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The Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 activity tracker has kid-friendly designs and is on sale for $20 off

If you have kids that are super active and play a lot of sports or swim or anything like that, you should get them an activity tracker this year. It's a great way for them to see the impact all that activity is having on their health. The Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 activity tracker (opens in new tab) is down to $49.99 on Amazon, and it comes in a variety of different designs at that price. Get Marvel's Spider-Man (opens in new tab), a couple different Star Wars (opens in new tab) designs, Disney's Frozen II (opens in new tab), and more. These trackers normally sell for around $70 or more, and the $50 drop is a new low for most of them.

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The activity trackers on sale include designs from Disney's Frozen II, Marvel's Spider-Man, Star Wars, and more. Parents can use chore management and reward tools in the free app. Kids can track goals, unlock adventures and games, and more.

The Vivofit Jr. 2 features an interactive app experience, too. Whether your kids are tracking goals, unlocking adventures, playing games, or discovering icons from their favorite franchises, the activity tracker and the app work hard to keep them motivated and on the move. Some of these activities are designed to help kids reach their daily 60-minute goal while at the same time making it fun. For example, with the Spider-Man band, kids can go web-slinging through the Spider-Man game on the app, fight bad guys, and more. The more goals they reach, the more of the story that unfolds.

The tracker will last for more than a year. You don't recharge it. You just replace it, and that's very easy to do. The band features a customizable color screen, and it is swim friendly.

Plus, parents can use the parent-controlled app to access chore management, reward tools, and more. You can work together with your kids so you both stay involved. Kids will get reminders to help them stay on top of tasks that need done like homework or chores, and they can use the timers for practice and other things. You can even set a timer for things like brushing teeth to help develop good habits.

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