Game designed to be played while relaxed became anything but says developer

The world's brief love affair with Flappy Bird may now be coming to an end thanks to its removal from Google Play and the iOS App Store, but the developer has now come clean about his reasons for doing so. Despite an apparent issue with intense media attention, developer Dong Nguyen has spoken to the folks at Forbes about just why the bird flaps no more. 

Nguyen, it seems, was saving humanity from itself. He says he designed Flappy Bird to be played for a few minutes a time while relaxing. Of course, what we actually got was rage quits, swearing, and all manner of unhappiness with how damn hard it was. And yet everyone kept going back for more. It's this addictive nature which Nguyen claims was the final straw, and was the ultimate reason that the bird has flown away for ever. Not any issues with Nintendo.

Of course, if you really, really need that kind of game to play, there's a ton of clones and rip-offs already flooding the market to give you your fix. Or we could all just play something better, whatever. 

Source: Forbes