Facebook starts rolling out a dark mode on mobile

Facebook logo on phone
Facebook logo on phone (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Facebook is finally bringing dark mode to mobile.
  • It's testing this on a small group of users globally.
  • Facebook rolled out a dark mode for the web earlier this year.

Facebook is rolling out its new dark mode for mobile. Users on social media spotted the new update rolling out over the weekend, and Facebook confirmed to tech site The Verge that it was indeed rolling out dark mode to a small number of mobile users across the globe.

"Enjoy lower brightness, alongside contrast and vibrancy, with dark mode," Facebook said when it debuted on the web, "It minimizes screen glare for use in low light, wherever you are."

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The main Facebook app isn't the only one to get a dark mode. Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp also received dark mode updates recently.

And it's just not Facebook, dark mode has gotten popular over the past year, especially on mobile. Both iOS and Android received system-wide dark mode support and Google has been updating its apps to support the much-loved feature.

If the test is successful and all the kinks are smoothed out, we can expect Facebook to release the update over the next few weeks to months.

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Michael Allison
  • So you should probably mention that this appears to be iOS only right now
  • About damn time zucky
  • Normally, I'd gripe about these large app dev's continuing to treat Android as the baldheaded step child...
    Truth is with 70%+ of iPhones running the same version of iOS, I can't even bring myself to be outraged anymore.
  • "LOL" says all the Palm, Blackberry, and WindowsPhone users of the day.
  • Yeah it's just rediculos no parity