After the Fall gets new map, weapon, and player skins in free update

After the Fall
(Image credit: Vertigo Games)

What you need to know

  • After the Fall received a free update today for Quest 2, PlayStation VR, and PC VR versions.
  • The update adds a new map with a new enemy exclusive to it for now, a LMG weapon, player customization, and bug fixes.
  • Developer Vertigo Games is still investigating Quest 2 freezes that also affect other players in the party even if playing on other platforms.

After the Fall, the VR cooperative shooter from Arizona Sunshine studio Vertigo Games, got a free update today with new content and bug fixes as the game is currently in its first Frontrunner Season.

The aptly named Boulevard update for Quest 2 and other VR headsets adds the new Boulevard Harvest Map where players explore the streets of Hollywood. According to the patch notes, the new map can be started after finishing Relay Tower, though anyone can join other players hosting the map without unlocking first.

The new map comes with a new enemy called the Skimmer, initially revealed last month. The impish creature will run from players when first sighted and drops "a massive amount of Harvest" on hit and kill. The enemy can only be found in the Boulevard map, but the studio says will be added to other maps after feedback.

Completing the Boulevard map will unlock the new LMG weapon, which then can be bought for 9,000 Harvest. It features 12 unlockable attachments, including a Box Magazine to increase the magazine size to 99, and 36 weapon skins with more to be added over time.

Also added in the new update is character customization, where players can now equip skins earned from either the story, challenges, or by owning the Deluxe Edition. 

The update brought changes to a few weapons with increased damage for the Assault Carbine and MT-47, though the Revolver received the most positive changes. The Revolver now has increased stagger damage, fire rate for better handling, a base 10% for getting a critical hit, and a damage multiplier for special enemies. Meanwhile, the shotgun now has a " Pump Lock" mechanic that allows players to manually eject a shell.

Vertigo Games also mentioned in the patch notes that it is still investigating freezes for Quest 2 players that can also affect other players in the party regardless of platform. Despite the issue, After the Fall is still one of the best Quest 2 games to play with more coming to the game over the course of the Frontrunner Season.

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