These XR glasses let you take a 201-inch screen anywhere — and they're just $299

RayNeo Air 2 AR Glasses
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XR glasses are getting a lot of momentum these days, and RayNeo's Air 2 are an intriguing addition to this category. These XR glasses include a Sony micro OLED panel that lets you project up to a 201-inch image anywhere you are, and they go up to 600 nits and have a 120Hz refresh.

In short, they're pretty great for gaming and streaming content on the go, and while they usually retail for $349, you can get your hands on these XR glasses for $299 — just use the code RAYNEOSAVE50 at checkout.

RayNeo Air 2 AR Glasses: $349 $299 at Amazon

RayNeo Air 2 AR Glasses: $349 $299 at Amazon

The Air 2 let you project an image at up to 201 inches, and that makes these XR glasses a great choice if you want to game on the go. Use code RAYNEOSAVE50 to get the Air 2 for just $299 this Cyber Monday. 

They're relatively light at 76g, and you get a good amount of adjustability with the nose bridge that lets you get a comfortable fit. These glasses are great for entertainment on the go, and while there's some fringing at the edges, they hold up very well at gaming as well — the 120Hz refresh makes a difference in this use case.

They work with most Android devices and handhelds like the Steam Deck — it was a lot of fun to use this with Valve's handheld — but you'll need a dedicated adapter if you want to use it with a Pixel. RayNeo's software needs a bit of work, but I didn't have any issues on the connectivity side of things.

If you're like me and haven't used XR glasses before, these are a lot of fun to try out, and even if you don't game extensively, they're great for watching TV shows and movies. If you're interested, get the Air 2 for $299 by using RAYNEOSAVE50 at checkout.

Harish Jonnalagadda
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