Gear VR lets you explore great new worlds and games that can bring you across the universe. While there are certain things that will require a controller, you can control several simple commands using only your voice. There aren't many voice commands, but the ones that are available make a big difference!

We've got every voice command available from within Gear VR for you here!

Launch Oculus Voice

In order to use your voice to control what's going on in your Gear VR, you'll need to activate Oculus Voice. All you need to do to launch the Oculus Voice menu after initially enabling it is say "Okay Oculus". This will bring up the Oculus Voice menu, which is where those voice commands come in so handy.

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Oculus Voice Commands

Oculus doesn't give you access to many vocal commands from within the Gear VR headset, but each of these is extremely handy.

  • Find: This command is used to search for something specific. So Find games, or Find horror games will get you results.
  • Launch: This command will allow you to launch apps and games from the Oculus Store. Saying Launch Darknet, or Launch Samsung Internet, will start those apps up.
  • Cancel that: If you start to open an app, you can stop it by saying Cancel that.

Just remember that there are two stipulations when using Oculus Voice Commands. For the time being Oculus Voice is only supported in English, and will not work if you are using Bluetooth Headphones.


Have you been using voice commands to control your Gear VR? Is there a voice command that we missed? Let us know about it in the comments below!

Updated January 2018: We've added information about using voice commands while wearing headphones, or using another language.

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