I 💖weekends. I know I'm not alone here. Even if you work Saturday and Sunday or both, you gotta love it when the boss isn't around to keep you from pressing buttons and doing things and everything is just a bit relaxed.

And if your weekend is on different days because you're busting your butt today and tomorrow (shout out to servers and bartenders and retail workers and everyone else who makes life great), we hope you get to come home and relax at least a little bit on the days that start with S and think about the rest of us when you're off through the week.

So who is doing something cool this weekend? I'm going to balance working and writing with time trying to find out what's needed to build my own Pi Hat board, because I want Google Assistant in a cardboard box (or a plastic Oscar the Grouch trash can!) and Google is being Google again and making the actual kits impossible to find unless you're Richard Devine. (loveu hatchu Richard). But it's cool, my Pi Hat might just have huge blinking lights and sirens and make noises that only the dogs can hear. Or something. (Take that, Richard!). Yeah, this is pretty much what a giant nerd does on the weekend. And it's freaking awesome.

Scroll down to the comments and let loose with whatever cool thing you have planned or anything else you want to talk about. You can even drop a pic somewhere like Imgur and drop the text link in a comment so we all can see it. Let's do this thing!