Beat Saber just got new songs and a next-gen Quest 3 upgrade

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What you need to know

  • The sixth original soundtrack is now available for free for all Beat Saber players.
  • The soundtrack includes new original songs from Lindsey Stirling, DragonForce, Far Out, and Camellia, with a fifth bonus song coming soon.
  • Quest 3 owners can now select from 90Hz or 120Hz modes in the game, and other visual enhancements and upgrades are also available.

Beat Saber is back with a new original soundtrack, just in time to work off all those extra calories many of us tend to consume during the Holiday! The new OST 6 is now available for free for all versions of Beat Saber, so turn on your favorite VR headset and hit that update button to start playing right away.

OST 6 launches four brand new original songs for the best Meta Quest game from some pretty popular artists. The track list makes worldwide debuts for Lindsey Stirling and DragonForce for the first time in the game's storied history, which is the first time we've seen this big of an original release since the Timbaland DLC some years ago.

A fifth mystery song will debut "soon," although Meta nor Beat Games has specified a release date for it just yet.

All the new songs take place in the new "Lattice" environment, and Beat Games has also upgraded the level editor with what it's calling "quality of life" improvements.

Here's the full OST 6 tracklist:

  • Lindsey Stirling - Heavy Weight
  • Far Out - Lift Off
  • DragonForce - Power of the Saber Blade
  • Camellia - Tempo-Katana

In addition to the new songs, Meta Quest 3 owners can now choose to run the game in 90Hz or 120Hz modes, allowing for more fluidity when running the game at higher framerates. Furthermore, Quest 3 gamers can enjoy the newly retextured obstacles as well as general improvements to the visual quality and overall fidelity of the game's look.

This marks the first major Beat Saber update for Quest 3 players since the headset launched nearly two months ago.


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