The Roccat Khan Aimo full-size wired headset has dropped to $79.99 on Amazon. You can get the same color in black or white. You can even find it at Target for the same deal price. The headset normally sells for around $120 on Amazon and has never gone this low before. It's still selling for around $110 at other retailers like Best Buy. This is some good savings we haven't seen before, so grab it while you can.

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Roccat Khan Aimo full-size wired headset

The headset simulates 7.1 surround sound with rich highs, mids, and lows. It even has a 124-bit 96KHz DAC sound card built in. There is passive noise cancellation to help with noisy places. And the earpads use memory foam for ultimate comfort.

$79.99 $120.00 $40 off

The Khan Aimo has a built-in 24-bit 96KHz DAC sound card. It can also produce Hi-Res audio that simulates 7.1 surround sound. With all the technology built in, you'll get super high quality audio whether you're listening to highs, mids, or lows.

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Use the passive noise cancellation to help you keep focused on the music even while you're on an airplane or sitting on the subway or somewhere else where outside noises can be a distraction. The headset is also super comfortable. The ear pads use memory foam, so no matter how many times you take them off and put them back on you'll get a perfect fit for you.

The sides of the headset also have lighting you can customize with 16.8 million possibilities to choose from. Users give the Khan Aimo 4.2 stars out of 5 based on 204 reviews.

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