Here's every game you can play for free on Stadia without a Stadia Pro subscription

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep
Destiny 2 Shadowkeep (Image credit: Bungie)

There are still lots of misconceptions surrounding Google's cloud-based gaming platform, Stadia, even after over a year of availability. Despite what you might think, Stadia does not require an active subscription to use. Instead, the Stadia Pro subscription offers optional perks such as 4K streaming and a robust catalog of free Stadia Pro games as long as you remained subscribed. But it's not required at all. You can just go buy the games you actually want to play like you can on PS5, PC, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox Series X.

That being said, also just like all of those other platforms, there are some games on Stadia that are 100% free to access and play. In fact, two of these free games are on my overall list of the best Stadia games. You don't even have to buy any hardware to do so if you've already got a smartphone or PC that can access a web browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Free Stadia games

Here is the full list of every free game on Stadia that you can access and play even without a Stadia Pro subscription. It's only three games right now, but they're all worth checking out.

You should expect the list to keep growing over time. Additionally, Google sometimes offers free-play on otherwise paid games for a limited time that you should keep an eye out for as well.

What else is there to play on Stadia?

Between these three games there is plenty to do on Stadia at no charge whatsoever. Whether you're down for some first-person shooter excellent in Destiny 2 or just want to hop between custom-made game worlds in Crayta, you can't really go wrong. But once you get tired of those three free games, there are tons more to play on Stadia.

David Jagneaux