Bless your ears with these Cyber Monday gaming headset deals

Razer BlackShark V2 X
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Cyber Monday doesn't always have something for everyone, but if you're on the hunt for some great gaming headset deals, you're seriously in luck...if you act really fast. After all, these deals could run out at any time. 

A handful of retailers are continuing their discounts from Black Friday, meaning now is the perfect time to pick up a discounted headset at an affordable price. Some of the best PS5 headsets are now half off, so you can experience quality gaming audio at a price that won't break your wallet. 

Time to save on a new headset? Then let's go.

Today's best Cyber Monday gaming headset deals


Razer Blackshark V2 X: $59 $39 at Amazon

Some of our favorite headsets come from Razer, and this evolution of the V2 lineup is no exception. With this headset, you're getting comfortable memory foam cushions and 50mm drivers, which is critical if you wear glasses while playing games. 

This headset works with a PC as well as being perfect for any kind of console gaming, no matter if you have the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, or Nintendo Switch. Right now, you can buy this headset and get $20 off, which means more money spent on games. 


PS5 Pulse 3D Headset: $99 $69 at Best Buy

The *nicest* deal of the day has to be the PS5 Pulse 3D headset, which is discounted by $30 at Best Buy right now. This headset is specifically built for PS5 gaming, taking advantage of the new 3D audio features. 

3D audio means more accurate noises in games where it matters, so you'll see especially great results in horror titles and shooters. Our hands-on testing of the PS5 Pulse 3D Headset found it's well worth the price, and that's even more true with this sale.

This discount is applicable to both the white model and the more recent black edition, so you can pick the right color headset to match your PS5 plates.


HyperX Cloud II Wireless: $149 $109 at Amazon

If battery life is your main concern, look no further. The HyperX Cloud II boasts a 30-hour battery life, making it a fantastic choice for anyone that wants the freedom provided by wireless headset but don't want to constantly be charging their device. 

The 53mm drivers deliver solid audio, and it's compatible across PC and PS5, so you have some options for where you choose to enjoy your games. 

This deal is ending very soon, so if $40 off this great wireless headset sounds appealing to you, don't hesitate and buy it now. 


Razer Kraken Kitty: $149 $99 at Amazon

Do you need to feel like a catgirl when you're playing games? If so, you're not alone, considering Razer has its popular line of Kraken Kitty headsets on sale right now for Cyber Monday. 

If the normal price of $149 turns you off from these ears, you can get $50 off right now if you act quickly. Specifically designed for use on PC, the Razer Kraken Kitty supports THX 7.1 surround sound, so you can look cute and have a great audio experience.


HyperX Cloud Core: $99 $49 at Amazon

Okay, so maybe the idea of a great wireless headset is appealing, but you really don't want to spend a lot of money right now? We get it, and that's why you should consider the HyperX Cloud Core. 

This is a more basic headset from HyperX that's specifically meant just for PC gaming, but it still delivers the same great wireless functionality. You'll save money since it's $50 off, but you won't be sacrificing on the experience, since it offers a 20-hour battery life. 

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