Find your stuff with a 4-pack of Tile Mate 2020 trackers on sale for $50

Tile Mate Trackers Kitty
Tile Mate Trackers Kitty (Image credit: best buy)

You know what sort of person you are. Are you well organized with labels for everything and the exact knowledge of where all your individual items are at all times? Or are you reading this while lifting your couch to see if that's where your keys wondered off to on their own? If it's the latter, then you should grab four of the Tile Mate 2020 item tracker for just $49.99 at Best Buy. These item trackers normally sell for $60 in a 4-pack, but you can find them going for this price at several retailers including Home Depot. The 4-pack normally sells for around $70, which is what you'll find it at in some places like B&H, so you're saving $20 with today's deal.

Use Bluetooth 5.0 to link the trackers to your mobile device. Find stuff up to 200 feet away. Make the Tile ring so you can track it down or use the Tile to make your phone ring when it gets lost. Uses a one-year replaceable battery.

The Tile Mate 2020 trackers are the perfect device for keeping track of things you're most likely to lose. With four pieces in the pack, you can put one on your keys, one in your purse, attach one to your backpack, and keep another on your cat's collar. Or keep a couple as spares for when you need them.

The trackers connect from up to 200 feet away and use Bluetooth 5.0 technology, so they are reliable even at that distance. This solves the majority of your lost items problem since it's most likely that your keys are somewhere in the house, you just can't see them.

Connect the Tile trackers to the Tile app on your smartphone. The in-app instructions are simple and easily activate the Tile. After that, you'll be able to use the app to make the Tile ring. As long as the tracker is within that 200 feet radius, you'll hear it and be able to locate it plus whatever it's attached to. The opposite is also true! Let's say you misplaced your phone but you still have your keys in your pocket. You can use the Tile to ping the app on your phone, making the smartphone ring and letting you know where it is. In that way, it's sort of like a free extra tracker specifically for your phone. And, let's face it, that's generally the thing we lose the most.

The Tile Mate tracker has a battery that lasts for up to a year, and luckily it's super easy to replace when it runs out. That means the tracker doesn't really require any maintnenance or upkeep until that time comes when you need to replace the battery.

You can also use the app to ping the world community of Tile Mate users. If the item you lost is more than 200 feet away and you can't ping the tracker, you might be able to find a Tile Mate nearby that can ping it. Then you can see it on a map and go track it down.

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