Sign on the statue

What you need to know

  • This year's Android statue has been unveiled on Google's campus in Mountain View.
  • The newly reshaded bugdroid head appears in the 0 of the 10, but the rest of the statue is white.
  • The statue is signed by Googlers who worked on the Android 10 release.

Statues at Mountain View are a tradition — though one that had grown stale in recent years — and the statue for this year is a distinct departure without a dessert name to draw on. This year's statue is a 10 with a bugdroid in the zero, with the letters matte white and the Android head a newer, paler green.

The simple style of the statue may seem boring at first, but the white statue is actually a canvas for all the people who worked on Android 10 to sign their names and take pride in the finished product. I dig it, it's like a yearbook that will sit on Google's campus for all to see, though I do wonder how they'll keep other Googlers (or visitors) from sneaking their own signatures onto the piece.

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The piece was unveiled today on Google's Mountain View campus with little fanfare, and I look forward to seeing how the signatures on it grow as more members of the Android Developers team make time to go sign.

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