A simpler, more functional way to find a new place to live

Finding just the right place to rent for your next apartment or home can be a very frustrating experience. If you've spent any decent amount of time looking to rent, you've no doubt spent countless hours dredging through Craigslist or just straight-up Google Maps search results, and that's just a terrible experience. Rental finder Lovely is now available on Android, thankfully, and it's here to help you find your next rental with less pain.

The app's main view is just a map of where you are, and for this kind of service it's exactly what you want to see. You begin zoomed out, with circles filled with numbers placed on the map showing the number of rentals available in that neighborhood. Tap a number or zoom in manually, and you'll see the numbers broken down into specific blocks of a city — tap in further and you'll get a list view accompanying the map with the listings.

Individual listings are simple and highlight the features you'll want to see when browsing rentals — price, bedrooms, square footage, amenities and the address. The top area of each listing is devoted to pictures, and while the rental companies don't always provide the best shots, when you find one that does the experience is great.

If you take the time to fill out your personal details in the app, sending your information to inquire on a property is just a couple of taps away, and if you'd prefer to contact them directly, quick links to email or call property managers are on each listing (when provided). Further, you can set up filters to be alerted of when new listings are posted so you can be the first to jump on desirable properties.

We wish there were easy links to view the rental company's website, but we can live without that. When you are ready to take things up to the big screen, you can even log into your Lovely account on the web and continue your house hunt.

Lovely is now available in the Play Store, and if you're looking to move in the coming weeks or months (and don't want to end up living in an Airbnb), this is an absolute killer app to have on your devices.