Zizo cases for the Galaxy Note 8: Rugged, stylish, and a little bit weird

Starting at over $900, the Galaxy Note 8 is as expensive as flagship phones come. Keeping the Note 8 protected at all times will likely require a case rugged enough to withstand everything that life throws at you along with a tempered glass screen protector, too.

If you know you'll need that full protection Zizo shipped us their full line of cases for the Note 8 for us to check out so let's dive in!

Bolt Series case

The Bold Series case is Zizo's flagship case. It comes not only with a tempered glass screen protector but a 360-degree swiveling belt clip holster and an optional lanyard you'll need to install before inserting your phone.

The angled ridges on the back seem to indicate this case was designed to be held in your left hand — your fingers naturally find the ridges, and the plastic rivets are interesting touches. On the inside is a grid of shock-dispersing channels that will help keep your phone unharmed after a nasty drop.

This is a rugged, dual-layer case that also includes a reinforced kickstand on the back. Along with the screen protector and all the other includes accessories and features, this is a great value at just $18.

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Proton Series case

Combining the views provided by a clear case and the rugged bumper of a heavy duty case, the Proton Series case is perfect for anyone who loves the idea of a clear case but also doesn't want to skimp on protection.

It's actually a three-piece case that is easy to install but tricky to remove your phone from in our experience — better than the alternative when we're talking about accessories designed to keep your phone safe. The bumper is textured to ensure good grip.

This case includes covers for the charging port and headphone jack, and is available in six bold color choices — all for just $14.

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Retro Series case

As the name implies, the Retro Series case has a look that feels reminiscent of a classic car or retro diner. Zizo sent us the Baby Blue/Silver version and it certainly lives up to its name.

It's got a simple and elegant design on the back, with the ridged silver section doubling as a pop-up kickstand complete with magnetic closure. Also hidden under the kickstand is a card slot for hiding a credit card or ID — it's a really clever use of space. The bumper also features stylish ridges to help with grip, but it also may remind Star Wars fans of the design of Kylo Ren's mask, especially on the Black or Gray/Silver cases.

Even the inside of this case is stylishly designed, with an interesting pattern circles designed to help with absorbing shock. You can get yours in your choice of color for just $17.

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ATOM Series case

The ATOM series case is proof of the old adage that less is more. This is the most minimalist case in the Zizo arsenal, and feels the most rugged thanks to the premium aluminum bumper and the slick locking mechanism at the top.

It's a simple and elegant design that feels really well-built. Even the clear backplate feels sturdier than other cases we've tested. There's a thin strip of TPU between the aluminum of the case and the front lip provides protection for the screen.

If you're looking for a minimalist case that's also incredibly rugged and literally feels cool in your hand, grab the Zizo ATOM series case for just $22.

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Static Series case

Zizo has once again done a great job with the Static Series case, striking the balance of being rugged while also maintaining a slim profile.

Zizo sent us the red version of their Static Series of cases, which reminds us of a Ferrari with its sleek scoops and other design elements on the back. The design also features a kickstand that blends in nicely with the case when not in use.

It's available in six different color options and is one of the best values offered by Zizo at just $11.

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Shock 2.0 Series case

Another sleek and stylish case with a clear backing option, the Shock 2.0 case features a toned-down design with aesthetic flourishes on the back but otherwise clean and smooth surfaces around the bumper.

The buttons appear to be made of metal and contrast well against black or any of the five other color options available. As always there's shock absorbing grooves along the inside of the case and ample cutouts around the ports and S Pen at the bottom. You can get yours for just $17.

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These are our favorite Zizo cases but you can browse through everything that Zizo has to offer for the Note 8 they have to offer by clicking through below

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