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The Mandalorian (available on Disney Plus) has taken the television world by storm with its superb blend of humor, action, and quality character writing. Throughout the varied adventures that the show's protagonist Mando and his "son," Baby Yoda, have been on thus far, Mando has made use of a variety of different types of munitions to solve his problems. So, we thought it would be a fun idea to rank them based on coolness, power, efficiency, and more. Here's our list of all of the weapons used by Mando, ranked worst to best.

Honorable mention: Mandalorian armor

The MandalorianSource: Disney

While it's not technically a weapon, we still felt we couldn't finish this article without mentioning Mando's armor. Made out of beskar, it's one of the most durable and effective types of armor in the entire Star Wars galaxy. Beskar is capable of withstanding several direct blaster bolts, and can even hold up against the higher-velocity bolts that come from sniper rifles. Notably, it can even adequately protect against lightsaber strikes, although repeated blows from the weapon will eventually penetrate the metal. Regardless, the beskar armor has kept Mando alive on countless occasions so far in The Mandalorian, showcasing just how valuable it is. A Mandlorian's arsenal wouldn't be complete without it.

5. Vibroblade

The MandalorianSource: Disney

Though it takes the bottom spot on our list, Mando's vibroblade is by no means a bad weapon. In fact, it's probably one of the best tools a warrior could have when no other options are left since vibroblades are some of the most devastating melee weapons in the Star Wars galaxy.

Thanks to the razor sharp blades and violent internal vibration mechanisms, vibroblades are capable of piercing many types of armor with ease. In addition to that, many vibroblades have cortosis, one of the most energy-resistant metals in the galaxy, woven into them. This allows them to be used to parry lightsaber strikes in a pinch. Finally, a vibroblade can be used to sneak up close to an enemy and kill them without anyone hearing a sound. For situations when Mando wants to take the stealth route, his vibroblade is invaluable.

4. Vambraces

The MandalorianSource: Disney

While not technically weapons, Mando's vambraces nevertheless contain a handful of handy gadgets that he can use to surprise a foe or when he isn't able to use his other weapons. The built-in flamethrower is fantastic for crowd-control or forcing an opponent to back away, and the grappling cables that can be shot from the forearm armor are an excellent tool for disarming, disabling, and disorienting opponents, making them susceptible to follow-up attacks with something like a blaster.

3. Blaster pistol

The MandalorianSource: Disney

Every gunslinger needs a gun to sling, and let's face it, Mando's blaster pistol is probably his most valuable weapon when it comes to general use. Most problems in the Star Wars galaxy can be solved with a good blaster, and considering that Mando's is precise, powerful, and easy to wield, his pistol is worthy of being called one. Mando usually ends up needing some of his more specialized options for big obstacles, but for common riffraff and bucketheaded-Stormtroopers, his blaster gets the job done just fine.

2. Whistling birds

The MandalorianSource: Disney

There aren't many personal weapons that we've seen in Star Wars that are as deadly as the "whistling birds," small needles of hardened beskar fired from a wrist-mounted launcher in volleys. Each individual "bird" can track targets, punch through armor and skin, and then explode, causing instantaneous death. Due to the scarcity of beskar, ammunition for the launcher is difficult to come by. Nevertheless, the whistling birds are extremely deadly, and it stands to reason that this weapon may even be effective against Jedi or Sith if all of the bolts are fired at them at once.

1. Disruptor rifle

The MandalorianSource: Disney

Let's be completely honest here: nothing tops Mando's disruptor rifle, a type of weapon so deadly that both the Empire and the New Republic banned it from being used. Disruptor rifles are a special class of blaster that attack the biology of a target on a molecular level, disintegrating each individual cell in their body. When the smoke clears following a shot, the only thing left are the remains of whatever armor or clothing that the victim was wearing.

The rifle's deadly accuracy and long range complements the power of its payload, and if someone attacks Mando up close while he's using it, the barrel of the rifle is fitted with a shock emitter that he can use to incapacitate the assailant. You can't ask for more badassery in one weapon!

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What do you think of our rankings? Would you change some of the weapons around for your personal list? Let us know.

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