Box yourself in with $69 off the best Chromebox for Black Friday

ASUS Chromebox 3 2020 Lifestyle
ASUS Chromebox 3 2020 Lifestyle (Image credit: ASUS)

When it comes to the world of the best Chromebox, the reality is that there aren't that many options. But ASUS and HP have released new versions this year, including our new favorite, the ASUS Chromebox 3. If you're in the market for a new Chromebox, then now's the time to pounce, as the newly-released Chromebox 3 can be had for just $215, down from its retail price of $284.

The ASUS Chromebox 3 is equipped with Intel Celeron chipset, along with 4GB of RAM and a 32GB SSD. As for ports, the Chromebox 3 has plenty to handle all of your needs. On the front, you'll find two USB-A ports, along with a 3.5mm headphone jack and a microSD card reader. Moving to the back, ASUS has packed three USB-A ports, an HDMI jack, Gigabit Ethernet port, USB-C, and the DC-IN for power.

All of this combines for a pretty impressive package that gives you a great Chrome OS experience, without taking up a bunch of space on your desk. Going back to that HDMI port for a moment, although it may seem like the Chromebox 3 isn't all that powerful, it is capable of powering a 4K monitor with east.

We all know the best part about Chrome OS is its ability to run both apps and extensions from the Web Store, along with opening up the world of possibilities from the Google Play Store. But if you already own a Chromebook and want a desktop experience, then this deal on the new ASUS Chromebox 3 is the way to go.

Black Friday has yet to even arrive, but we have been seeing some amazing deals on the best Chromebooks, and now the Chromebox 3 is getting on the action.

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