Facebook for Android updated with new icons for Camera and Messenger

The official Facebook app for Android has been updated with a couple of small changes to the "Camera" and "Messenger" applications that come bundled with it. The new app icons, which first appeared in Facebook's 1.9 update late last week, were criticized by some due to there being little to tell them apart from the camera and SMS apps pre-loaded on most Android phones. The fear was that users would be confused or worse, misled by the apps' presence.

It seems Facebook's taken this criticism to heart, and today it's acted to make things a little more clear for users. In the new version, both app icons now display the Facebook logo in the bottom left corner, further differentiating them from pre-loaded camera and messaging apps.

Hit that update button to grab the new version. Alternatively, we've got the usual Google Play Store linkage after the break.

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • should i delete the messenger app?
  • I did. Its pretty useless now.
  • The messenger app is still much better for push notifications, that's the only reason I downloaded it in the first place. Notifications suck in the main facebook app
  • No longer true. Check out this thread in the forum and take note that you can also use an Apple device instead of a BlackBerry to achieve the same results. http://forums.androidcentral.com/android-applications/109343-facebook-pu...
  • I've actually never had a problem with push notifications. However, only messages are having problems getting pushed. I get everything else just fine. So in the mean time I too reinstalled Facebook messenger and went offline with the Facebook app
  • "...to the bundled "Camera" and "Messenger" applications that come bundled with it." I would have never guessed the bundled apps came bundled with it! ;)
  • Those are just some fugly icons!
  • So when does Facebook 1.9.1 come out and remove these new cruddy applications? I feel for the non-rooted/non ICS users that can't even get rid of these apps. If I were a Facebook user and had to deal with them, I'd be mad.
  • Apparently they didn't quite understand the criticism enough. These shortcuts need to be made options or removable. I'm sure some people appreciate them, but they are spam from my perspective.
  • ...and I guess I'll be sticking with the last version that didn't have these unremoveable, unwanted icons.
  • You realize that you can hide them if your using any launcher that isnt a stock launcher. Also, the updates worth it, the app itself runs much much much better now.
  • Seriously. How do you get rid of these? Is there an alternative Facebook app that doesn't limit your functionality at all?
  • Try friendcaster.
  • Friendcaster is AWESOME and much much better than the Facebook app. The problem you have with Friendcaster (or any other 3rd party app) is that some people on Facebook have made a privacy selection to not allow thrid party apps to see their data. This option was created more for the apps/games embedded in Facebook, but it also applies to 3rd party clients like Friendcaster. So you Friendcaster probably won't be able to see some of your friends.
  • Yeah, I had the same problem with LinkedIn and 3rd party apps. The original iteration of the official LinkedIn app didn't work as well as third party apps, but those wouldn't show me certain profiles. :(
  • m.facebook.com > app :-)
  • I've never understood all the teeth gnashing over something so insignificant. Is it OCD?
  • Wholly agreed. I personally use messenger frequently (which to me is a large part of the overall Facebook experience; afterall, Facebook is all about being SOCIAL, right?) and the new camera app doesn't bother me at all. One thing that's annoying is that I can't seem to pick the album I want to upload photos to instead of just posting them to my Timeline under Mobile Uploads.
  • To me, the main thing is that one of the new icons they added was simply "Camera" (not "Facebook Camera" or "Facebook Image Upload" or something like that). With many users out there, this could lead to using the FB "Camera" in place of the standard one by accident. There were already plenty of easy ways to share pics with Facebook, but instead they chose to try to dupe users into using their "camera" and automatically upload images to FB.
  • The most important part on this news is how quickly they responded to the icon complaints. Just shows someone is listening.
  • I agree; before, it would be months before something got modified and most of the time it didn't take user input into account. Now, I'd just like to know: where are they listening to feedback?
  • I still keep the Messenger app installed mostly because of one thing: Notifications. I don't know if the now-bundled messenger app works or not, but so far I keep getting my notifications from the separate app. How do I know this? The sound. There's no way of changing the notification sound in the Facebook app for messages (it's the same sound for all notifications); the separate app lets you assign a different sound just for IM's, which is good if you want to tell them apart from general notifications.
  • I have some serious battery usage issues with the 1.9 update on my LG Spectrum. After opening the app once and leaving it in the background for an hour it will use more battery than my display. I blame the bundled apps. I'm guessing the Camera app keeps polling the camera and the Messenger app keeps looking for new messages, even though I've never used either "feature" and never plan to. Good thing I'm rooted... I'm going to try getting the old app off my rooted Droid Incredible. If that doesn't work, I'll just stick with the mobile or full websites through my browser.
  • My wife found the same thing on her Nexus S 4G. The new Facebook is killing her battery.
  • Glad Facebook is listening to feedback -- but now how about giving us the option to disable these unwanted icons as well? Haven't found a 3rd party launcher that is as fast as stock and I shouldn't have to.
  • Anyone notice the permissions say Facebook can see anything that the camera can see at anytime?.....if this is true I will not use the app at all.....
  • Im looking at the permissions and it says nothing like that... it does say that it can record audior and take pictures and video.
  • Yes! I saw that and immediately deleted any Facebook app on my phone. I only use my browser for FB now.
  • They also killed the search button on these latest updates. So even if your phone has a search button it doesn't do anything now.
  • I hate the new camera crap icon being thrown in my app draw and the only way to remove it is by uninstalling facebook
  • Under hardware controls......says new...can record audio....under that it says new....says it allows application at anytime to collect images of what the camera is seeing.....
  • Yes, they can have anytime access to the camera and mic. Delete it!
  • Everyone annoyed by the two extra icons in the launcher must really use their app drawer a lot. I have one home screen with 16 folders that I use as categories. Quicker than going through pages of app drawer and I don't have to see the extra Facebook camera icon. I actually do use Facebook messenger often enough to need the new icon. Even if I do open the app drawer its not that serious.