) and heck, they just gave me a free decent little 8 inch tablet for signing up on their $10 a month data plan for it. Although its not for me I can definitely see that this would work well for A LOT of people though. So cuddo's (sp?) to Google on this.
  • So, you will neither receive the full benefits of TMo (unlimited global roaming) while paying the full price for its service?
  • Question - I'm going to try out Project Fi with a Nexus 6P I'm getting from them, but wanted to know if I could just swap out the included SIM card for my AT&T SIM card at any time? Or since I'm financing the phone as part of my Project Fi registration, will the 6P be locked to Project Fi? (Hope that made sense.)