Earlier this month, we reported that users of the first-generation Pixel and Pixel XL were having trouble receiving SMS text messages. Google's Pixel User Community forum is filled with people complaining about this bug, and while a spokesperson from Google did initially respond to the problem, an ETA for a resolution was unknown. We now have an update to this story, and there's good and bad news.

Starting first with the good news, Google has since learned that the SMS bug was caused by the Android 8.0 Oreo update and has figured out a way to fix it.

Unfortunately, that fix won't be pushed out for quite a few more days. Google says that it'll be resolving the matter when it releases the monthly security patch for November, and while a light at the end of the tunnel is nice to have, the fact that affected users will likely have to wait a couple more weeks before they can start receiving their text messages like normal is not great.

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Here's what Google officially said:

We want to let you all know that we have been able to identify and implement a fix for this issue. Thank you to those that sent over bug reports and for including detailed information here on this thread.

There was an issue introduced in the release of Android Oreo that affects text message (SMS) delivery for a subset of Pixel (not Pixel 2) users.This issue was only seen on a small number of carriers. Unfortunately this has resulted in devices getting into a state where they do not receive messages.

The fix will be included in the November Security OTA which will be rolling out soon.. Please let us know how it goes after accepting the update.

Are you happy with Google's handling of this issue, or do you think they could have done a better job at getting a fix pushed out sooner? Software bugs are never fun or enjoyable, but when it's something as serious as not being able to receive SMS messages, you're talking about something of an entirely different level. Let us know your thoughts in those comments down below.

First-gen Pixel phones aren't receiving SMS messages