NERF Ultimate Championship coming to Oculus Quest 2 this August

NERF Ultimate Championship
(Image credit: Secret Location)

What you need to know

  • Competitive 4v4 VR shooter NERF: Ultimate Championship unveiled a new trailer at the Upload VR Summer Showcase event.
  • The game will be launching for Meta Quest 2 on August 25.
  • It will launch with three maps and three game modes with post-launch seasons already planned.

Competitive multiplayer virtual reality shooter NERF: Ultimate Championship unveiled a new trailer and announced a release date at the Upload VR Summer Showcase event today.

The game based on the popular toy weapon was initially announced last year, and now will be coming to Meta Quest 2 on August 25. Developer Secret Location showed off more gameplay of the online shooter in the trailer below, and revealed more details of what will be coming at launch.

NERF: Ultimate Championship will be launching with three maps, three game modes, free battle passes, and a "wide range of blasters." The blasters will have manual reloading, unique dart physics, and some will have the option to dual-wield two weapons. There will also be a FOV reduction system with smooth or snap rotation for better comfort in VR, and a training area that also functions as a social hub.

For post-launch support, Secret Location has said it has planned multiple seasons of free content including unlockable skins, avatars, blasters, new maps, game modes, and special events.

“We want NERF Ultimate Championship to be a game that players keep coming back to over time,” said Secret Location studio director Josh Manricks. “There is a lot of exciting content planned for after release. We’ve captured the social and physical essence of NERF, with intense battles powered by dynamic, fluid movement, as well as some epic NERF blasters made exclusively for the game. All these elements, combined with maps that encourage fast-paced gameplay and constant updates of free content, will offer fans plenty of reasons to keep jumping back in with friends.”

The developer is planning to share more behind-the-scenes content and offer exclusive access to beta tests on the game's official Discord, and we will see if the game's shooting and parkour elements are enough to crack our list of the best Oculus Quest 2 games.

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