These are all the first-party Samsung Galaxy S21 cases

Galaxy S21 Ultra With S Pen Case
Galaxy S21 Ultra With S Pen Case (Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy S21 Series with shiny custom colors, lower prices across the board and the latest camera technology. However, after you decide which one you're buying comes another critical choice: Which accessories do you want to complement your new phone? While there are thousands of awesome Galaxy S21 cases out there, nothing's ever quite as well-fitted and perfectly color-matched as the cases made by Samsung itself. You also have almost a dozen cases for each version of the S21 to choose from, but we're here to help you pick the best one.

Galaxy S21 Cases

Best options for the baby Galaxy S21

The Galaxy S21 doesn't have as many case options as the S21+ or the Ultra, but we still have some standouts, starting the the Samsung Silicone Cover and Samsung Leather Cover. Both of these are slim and perfectly fitted to the S21's every curve while giving you a better grip on your new phone. In particular, the color matching on the Silicone Cover is absolutely sublime. If you prefer your cases more durable, I suggest the Clear Protective Cover, which gives you that super-textured bumper while still showing off your S21's color.

Galaxy S21+ Cases

The best cases to show off your Galaxy S21+

Given that the Galaxy S21+ got the most interesting of the custom colors, the two first-party cases I recommend for the S21+ are the Clear Protective Cover, for its rugged bumper and lanyard loop, and the Kvadrat Cover. The Clear Protective cover is grippy and sturdy, but rather than hiding your S21+'s color away like the Rugged Protective Cover, the Clear Protective Cover lets you flaunt it openly.

Meanwhile, the Kvadrat Case is a beautiful and compellingly designed case that also speaks to an increasingly important initiative for Samsung in 2021: sustainability. The Kvadrat Case is made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles, but beyond that, it has a distinct look, wonderfully tactile feel in the hand, and it comes in a two-tone violet that will look equally radiant with the Phantom Violet or Phantom Silver. The addition of a lanyard loop here is new and interesting, and while I won't be snapping on a hand strap anytime soon, I might grab myself a phone charm to stick on there instead.

Galaxy S21 Ultra Cases

Get ultra protective with your Galaxy S21 Ultra

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the largest of the three S21 models in both profile and weight, and that means grip and impact protection are even more important. Both of these combine to make the Clear Protective Cover one of the best first-party case choices for the S21 Ultra, allowing you to show off those custom colors while keeping it safe at the same time. If you're not getting a custom S21 Ultra, I recommend opting for the Leather Cover with those woven accents over the camera module.

Of course, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has S Pen compatibility and if you're planning to get the S Pen, you might as well buy it with a case to slot it into while you're out and about. After all, the last thing you want is to lose the S Pen somewhere and have to shell out an additional $40. So grab yourself the S-View Folio with S Pen so that you can make sure your S Pen is snug as a bug and covered on all sides when you're rushing to and fro during your busy days.

Galaxy S21 Accessories

Your new phone deserves the best

The best accessories for the Galaxy S21 are wide and varied, but the three I recommend picking up no matter which size S21 you want to buy are a good wireless charger, a good wired charger, and the best pair of noise-canceling earbuds you can afford. The Galaxy Buds Pro and their intelligent noise canceling that will quiet down while you're giving your order is amazing and I look forward to tuning out the whole world whenever possible.

Samsung has two new wireless chargers alongside the S21, and I recommend grabbing the Samsung Wireless Charge Duo (2021) even if you don't have a wireless charging accessory right this second. The second pad can be used to charge a second phone (at 5W), or it'll be ready for a watch or earbuds you pick up in the future. While the Samsung 25W Travel Adapter is more affordable than ever, I'll remind you that you can find smaller and more travel-friendly chargers for the same price or less over in our Fastest USB-C Charger guide.

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