Google gives developers another small tool -- 'Available in Android Market' logo

It's nice to see Google focusing on supporting developers as best they can.  We noticed a shift towards this at Google I/O, and they have released major updates to make app development easier, and better.  Now they released a small tool that helps every bit as much in a different way.

On the Android Branding pages, developers can now download a graphic to promote their Android Market applications.  Full usage terms are available as well, to keep you within the rules.  There's several different versions to choose from, including an .eps file for use in vector graphics applications.  To grab one, and read the terms of use, hit the source link.

Source: via @AndroidDev

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Damn, massive screen. I have small hands and I think regular commenters here have seen the thousand and one times I've mentioned that 4 inches is the max for me. For a Nexus I may just get a 4.3 and try and get used to it... but if its 4.5 then screw that. =(
  • Are you confused friend? Wrong post
  • yh i mean really! have you seen the word market? it's written in 5" !!!! it's gigantic!!
  • Odd how they don't use the actual Android Market icon.