These are the Cyber Monday SSD deals you can't afford to ignore

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Have you ever gone to install a game, excited to play it after weeks, months, or possibly even years of looking forward to the experience, only to suddenly find that you don't have enough storage space, and you need to delete something in order to make room? 

If that's happened to you, you're not alone, and it's why you need to take advantage of some SSD deals for Cyber Monday. Anyone playing games on a PS5 knows the struggle of having enough storage, so choosing now to buy one of the best PS5 SSDs can go a long way in reducing your frustration. 

Ready to buy? Let's dive in.

Today's best Cyber Monday SSD deals


WD Black D30: $149 $94 at Amazon

If you need some extra space for your backward compatible games, you can consider the WD Black D30. This works with PlayStation and Xbox games. While it won't work with current-generation titles, you can use it to store any PS4 and Xbox One games, saving the internal SSD for newer titles. 

Right now, the WD Black D30 is $55 off at Amazon, but this deal isn't going to be available for much longer. If you have lots of older games you don't want to let go of, then buy this SSD and move all your older games over!


WD Black SN850: $279 $127 at Amazon

Out of all these options, I can personally vouch for the WD Black SN850. This SSD is perfect for expanding your PS5's internal storage space. That means more room, and more importantly, more room specifically for playing PS5 games. 

This SSD is over half off right now on Amazon, and there's no way of knowing how long this deal will last. Buying the WD Black SN850 isn't just a matter of getting more space, but of preparing for the future, as more and more titles are developed exclusively for the latest generation of consoles. 

If you only buy one thing for Cyber Monday, this should be it.


WD Black SN850X: $179 $99 at Amazon

A more recent addition to the lineup of WD Black SSDs is the WD Black SN850X. Essentially a more refined version of the SN850, this SSD is slightly faster, which normally wouldn't be worth paying attention to. 

Cyber Monday changed that however, and now, you can get this great SSD for $80 off. It's the perfect time to upgrade your PS5 storage space, and it's a deal that's bound to run out of stock very soon.


WD Black P40: $179 $104 at Amazon

External storage, as we've established, is a great way to make sure you can keep on having access to your backward compatible titles, all while keeping the precious storage space inside of your new console ready for the latest game. 

The WD Black P40 is another solid choice for continuing to play these older titles. This SSD is $75 off for Cyber Monday. This deal will be ending soon, so if it's of interest, you need to act fast so you don't miss out before more games arrive.

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