Galaxy Note 8 brochure leaks, confirming rumored specs

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be announced at an Unpacked event on August 23, and as we get closer to that date we learn more and more about Samsung's next flagship. Earlier, we saw super clear images of the device, and now a product brochure shows off the phone's specifications.

Ausdroid shared the brochure, and the specs are mostly what could be expected by a late 2017 flagship: the phone will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, feature a 6.3-inch QHD+ AMOLED display with an 18:9 aspect ratio, 6GB of RAM, and a 3,300 mAh battery.

Storage is where it gets really interesting: the introductory model will feature 64GB of internal storage, while the more expensive model will include a whopping 256GB of internal storage. If that is somehow not enough, the phone will also include a MicroSD slot for expansion.

Are you excited for the Galaxy Note 8? Let us know down below!

Tom Westrick
  • I want one already!
  • Looks amazing. Does it have a headphone jack? I don't care about the Finger Print Scanner as I have normal human hands and my finger can easily connect on the S8+.
  • lol
  • It'll have a headphone jack
  • Yes headphones on deck
  • Haha, I agree. All the hate on the placement of the fingerprint sensor is ridiculous.
  • Welcome to yesterday! Saw this 24 hours ago :-)
  • Big whoop. Want to fight about it?
  • Welcome to the future, I saw it tomorrow
  • Haha
  • Take my money
  • Mine to.
  • I don't need this phone.
    I don't like this phone. I still need to be held back from buying it though. Why? I don't understand why. :/
  • damn, I want it but for 1000$ no thanks
  • I don't think it will be $1000, well I'm just hoping anyway but I'll just jump. I just got the S8+ a free months ago but I'll gracefully hand it back to them for the Note 8.
  • I may just use my Tmo Jump lol. Next question is 64gb, or 128gb internal storage even though I have an expanded.
  • Trust me 64 gigs with memory card is plenty. This thing will be a beast 6 gb of ram 256 gb of memory slot . 500 gb holy s**t an beep sea blue take my money please
  • lol! I have the s8plus 64gb with 128gb memory card
  • You also have to remember that you won't have the full 64 gigs, the OS will more than likely take up at least 6 to 8 gigs or more but still having approx 50 gigs of available storage is still pretty damn good coupled with expandable storage.
  • Is 128 even an option?
  • I have the sandisk 128gb micro sd :) I have it only because I store a lot of music.
  • If you have a memory card already go with The 64gb
  • I will 1000% be using my Jump for this and being that I can jump every 30 days, I may try out the V30 before the Note 8 just for a personal comparison,
  • Yep. Can't wait till next week.
  • If we still can't get S note I'll be a little devastated.
  • My next phone for sure!
  • Am I the only one having a hard time confirming the battery size and internal storage options in the brochure?
  • Everything I've heard points to 3300 amps battery . An before we start a fire storm it's still bigger then all the other main stream flagship phones being released this year going forward . And with that chip set should be fine . My s8 plus has been a beast
  • My apologies for not being more clear in my comment. I was just stating that I couldn't find in the brochure the battery and internal storage specs listed in the article. (I for one don't care how big or small the battery is, as long as it doesn't malfunction and can get me through an entire day of heavy usage - I care more about real world usage than the number.) But the article also noted 256 GB internal storage option, but I didn't see that anywhere in the brochure. I may be missing something.
  • Apart from the Mate 10 which is rumoured to have a 4000+ P10+ already has 3750mah.
  • Love to trade in my s7 edge for this
  • I'm hoping Samsung really optimized the 6gb of ram well. I remember hearing how the note 5 didn't take true advantage of the 4gb of RAM at first or something, or maybe it was a different device.
  • I agree, although I had the S6 Edge+ which had 4GB RAM after having the regular S6, which had 3GB RAM, and the Edge+ was way better lag wise. But Samsung still could have done much better memory management with 4GB compared to their competitors. They've gotten better but even with my S8+ with 4GB, one thing that makes this Note interesting is the 6GB RAM. I love their phones, but I really think they need to take a step back to the drawing board on memory management. Almost every other phone with the same specs is way quicker.
  • I see, so it seems they had memory management issues. Did they get better with further OS updates?
  • Not really. Some of the updates improved them while others made them worse. I uninstalled the typical worst offenders like FB. I monitored my memory usage. The biggest culprit was Android System. It's relaunching apps that were previously in memory where I felt it most. Please note these issues were not enough to outweigh the superb feature of the phone. I'm using an S8+ today despite it being slower than the far cheaper Mate 9 or OnePlus 5 because to me, the Samsung performance is good enough. Performance isn't everything. It's gorgeous screen, amazing camera and overall quality feel for me far outweigh it's performance issues. I also happen to love Samsung's software for the most part. I stick to their email client for everything but work email. I prefer their Contacts app over Google Contacts and many other apps I've tried. I love their implemention of split screen and do use it. I love Samsung Pay and use it all the time. So I'm not saying that this is a deal breaker. To me the S8+ Is the best phone I've ever used, and I've used a lot of phones. Really the only remaining complaint I have about Sammy is that they could probably do a far better job in memory management for reopening apps more quickly.
  • A different device. My note 5 runs smooth as anus grease on a hot Sunday afternoon.
  • Did it run smooth since day 1?
  • ^this^
  • That is true. But in the s8 management is great so I'm sure it will continue that way.
  • TOM, Samsung can have it, it`s expensive phone. HTC U11 and other phones can do a lot, Samsung features most of it a gimmick anyway. Unless who`s buying it going to stay all day taking pictures, watching YouTube and looking at the screen 24hrs a day.
  • Yes ^^^^ hehe
  • I dislike Samsung for some reason. Great looking phone though.
  • I'm the same I don't like them to but I also don't like the design of this to but we all have different tastes
  • So how bad will the price points be??
  • Not with that sized battery I'm not.
  • Wait a month or so and get a BOGO or another deal from the carriers. Or get an unlocked version when and if available. That's my plan. Whatever work's for you.
  • Samsung neutered the note line imo. The spen is the only factor that makes it a note still. I'd rather get the S active.
    I wonder how the v30 will hold up against this.
    If Samsung would only make another note like the note 4 *sigh*
  • To an extent, but 6GB is not a minor upgrade if the OnePlus is anything to go by.
  • how is it neutered??? what spec does some other phone have that the Note 8 doesn't??
  • Battery is a disappointment.. Need at least 4000mah for a phone that size.
  • Yea cause what other phone has 4000 amp that's just released ,you do realize that the battery in the note8 is bigger then the v 30 , ip7 , v20 , pixel plus, essential an most of the flagship fyi
  • Yep but even so, none of those you mentioned have adequate batteries.. Poor form for so called flagship.
  • The S8 Active has 4k battery. Getting one tomorrow.
  • Guess you missed the s8 plus vs mate 9 battery drain test spoiler alert mate 9 lost
  • The Huawei Mate 9 has a 4,000 mAH battery and it's battery life is insanely good. The Mate 10 is being released soon. We'll see what it has battery wise, but based on leaks it's going to have a similarly beautiful screen to the Samsung, and it's cameras were already pretty close in last year's Mate 9. The Mate 9 is quicker with it's Kirin 960 CPU and 4GB RAM than the S8+. I had both and stick with the Samsung, but it wasn't an easy decision.
  • Was considering mate9 but holding out for details on mate10. Nokia8 was also a dissapointment but they say a Nokia9 is on the horizon.
  • Mate 9 with its 4000 amp lost vs s8 plus 3500 amp in a battery drain test . Check for yourself on YouTube size is not everything
  • You're right, I ssw that test. But I used both daily for 2 months in the case of the Mate 9, and now 4 months or since when the S8+ was launched, and my experience and that of many others if not in line with the rest. The Mate 9 running the same exact apps as I run on my S8+ never got below 30% but the thing I sent you bed. I didn't have to charge it even once during the day for the entire 2 months. But will the S8+, I end the day at 10% max, and frequently have to charge it during the day if I know I'll be out late. That test was done on two phones which fresh install after no time to let the batteries settle in. Or maybe the way I use my phone made the difference. Regardless, others I know who have tried both also confirmed what I've seen.
  • Not sure how you use your phone but my s8 plus is a battery beast an I expect know different from the n8 as far as the mate 9 . I've never seen one in the wild . Yet you say you have multiple friends with one .... interesting
  • I said others I know. That's people at work that I know, 2 of them to be specific, one of whom is in the UK, where Huawei I'd significantly more common than in the US. Anyway, given that I ended up selling my Mate 9 and sticking to the S8+, obviously I still prefer the Samsung despite the battery life. So why would I be here espousing the Mate 9's battery life? My point is that larger batteries do still make a positive difference. And I do use my phone a lot on any given day. I travel to and from work by subway. On the way there I use the hotspot while above ground and listen to music the entire way. On the way back I watch downloaded Netflix content or saved YouTube videos while underground and then either continue watching those or switch to regular YouTube videos once above ground. I have a Gear S3 Frontier and Beatsx headphones connected via Bluetooth all day, and often take work calls on my cell. On those use cases, the Mate 9 is far better than the S8+ in battery life. I decided on the S8+ because I prefer it's screen and camera and I can wirelessly charge it when needed during the day. Doesn't change what I said. Feel free to continue not believing me. Go to the Mate 9 forums here and you'll find folks raving about the battery life too. You won't see much discussion of how good the SO+ battery life is on the S8/S8+ forums.
  • Considering recent history with the note7, Samsung may just be playing it safe with this version.
  • Can't wait. Coming from Windows Phone, this is clearly the closest thing to a "Surface Phone" I'm ever going to get.
  • Coming from windows phone a startac would be close to a surface phone at this point.
  • This can kill the iPhone 8 before it even exists.
  • Kill the iPhone? That is highly unlikely. It is immortal. One day the fanboys on both sides will realize that they come across as children yelling "my dad can beat your's up". It is silly childishness. Anyone that is just a bit objective realizes that there is a market for each and people will buy that which suits them. There is no iPhone killer (or flagship killer, for that matter).
  • Well said. There are many good phones on the market, and what's good for one person isn't always good for another. Personally I far prefer Android phones, but I certainly understand why so many people love iPhones. Let's keep them all around so they drive each other to improve.
  • The fact that want he said bothers you, is what worries me the most . Don't take yourself so serious my friend. This is AC an where not big fans of Apple, by nature
  • Please do not let it worry you as I am not bothered. Finding something childish is not a bother at all. It is silly. People can be "not a fan" of Apple (I am included in the group that does not care to use an iPhone as it is not my cup of tea) and still not get caught up in hyperbole of one phone "killing" another. I prefer to deal in things that are actually true. I hope this has helped alleviate some of your worry. Life is too short to worry about strangers on the internet.
  • Nah, iphony does a good enough job killing itself on its own.
  • yes, increasing sales and number sold year after year really shows they are doing a bad job.....
  • So did the note 7! Joneser2006....Can play that game all day long!
  • If this was true it would also like the S8 and any other phones without a stylus. The fact is the majority of people don't use or want a stylus, which is why, although this phone will sell a few million, it will not outsell Samsung's regular phones.
  • I want the rumored Emperor Note 8 with the 8 gigs of ram...
  • That battery is so bad. Not enough, not nearly enough.
  • How much though?!
  • That itty bitty ass battery
  • Where does it confirm the undersized, 3300mah battery? I can't spot it in that brochure.
  • Take the V30 design with its flat screen and add the S-Pen. That would make a great Note 8. LG figured out the center finger print scanner from the start. Well most all the other OEMs figure that out. Oh well. We can dream.
  • I want.
    I want.
    I don't NEED it. But I want it..........
  • I just jizzed on Trump's face reading those specs 😎