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Get up to $410 back when trading in your Pixel through Google Store

The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are official, and last week Google quietly launched a trade-in program on the Google Store.

You can access the trade-in program by going to the Google Store, clicking on the Pixel or Pixel 2, and by going to the purchase page. Below the size, color, and storage options, you'll see a new Trade-In category. Upon clicking this, you'll be able to choose the manufacturer of the phone you're trading in, including Apple, Huawei, Motorola, Samsung, LG, and Google.

From here, selecting either the Pixel or Pixel XL will ask you for your device's storage configuration, if you bought it on Verizon or unlocked, if the phone turns on, and whether or not the screen works properly and doesn't have any cracks.

Assuming your phone turns on and the screen is working without any issues, you'll be able to get the following for your trade-in:

  • Google Pixel 32GB — $350
  • Google Pixel 128GB — $360
  • Google Pixel XL 32GB – $400
  • Google Pixel XL 128GB — $410

Although you could probably get more for your Pixel or Pixel XL by selling it through a site like eBay or Swappa, those are pretty fair prices considering that the Pixel and Pixel XL are nearing their first birthday.

If you don't have the Pixel or Pixel XL, the Google Store also allows you to trade in devices like the Galaxy S8/S8+, LG G6, Nexus 6P, iPhone 7/7 Plus, and more. Interestingly enough, the most you can get from a 256GB iPhone 7 Plus is still less than a 128GB Pixel XL at $388.

The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL aren't cheap, so having this trade-in system on the Google Store should make upgrading to this year's handset considerably easier.

See at Google Store{.cta .shop}

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • Wow, not bad at all to trade in.
  • samsung was only offering 300 for a pixel xl trade in for the note 8, so not bad at all
  • Now we talking Google. Now only have to wait and see the official and I can decide.
  • Not bad, but I paid for 2 years of insurance. Will that be refunded? And what about refurbished replacement devices? Will those count?
  • doubt it
  • Not opened to Canada... grrrr... it's a hard country to live it for the mobile phone enthusiasts...
  • I agree totally
  • Make sure you factory reset or they'll keep the phone and give you nothing.
  • Remove your account then factory reset.....
  • Definitely, learned that the hard way haha.
  • They'll probably open it up in Canada at some point and then low ball us on the trade-in price. No way I expect them to give us an equal conversion rate - seems typical of retail in Canada.
  • After they receive the device and inspect it is when they'll determine the actual value of it. So the quoted value is kind of misleading seeing as they'll probably lower the value of it if it has scratches.
  • No listing for unlocked US S8. If you click other they offer $258. Don't think so...
  • S7, T-Mobile. $95.
  • I’m pretty ok with this. I’ve got a Pixel XL 128Gb and already checked this out at the Google store earlier today. I’m thinking about taking the $410.00 for it and getting the regular size Pixel 2 with 64Gb at $649.00. That would leave me paying $239.00 + tax. I’m good with that and 64Gb is the storage level I would have gotten to begin with if they had offered it last year with the offloading of photos and videos to Google Photos. This year I’m looking for one handed ease of use and pocketability
  • This is a good phone
  • You sure they don't mean the most Bloatware you can buy.
  • I think you must be thinking they are talking about a Samsung
  • Lol 😂, @Scumman, you are absolutely correct.
  • I see that Project Fi is also offering the same trade-in deal. I ordered a 128GB Pixel XL on launch day from Project Fi via the payment plan. I just checked and the remaining balance on my phone will be around $398 as of mid-October. I strongly suspect that the trade-in value being slightly more than that isn't coincidental.
  • This is awesome def doing it
  • I wonder if a similar buy back program will be launched for Indian customers.
  • What's great is these numbers are very close to what you would get on eBay after eBay gets their fees. I can't remember if Swappa charges the seller fees as well. My problem is I have three or four cases and a couple of extra glass screen protectors that I was going to sell with the phone, usually adds $20 to the selling price.
  • Given that iPhones typically hold better resale value than Android devices (and this is true vs. the Pixel elsewhere), I suspect Google is contributing towards the trade-in value of the Pixels to encourage loyalty (and to avoid what would be an embarassing scenario if they were to offer to give more money in trade for a competitor-made product that sold for the same initial price). And I say, bravo! I had been heavily leaning towards holding off another year, but the amount of credit they're giving for the Pixel XL is actually better than what they are selling for (at least, the black Pixel XL 32GB) on eBay, especially after factoring in seller fees, risk, etc. Probably prices are dropping like a rock on eBay as people try to sell them in advance of the 2nd generation, but that makes this trade-in an even better deal.
  • I wish that Google would have a program like this for the Pixelbook where you could trade in your Pixel C or Nexus 9.
  • Can't trade in the HTC 10 🤔
  • I agree that it's ****** that they don't offer a trade in for Canada but Best buy is offering 310 for a pixel XL. Not as much as the 410 usd but I agree with Warren, they won't offer the same with the conversion if they did it for Canada.