Is the Galaxy S9+ too big of a smartphone?

At MWC 2018, Samsung announced two new phones – the Galaxy S9 and S9+. Both handsets are very similar to one another, but only the S9+ gets two rear cameras, a larger 3,500 mAh battery, and 6GB of RAM as opposed to 4GB.

However, along with these increased specs, the S9+ is also a physically bigger phone (158.1 x 73.8 x 8.5mm and 189g, to be exact).

One of our forum members reached out to the community to see what other people thought about the Galaxy S9+'s size, and these are a few of the top responses.

I found the S8 Plus to be perfect for my use. The S9 Plus is 1 mm bigger and will weigh slightly more. Go to a store and hold the S8 Plus which will give you a very close ideal of the upcoming 9. Mav. :cool:

VW Maverick

I'm a female with small hands and my S8+ is perfect for me, feels good and easy to handle.


I'm used to phablets/big screens so the S8+ is actually thinner than what I'm used to. It's a great phone, though. I have had no issues with it.


YES, it is too big in my opinion. I'm 6'1" with proportionate hands. I've owned huge phones like the Lumia 1500 and currently own a Note8. Just because you can do most tasks with one hand on a big phone doesn't mean it's the most ideal or comfortable experience. Keep in mind: It's not just about the width or height of the phone, how thick the device is factors-in as well. You should be looking...


Now, we want to hear from you – Do you think the Galaxy S9+ is too big of a phone?

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  • How does the compare to the Note 8?
  • It's a great cell phone!! Love Samsung❤❤❤
  • Wtf is this article?! Bigger than what, the s9? S9+ is 1.4mm shorter and .4mm wider than s8+ but slightly heavier. Technically has smaller footprint than previous gen. I don't usually complain about AC but what a ridiculous article!
  • I kind of agree. It's actually a feat that a 6.2-inch screen phone can fit within these dimensions. We're talking somewhere around 85% screen to body ratio. I wouldn't buy a 6-inch phone and complain that it is too pig unless it was obviously wasted space. Think back to the Moto Nexus for example. That phone had a 5.96 inch screen in a taller and wider body (83mm wide!)
  • Will wait for Note 9
  • God, I HATE THE ARTICLES. If it's to big, get the 9!!!! There is a reason there are 3 different sizes! Many of us like big phones. This is like complaining they need to stop making size 12 shoes b3cause 9's fit you better. Ridiculous article.
  • That would be fine IF they both had the same camera and RAM, but they don't. I have an S8 because I didn't like the size of the S8+. Make the dang phones identical in specs and features so people have a choice. Don't force me to have reduced features in the same line of phones if i want the smaller screen.
  • You can never pack as much in a smaller phone. That's the way it is.
  • This article is not ridiculous! First of all there are still alot of people using smaller than a 5 inch display smartphone! People want to hear about the larger screen sizes from those of us that use them daily. I would highly recommend the larger size because it is so much easier to view without straining your eyes. But it's also a personal opinion for people depending on the amount of time spent on their device daily. I use to believe in smaller phones are better because they take up less space. Now that I've made the jump to the larger screens I will never go back! My advice is use the trial period from your carrier to see if it works for you.
  • Really? Then why is there never an article asking if the S9 or base iPhone is to small?
  • Personally I think the regular S8/S9 size is perfect as it fits in my pants or jacket pockets comfortably. May not be a big issue for others though. My wife has a huge iPhone but she keeps it in her purse so it doesn't matter.
  • S9+/Note8 is the perfect sized phone. I love the size of my Note 8. Unfortunately my Note8 has some pretty terrible screen burn in that is really getting on my nerves. I may be forced to "upgrade" to the S9+. :/
  • No, I thought my s8+ was too big as first. But after viewing video's I love the size. Looking forward to the s9+, very compact for a large phone!
  • As I am a note user I love the size of the phone. Some of the females I work with also really like phones with larger Screens and have no problem with the size as they came from iPhones which were bigger with smaller screens. There were many phones which were "big".
    It is so relative because most of the females I know have big phones and don't complain as much as some of the males that seem to think the phones are too big. Hmmm perhaps the women like the big ones and the men like the small ones on mass.
  • Yep, most of the women I know like the big ones too...
  • Yes. And they widened it and made it heavier. They need to stop doing this. Premium does not equal heavy.
  • I'm not sure how important weight distribution is here, bu I used to have a Lumia 920 which weighted at 186g and I never got used to it, it felt too heavy. This one is even slightly heavier.
  • Not sure if the article is ridiculous or not, but we see this same article every year, the S6+, S7+, S8+, Note 1-8, Large LG phones, and now the S9+. I think it is fine to point out that some people like bigger phone and some like smaller phones, and not everyone will like both.
  • No, it’s not too big at all. I got to go hands-on with it yesterday at my local Best Buy while the Samsung rep was setting up the display. Feels great in the hand, the display is beautiful of course, and the stereo speakers help quite a bit. Picking it up on March 16 unlocked.
  • I personally don't hang issues with the size of the S9+ but I don't other narrow width as its a pain to type with this (my Chines Oukitel K6 is 18: 9 aspect ratio at 6 inches) I can't wait to get a Pixel 2 XL as I prefer its, wider width and because I'm a Google and stock Android lover so wouldn't use Samsung's phones despite them looking gorgeous.
  • I have an S7 Edge, which is a little smaller than the Moto X Pure I had before it. Dimensions: Moto X Pure
    153.9 x 76.2 x 11.1 mm S7 Edge
    150.9 x 72.6 x 7.7 mm S9 Plus
    158.1 x 73.8 x 8.5 mm For me, width tends to make a phone harder to use rather than height, and the S9+ is still narrower than the X Pure, which I had no trouble using. Reaching the upper corners of the S9+ one-handed might be a slight challenge but these dimensions don't scare me off.
  • I remember those days of yore when dinosaurs prowled the Earth and the Galaxy Note 2 was considered (by many including me ) way too large for a phone.