Eufy's $12 stick-on night lights haven't been this affordable since April

Picture this: it's 2AM. You want to go get a glass of water. You make your way down the hallway, step on a LEGO brick, wake up the whole house with your cursing, and ultimately end up wishing you had stayed in bed. There's an easier way!

Pick up three Eufy Lumi Stick-On Night Lights for only $11.99 and you'll never have to stumble around your house in the dark again. These lights have excellent customer reviews, with 4.3 out of 5 stars based on an average of 771 ratings, and they haven't sold for this low since back in April. They usually cost around $15, meaning you're saving 20% today. Spend at least $25 or use Amazon Prime for free shipping.

Simply pop these lights on a wall, baseboard, or some other surface, and they'll provide soft illumination when it's dark and motion is detected. The lights are energy-efficient and backed by an 18-month warranty.

The lights are beyond easy to use. First, you'll need to supply three AAA batteries. Then simply mount the lights where you'd like them using either the included screws or the wall adhesive. They'll start working right away. Each light senses when it gets dark and when motion is detected. It'll turn on automatically in those instances, bathing an area in soft, warm light. No glaring high-beams will wake you up, but you'll be able to see clearly. You could place the lights along your hallway, in your bathroom, in your kid's room, or in a poorly-lit closet. Each light lasts up to a year before you'll need to swap the batteries out again. The lights also have a manual off and on switch that you can use to take control. Eufy backs up your purchase with an 18-month warranty.

These stick-on night lights aren't the only smart home lighting solution that's on sale right now. You can also save big on Treatlife smart light switches, or snag two of them for even better per-piece savings. Cree's 60W LED smart bulbs are discounted as well. For more frugal home helpers, check out the best smart home products you can get for under $50. Just keep in mind that all of these deals are only valid for a limited time.

Louryn Strampe

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