This Tile Sticker bundle includes a free Google Nest Mini smart speaker

Tile Bundle
Tile Bundle (Image credit: Tile)

What you need to know

  • Get eight Tile Stickers and a Google Nest Mini as a bundle.
  • Save about $70 versus buying these separately.
  • Best Buy has a similar deal with other Tile products.

Tile, the company that makes little stickers and keychains that beep to help you find your stuff, is offering a bundle of its smallest Tile Sticker product with a Google Nest Mini. Instead of buying four Tile Stickers for $60, you can pay $100 and get eight Tile Stickers as well as a Nest Mini, which is one of our favorite small smart speakers.

The Tile Sticker is the smallest of the Tile family, which means it has the quietest beep and the shortest range, still a respectable 150 feet. It also uses a built-in battery, so after about three years, you'll have to toss them and get new ones — presumably bundled with whatever new smart speaker Google is pushing then.

Best Buy Tile Bundle

Source: Best Buy (Image credit: Source: Best Buy)

The Verge has also spotted an early Black Friday deal at Best Buy that gives you a choice of a free Google Nest Mini or an Amazon Echo Dot with a bundle of Tile products.

The deal isn't well-publicized, but if you search for either of those smart speakers, there is a link that says "Hot Offer Free Smart Speaker with Device" that opens a box with a selection of qualifying Tile products. On Best Buy, you can pick up the Nest Mini with only a four-pack of Tile Stickers, instead of the eight-pack at Tile.

Philip Berne