This Meta Quest 3 headstrap makes it easy to use VR for hours

The BoboVR M3 Pro is my favorite Meta Quest 3 headstrap available.

A BoboVR M3 Pro headstrap replacement on a Meta Quest 3
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Android Central Verdict

Bobo offers a range of different Quest 3 headstrap options, but the M3 Pro is the best mix of price, comfort, and longevity for most people. It significantly enhances the comfort of the headset, and adds at least two hours of battery life with its magnetically removable, rechargeable batteries.


  • +

    Takes the weight off your face

  • +

    Adds more battery life

  • +

    Fits a wide range of head sizes and shapes

  • +

    Magnetic battery pack can be hot-swapped

  • +

    Allows for open visor configuration

  • +

    Good price

  • +

    All pads are removable and easy to clean


  • -

    Can wobble during high-intensity play

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The BoboVR M3 Pro is the best Meta Quest 3 headstrap you can buy, swapping out that silly cloth headstrap for something far more comfortable and ergonomic. Not only that, but it adds at least two hours of battery life thanks to its brilliant magnetic rechargeable battery packs.

BoboVR made a name for itself with its revolutionary Meta Quest 2 headset, the BoboVR M2 Pro, and the M3 Pro uses an enhanced halo-style design that doesn't wobble as much as that older headstrap. Other than that, the M3 Pro doesn't change things arbitrarily, keeping the best parts for Meta's best VR headset, the Meta Quest 3.

I've been using the BoboVR M3 Pro since the Meta Quest 3 came out, and while I've tested several headstraps since then, I always put the M3 Pro back on when I'm ready to play. BoboVR sells the M3 Pro Super for nearly double the price but I don't think it's worth the additional cost for most people. Likewise, the BoboVR M3 Mini only offers comfort enhancements but doesn't upgrade the headset's battery life.

In other words, the BoboVR M3 Pro is the Goldilocks model, offering a perfect balance of price, comfort, and longevity for Meta Quest 3 gamers.

BoboVR M3 Pro: Brilliant design

A Meta Quest 3 with a BoboVR M3 Pro head strap installed

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

Sony debuted the halo-style headstrap design with the original PSVR, and while it made slipping the headset on and off quite easy, the ergonomics didn't work for everyone. Over the years, companies like BoboVR have tweaked the design for the better, modifying the angle of the straps, adding an extra hinge for enhanced comfort, and keeping the headset from sagging with a brilliant top "strap" design.

The BoboVR M3 Pro uses a dual hinge design to ensure the perfect fit no matter your head shape or size. The side straps adjust via a convenient wheel on the back — an industry-standard design most headstraps use — and you can adjust the angle of the headset easily by tilting the Meta Quest 3 up or down thanks to the mid-hinge.

The headstrap slides onto the side rails of the Quest 3 instead of clipping on, a design that I far prefer because it feels safer to remove when you need to. Plus, you can easily slide it further in or out to accommodate different head sizes.

The back is padded in comfy, PU leather pads that are removable via Velcro connections and easily cleaned. BoboVR even includes a pack of hexagonal grippy pads that help keep the headset steady for folks with longer hair.

As you'd expect from a halo-style strap, most of the Quest 3's front-heavy weight is evenly distributed between the back of your head and your forehead. BoboVR improved upon this design by adding two clever pads for the top of your head which adds both a new weight distribution point, plus keeps the headset from sagging if you don't have it on super tight.

Some other slight design tweaks — plus design changes between the Meta Quest 2 and 3 — also keep it from wobbling like the BoboVR M2 Pro did. In fact, the wobble is the main reason I used the GeekVR Q2 Pro on my Quest 2 over the BoboVR M2 Pro.

There's still a slight headset wobble if you quickly flick your head but I can't think of an actual scenario where this happened to me outside of testing for wobble. You'll find that there's even less wobble when pairing it with something like this AMVR Quest 3 face pad, as well.

If you happen to be like me and love the Meta Quest Pro's open visor configuration — that means not using a face pad at all — the BoboVR M3 Pro is a pretty excellent way to work while wearing a Quest 3.

It's mildly awkward to use it like this and you'll need to adjust it to find the sweet spot. Plus, unlike the Quest Pro, you really shouldn't move around much unless you enjoy constantly resetting the headset position to get back to the lens sweet spot.

That's not the headstrap's fault — we'd ideally need a face pad that has an open bottom and sides for proper weight distribution — but it's still possible to use the Quest 3 without a face pad with this headstrap in some circumstances.

Even with a facepad, though, the BoboVR M3 Pro doesn't reduce the FoV like the M2 Pro did. Some of that has to do with better lenses on the Quest 3 but the other part is that it's easy to adjust how close it is to your face thanks to BoboVR's dual hinge design.

Lastly, BoboVR's brilliant magnetic battery packs are easily swapped out and rechargeable via a USB-C connection. They emit an audible beep when successfully attached, so you don't have to wonder if the headset made a successful connection.

The batteries have four LEDs on the front that light up to show the battery percentage in 25% increments. Tapping the single button on the battery will light these up and let you know how much is left at a glance.

You can buy a second battery plus a charger for $39.99, and each battery adds about two extra hours of battery life to the Quest 3. The packs take around an hour and a half to fully charge, which means you can hot-swap packs to your heart's content as you play, especially when you use BoboVR's charger.

Plus, if you already own another BoboVR headstrap, those batteries are interchangeable with this headstrap.

BoboVR might have other headstrap options — both cheaper and more expensive — but the BoboVR M3 Pro is the best overall solution from the company. It won't cost you an arm and a leg and the advantages over the company's cheaper headstrap are worth the price.

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