Grab the amazing Razer Kishi mobile controller for half off this Prime Day

Razer Kishi
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There's no shortage of mobile controllers on the market, but when it comes to dependability and quality, Razer is a brand that always comes out on top. That's no different with its Razer Kishi Android gaming controller.

For Prime Day, you can snag the Android mobile controller for half off, and you really won't find a better deal than this. The Razer Kishi has been discounted to just $50 on Amazon. And if for some reason that's even just a tad too much, the model without its Xbox branding can be bought for $45.

Though the Razer Kishi has since been upgraded with the Kishi V2 model, some may prefer the older design over the newer one. The older Kishi still sports a USB-C connection for reliable performance, passthrough charging, and a portable design that's ready to be packed away and taken wherever you are.  

Next-level Android gaming

Razer Kishi for Android (Xbox):$100$50 at Amazon

Razer Kishi for Android (Xbox): $100 $50 at Amazon

Ditch the touch controls and start gaming with the Razer Kishi instead. It's designed for Android phones to take advantage of the best services like Xbox Game Pass, Amazon Luna, Stadia, and much more. With zero latency and USB-C charging, it's an excellent choice as far as controllers go.

Razer Kishi for Android: $45 at Amazon

Razer Kishi for Android: $45 at Amazon

The biggest difference between this model and the other is that this one lacks a dedicated Xbox button and isn't branded as such. Despite that, it functions almost the exact same way and you're not losing out on any performance or dependability. 

I've had the opportunity to test out several mobile gaming controllers over the last couple of years, including the Kishi, and was impressed by its build and tactile face buttons. Though the design means it fits fewer phones than a Bluetooth controller might, it still supports plenty of the best Android phones on the market right now. In fact, Prime Day has some stellar phone deals going on that would be perfect to pair up with this controller if you're in the market for some new hardware. 

Even if the Kishi V2 improved on its ergonomics and added support for its game discovery Nexus app, the regular old Kishi is still one of our favorite Android controllers.

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