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What you need to know

  • Google Fi's full feature-set is now available to all supported devices
  • Previously, users required a "designed for Fi" device.
  • Included features are spam protection, WiFi calling, and enhanced VPN support

Google Fi's experience is getting a bit more universal for all supported devices. The carrier announced today that it would be bringing the full Fi feature-set to all compatible devices. This includes features like Spam protection, call blocking, and Wi-Fi calling.

Previously, to get the full Fi experience, users needed to use a phone "designed for Fi" like the Google Pixel 4 or Moto G7. Now, anyone who's using a Fi-capable device now has access to all the service offers. This is a positive move by Google as far as user-friendliness goes.

The previous stratification of features by devices meant that many users experienced a neutered version of the service. The entire appeal of Fi, like most Google products, is that it helped minimize conscious thought. Instead of thinking which network was the best for your needs or spending too much time parsing your bill, Fi would do all the hard work for you. Now, you no longer have to think which phone's the best for Fi, it works for everyone.

You'll still need a "designed for Fi" phone in order for Fi's fabled automatic network switching to work, but nonetheless, we're all for more features coming to more phones.

Google's newly available Fi features are configurable from the Google Fi app for both Android and iOS.

All of Fi's goodies

Google Pixel 3a

An affordable handset that's perfect for Google Fi

If you want a phone that'll give you access to all of Fi's features right out of the box, get the Pixel 3a. Not only does the 3a support Fi's network switching, Wi-Fi calling, etc., but it's also a top-notch phone in its own right.

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