After the Fall will add Horde mode and new maps with Frontrunner Season

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What you need to know

  • After the Fall is a virtual reality shooter with four-player co-op and competitive multiplayer for Quest 2, PlayStation VR, and VR on PC.
  • The game will receive a new Horde mode with the Frontrunner Season alongside new maps, enemies, and weapons in mid-February.
  • After the Fall will get a physical PS VR release called the Frontrunner Edition in March.

Virtual reality zombie shooter After the Fall will be receiving new content with more modes, maps, enemies and weapons with the upcoming Frontrunner Season starting sometime this month.

After the Fall developer Vertigo Games revealed today almost all of what will be coming in the game's first season of content. The season will kick off by adding a new Horde mode, where up to four players defend a contained area against multiple lanes of Snowbreed enemies and survive as long as possible.

The Horde mode can be played on two new maps coming with the season, Junction and Highway, while the cooperative Harvest Run mode receives a new map taking place in Hollywood called Boulevard. Also coming in the Frontrunner season for After the Fall is a new competitive multiplayer map called Stockpile, a Free-for-all mode, the skittish Skimmer enemy, a new Revolver weapon, and "another yet-to-be announced weapon."

The Frontrunner Season will be free for all players across Quest 2, PlayStation VR, and PC VR versions. After the Fall, one of the best Quest 2 games, will also receive a physical PS VR launch on March 25. The Frontrunner Edition will contain the full game, a PS VR exclusive Ultimate Buster skin, PlayStation 4 theme and avatars, digital soundtrack, and digital artbook for $50.

After The Fall Frontrunner Edition

(Image credit: Source: Vertigo Games)
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