Alleged Meta (Facebook) smartwatch leak reveals Apple Watch challenger, notch and all

Meta Smartwatch Leak
Meta Smartwatch Leak (Image credit: Bloomberg)

What you need to know

  • Meta's planned smartwatch has allegedly leaked.
  • The device features a square design with a notch for a camera.
  • Meta has formerly spoken about its plans to extend its investments in wearables.

Facebook only just announced that it's being rebranded as "Meta" and has already suffered its first major leak.

An image obtained by Bloomberg shows a smartwatch that is allegedly being designed by Facebook Meta. The device features a square design not unlike the Apple Watch, although, unlike Cupertino's wearable, it features a notch design with a camera embedded at the bottom of the display.

There also appears to be a button on the side and at the top of the device.

While this wouldn't be the first smartwatch with a camera, this could give Meta a step up over some of the best Android smartwatches on the market, including the Apple Watch. It would bring an additional level of communication, allowing users to video chat with each other. This is something the company has focused more heavily on, not only with its VR products but also with its portal devices.

This isn't the first time we're hearing of a smartwatch from the company. In February, there were talks of a Facebook smartwatch in development that would feature an OS that sounded a lot like Wear OS. It would come with health features and cellular connectivity, which makes sense if the company expects video calls from the wearable.

That device was rumored for a planned launch in early 2022.

More recently, there were rumors that Meta was working on a smartwatch with two cameras. However, it's hard to tell if this is said smartwatch as the other camera would presumably be placed on top for capturing images and video.

We've reached out to Meta but a spokesperson declined to comment.

Amid the rumors, Meta has teased its plans for wearables several times in the past, particularly as they relate to building the metaverse and creating a myriad of devices to help users connect with others as well as the world around them. The company has already launched its first "smart" glasses with the Ray-Ban Stories and teases that it's just the beginning.

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