From the forums: Are you upgrading to the Note 9 from the Galaxy S9+?

This past Friday, Samsung officially launched the Galaxy Note 9. We've already praised the phone quite a lot in our full review, and while the Note 9 does bring a lot of strong suits to the table, there's no denying its similarities to past Samsung phones — most notably, the Galaxy S9+.

The Note 9 and S9+ have very similar designs, nearly identical camera packages, the same processor, and an identical software experience.

With all those similarities in mind, why would any S9+ owner consider upgrading to the Note 9? According to the AC forums, there are some reasons you may still want to upgrade.

Better battery, for sure.

Mr Segundus

For me, the Spen. Bigger battery, bigger screen, more storage, just because it's a Note!!


There's multiple reasons. more storage, more ram, better camera software, bigger battery, bigger screen, spen and upgraded version of Android.


For me I like the more squared off corners of the Notes. The S series phones are always too rounded.


What say you? Are you upgrading to the Note 9 from the Galaxy S9+?

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